Five Stars!

Nenette Pacoli, GNPI-Philippines

Our team is passionate to reach out to people in their own languages. We felt burdened because our other online devotional programs were not reaching young people who speak Tagalog, so we created Asa ​Ka Pa! (Hope Matters, too!)

After several delays and a restart we began releasing the series on July 2. God is working, and all the reviews are five stars!

Viewers commented:

“Life changing discussions!”

“Brief, clear discussion of the word of God. Kudos!”

“Very inspiring video, every day I learn a verse from the Bible to apply to my daily life.”

A Catholic priest from a province north of Manila wrote, “I love your reflections. This series will certainly help a lot of people. May the name of Jesus be praised.”

Our host Pastor Jebo breaks down walls that separate the children of God from those of the world. Then our team makes connections with the viewers to bring them closer to Jesus. The audience sees these videos as something really relevant for day-to-day living. The best responses are from those who now see the relevance of the Bible.

Pastor Jebo speaks to young people in camps, conferences, and churches. He is excited about the way this series aligns with everything he does while giving him another opportunity to relay the message of hope. The series is a nonthreatening way to introduce Jesus to youth.

We are encouraged that the messages are resonating well with the audience. It is all so Filipino: the humor, the language, and the unexpected punch at the end. ​Click here to see the programs on Facebook.

Pastor Jebo expresses our team’s deep gratitude to each of you ministry partners. Your support helps us create more programs to reach young Filipinos with the practical and powerful truth about Jesus. Please consider a gift today. Click here to donate.









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