Global Value

Global Value

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks once said, “A world without values quickly becomes a world without value.

It’s a wonderful idea, but a difficult task. I recently met with church leaders in Uganda and Sudan. Hearing about their difficult work was sobering. Yet disciples are coming to Christ, and media is part of their plan.

While in Africa, I was looking at at my email one evening and had several encouraging messages. I read about GNPI workers in India broadcasting a program in Hindi to millions over Easter weekend about the sacrificial death of Jesus and his powerful resurrection. In another message, I saw how a Solar Kit is blessing youth who are part of a skateboard community in Chile. My colleague Tom had copied me on a communication to a missions minister letting him know that we recently completed a version of The Global Gospel (TGG) for people in Nepal thanks to the funds his congregation provided. As I continued through more messages, I learned that Christian workers in a predominately Muslim eastern European nation were thanking GNPI for TGG in their language. They were using it in a Facebook outreach strategy that reached tens of thousands with the story of Jesus.

GNPI is in the business of propagating Kingdom values worldwide by making Christ centered media productions that are culturally relevant and eternally valuable!

Thank you for helping us with our task of adding value to the world we live in today.

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