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Dreams and Visions

The early church began in what is now known as the Middle East and north Africa, but that region has had little or no access to the Gospel for centuries. Today, four out of five Muslims have never heard the Good News of Jesus Christ. Some estimates say that only one to ten percent of all missionaries are working among Muslims! This translates to roughly one missionary for every million Muslims. However, more Muslims have become followers of Jesus in the last 25 years than in the previous 1,250 years!*

Dreams and Visions

Many Muslims who become followers of Jesus report having had dreams about Jesus. In the dreams, Jesus tells them of his love for them personally and he reveals how his death on the cross translates into eternal life for them!

Sarah, (not her real name) is a Muslim seeker. One team of Christian workers have been studying with her for some time. During a Bible study, Sarah surprised the group when she said that she didn’t understand why anyone would have a hard time understanding that Jesus is God’s son. She said that she had believed the Truth from their second meeting and that she had been sharing what they study and what she reads on her own with her grandparents. Sarah’s grandfather, a devout Muslim, confessed that he is enjoying what she is reading to him from God’s Word to the point that he would rather hear her read the Bible than watch TV or anything else, yet he remains true to Islam. Someone suggested she should ask him if he had ever had a dream of a man in white, Jesus.

Sarah then told the group that her husband’s grandfather told of a dream that he had repeatedly throughout his life, a dream of a man in white (Jesus) offering him water from a well. The grandfather looked for this man and never found him. The grandfather died looking for him.

Friends, we need to remember to ask God for this nation that came from Ishmael. Even though few missionaries are working among Muslims, God is speaking to Muslims through their dreams just as he spoke to Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Peter, John on while on the island of Patmos, and many others in the Bible.

Please pray for more dreams and visions, and pray for more Christian workers to answer the call to work among Muslim people.


*Information gathered from www.prayercast.com

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