Glow Necklaces and the Gospel

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Glow Necklaces and the Gospel

What started with five kids in front of a Solar Kit turned into a crowd of 200 people. They had all received glow necklaces. It was quite a sight. They were in the dark, wearing glow necklaces with their eyes glued to the moving picture.

Some of the people in the audience were seeing such images for the very first time. They forgot about the necklaces. They forgot about their day up to that point.

You could have heard a pin drop – there were no distractions as they watched in complete silence. As they watched Jesus on the cross, projected on the side of a hut in the bush of the Zambezi valley, the crowd was experiencing the scene as if it were in real time.

As they were caught up in that moment, the Lord began to do a powerful work in their lives.

Hear Bruce Cameron recount the event in his own words:

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