From Warrior to Worshiper

//From Warrior to Worshiper

From Warrior to Worshiper

WarriorWorshiperIn Pokot culture, once a boy is circumcised and wants to marry, he must steal cattle or goats from another tribe. No one understood this better than Mudang.

Mudang was fierce. Mudang was feared. Mudang was the ultimate warrior who taught young Pokot men the art of stealing, even if it meant killing another man.

Protus is a very different kind of warrior. As the leader of GNPI’s NOMaD team in Eldoret, Kenya, for more than 4 years Protus and his teammates have been battling Satan’s hold on the Pokot tribe.

Traveling four hours one way, the Eldoret team uses a Solar Kit to show videos they produce, and videos produced by GNPI-Kenya.

What happened when these warriors met?
Watch From Warrior to Worshiper to see the rest of the story.

Every GNPI NOMaD team is different, but their goal is the same: impacting communities by using media and discipleship to spread the Gospel.

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