Feedback for Sergei

Feedback for Sergei

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Sergei Golovin, regional director of GNPI-­Ukraine, is a passionate teacher. His students share what they learned from two of his courses.

Feedback on the Biblical Strategy of Evangelism Video Course

“Thank you so much for the hope you have given us by teaching the course and presenting the video! I have been praying for such an opportunity for so long. As for the video, the true meaning of the parable of the sower was a revelation for me; I read the parable many times, but never understood it fully. I now have an idea of true evangelism and a passion to master my skills in it. I have become more caring towards the lost people. Thank you very much for giving me an opportunity to turn from a ‘hopping caterpillar’ into a ‘butterfly.’ ” — Tatyana

“I enjoyed the video course very much! Sergei himself is a very interesting and motivating speaker because he is well aware and deeply convinced in the subject he teaches. He moves forward in his ministry freely and naturally. This is what I am longing for as well. Such people are the most effective evangelists, who encourage others by being a model of freedom, confidence, and peace. The idea of demolishing the non­believers’ worldview strongholds is something I am truly fond of.” — Yelena

“Thank you so much for the course. The illustrations of caterpillars turning into butterflies and the roof making the foundation of the house are very effective.” — Tamara

“It was useful to understand that evangelism is the art of hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit, just like Philip did.” — Igor

“It was very important to learn that effective evangelism depends on listening and understanding people, understanding what holds someone back from accepting Jesus. Evangelism is an art that requires skills and needs to be studied.” — Galina

“I liked the illustration with the hopping caterpillar. It is very impressive.” — Valentina

“It was new for me to hear that evangelism is an art you need to learn. Thank you very much!” — David

“It was useful to learn that evangelism is the art of listening, not speaking, and it requires certain skills. It is important to give the right answers to non­believers.” — Yelena

“I liked the course very much. It is simple and easy to understand. Issues that trouble me were well illustrated. I received answers to my questions. Thank you.” — Anna

“The video helped me understand that evangelism means playing on foreign turf and requires work on preparing the soil.” — Lubov

“The video materials were very useful for me. I realized I am still an infant in Christ. I need to be fed well with spiritual food as a caterpillar, to build a strong foundation, to learn the art of listening, building bridges, and destroying strongholds.” — Yana

“It was important to learn that evangelism is a commission, not only for the chosen ones, but for every believer in Christ. Yet, evangelism requires certain learning. We should become friends with those we share the Good News with, giving them an opportunity to talk in order to share the Truth according to their mind set. Each person needs an individual approach, needs to be treated with love and patience. Our lives have to reflect the Truth for other people to see the change in us, to make them ask questions. Having asked the question they become “hostages” of our answer. We need to pray for the people God sends to us, pray for their relationships with God, and study the Scriptures constantly.”— Marina

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Feedback on the Biblical Foundations for Science Video Course

“I found out a lot of new facts. It was remarkable to learn that many scientists were theologians.”— Tamara

“I learned so much about science and became even more confident in everything I knew about the days of creation, as well as about Darwin. I found out that modern science originated from a Christian worldview, and that the more atheists try to prove God doesn’t exist, the more evidences they get for the opposite. I will use everything I learned for evangelism.”— Rada

“It was interesting to hear that Isaac Newton was a theologian, that science was considered a part of theology ,and it was founded by Christians. It is amazing that God created everything in six days.”— Nikita

“It was interesting to learn that modern science was founded by theologians and many scientists were clergymen. The discoveries of scientists prove the existence of God.”— Raya

“It was interesting to find out that Copernicus, Kepler, and Newton were theologians and devout believers in the first place. Videos like this help me discover the Creator through his creation. Darwinism teaches that death has always existed, but the biblical science claims that death did not exist initially and will not exist forever.”— Valentina

“All of my knowledge about science is now systematized and formed into strong beliefs.” — Tatyana

“Everything is formed into one logically constructed system in my head now. It sounded very new to me that science is based on faith. It was good to know that effective evangelism is based on one’s personal confidence in Truth.” — Yelena

“It was new to hear that God really created the world in six days, and that time periods like millions of years contradict the Scripture. It was interesting to find out that many scientists were theologians.” — Galina

“Exploring the world by means of such resources, I get to know God closer. I am discovering God and myself through his creation. Now I know that atheism is a superstition. I look forward to sharing that with others in evangelism and want to see their reaction.” — Khvon

“The video helped me learn a lot. I found out about Darwinism as a religion, and that it was used by the Bolsheviks to destroy faith in many. Science and religion are complementary to each other. I discover God by exploring the world.” — Lubov

“Thank you very much for the video course. I found out about apologetics. It helped me learn more about God, the purpose of his creation, and the proper way to evangelize.” — Ludmila

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