Encouraging Results

Encouraging Results

TGG GlobeYouVersion, Campus Crusade, and individual Christian workers all report the power of the simple biblical narrative of The Global Gospel (TGG) in local languages.


Executive Director Mike Schrage met with a man working in North Africa among Muslims who is using one version of TGG in their region.


They are using The Global Gospel (TGG) in their web and Facebook campaigns. Before they started using media to enhance their ministry, they had 400 contacts in the previous 3 years. In the last year they’ve had 1,200 contacts. One man responded to TGG one day, read the book of Matthew the next, was baptized the next, and healed a man through prayer the next. Praise the Lord! The Christian worker said, “What I like is the ability to take the same product and reuse it in multiple languages. If you have the pieces, you can make it powerful in a lot of different ways.”


Now complete in the world’s most widely spoken languages, TGG will be even more widely available as other languages are included. In addition, it’s going to change shape! We’re responding to requests to prepare versions of these simple stories for broadcast on television in places we never thought of and to move it via popular means like WhatsApp!  


Click here to visit which languages are available for free download.

We hope you will be encouraged to see the results of your prayers and funding.


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