Maya in Monterrey and Beyond

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Maya in Monterrey and Beyond

Edith Medellín is a young mother living in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. She loves reading and has found this an excellent way to share the Gospel with her neighbors. She encourages reading by taking books to parks and even promotes her interests with a reading room she created. Here she shares Gospel stories that carry morals and messages from the Word.

On many occasions she reads Christian stories to children. Recently, GNPI-Mexico gifted her with the series of “Maya, the Macaw.” Edith wrote back to us, sharing this about the books:

“We have this new trilogy of a very likeable friend named, Maya, the Macaw. This beautiful character teaches our children important lessons through her interesting adventures. Additionally, these books have important advice for parents to encourage and support their children in love and wisdom.


I give thanks to God for these beautiful stories shared with me by Brother Gustavo Velázquez, director of the regional center in Piedras Negras, Mexico.
Diego, like many children, was drawn to Maya in the reading room, so I loaned him the book to share with his mom. When I next saw him at school, he joyfully told me he had read the story to his dad and was looking forward to reading the other two stories.

Diego frequently uses the reading room. Recently he came in with his mom, who told me he preferred to come to the library (as he calls it) instead of going to a party. Filled with curiosity, she decided to accompany him to the reading session and said it was a wonderful experience. As a result, she borrowed a book by Max Lucado that interested her.”

International Consultant Bob Gurwell shares a few more details about Edith, Diego, and a surprising discovery of where more Maya books were found.



GNPI is thrilled to help Christians around the world find creative ways to share the Gospel with their neighbors.


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