Finding Joy in Christ (Part Two)

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Finding Joy in Christ (Part Two)

TP, regional director of GNPI-SE Asia, received these testimonies of joy from an evangelist who uses the Christian media resources produced by GNPI. Click here to see Finding Joy in Christ (Part One)

By DJO, evangelist in SE Asia


I am MH, and I am 32 years old. I was a Buddhist. Even though my parents are very devoted to Buddhism, they are very poor. I went to the village where my father’s sister and her family live. I served my aunt’s family as much as I could.

My aunt’s family invited DJO to visit them. I was very angry at everyone. I didn’t want to degrade my aunt’s family, so I kept quiet. DJO started telling me about God. He also said it’s up to you to accept God or not, but I want to tell you about him because he is so good to me. I said I am a Buddhist, I worship Buddha, which all my ancestors worshipped. I believe Buddha is the true Buddha.

He explained the Bible to me. He explained that God is still alive. DJO said, “He loves you so much that he does not want you to go the wrong way, which leads you to eternal punishment, which is hell. God sent his Son to the world. His Son is the Messiah. Now He is in heaven preparing a place for you and me to live eternally. Accepting Jesus and worshipping God our Creator is the right way, that leads to heaven. Worshippers of the True God will be raised from death. We have to die because we are human beings, but believers of Jesus Christ will be raised from death in the future. Think about it. If you have any questions, come ask me. I will be here in this village a few more weeks, or ask any other Christian preachers.”

A few weeks later, I told DJO, “I have thought about Jesus who overcame death. I want to worship the God who loves me so much that he will even raise me from death. I said, “Thank you so much for this little book. It is very clear. I understand everything. It helps me to understand the Bible too. I feel so happy that I heard about this True God. I was baptized on December 21, 2014. May God be glorified.”

Because of your prayers and gifts, the Good News is spreading to Buddhist followers.


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