From Rock Chipping to Radio Production

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From Rock Chipping to Radio Production

“… I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some.”

— 1 Corinthians 9:22

Martin, a Sudanese Christian, visited a local missionary and GNPI partner.

He asked if he could work on a rock pile, chipping larger stones into smaller ones used in construction. This is incredibly hard and tedious work, especially under a hot, African sun! Why would Martin want to do such tiring work?

When asked, Martin he said needed extra money to hire a recording studio. His plan was to use the studio time to record Christian teaching materials he was preparing. The teaching materials would be shared on local FM radio and through mini SD cards on mobile phones!

To me, there are great illustrations of the several truths in this story:

  1. National Christians know best how to identify the spiritual needs of their communities and are willing to go to great lengths to meet them!
  2. Media is a powerful tool, boundless in ability, and able to reach hundreds and thousands of people!
  3. Mobile phones are an increasingly crucial channel of media distribution, even in a remote, desolate country like South Sudan!

Martin’s heart makes me smile. He reminded me of what Paul spoke of in the first letter he wrote to the Corinthians. Martin is chipping rocks and using all possible means to tell other Sudanese people about the “Rock” of Jesus, the One that can’t be broken, and upon whom the church will stand for eternity.

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