Tribute Gifts

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In Honor of

Ziden and Helen Nutt by Helen Carr

Joseph and Bonnie York by Mike and Twyla Walter

In Memory of

Catherine "Kitty" R Allen by Albert Allen

Mary Cain by Allen Cain

Howard and Esther Eighmy by Patricia Brunsman

Harold Francis by Francis Family Trust

Charles and Lois Hackel by Joyce Black

Violet Hansen by

Willard and Colleen R. Engel

Pege Jennings

Roger and Lynn Kroon

David H. and Belinda Miller

Clarence and Darlene Peterson

Truman Church of Christ

Jonathan Henady by Delmar L. and Doris Henady

Geraldine Kamenko by Dennis and Karla Sneathen

Barb Lucietta by

Gary W. and Jill Fast

William H. and Mary Lisle

Gail and Cinda Miller

Charles Miller by Barbara A. Miller

Gary Reed by

William F. and Sandra Abernathy

Garland O. and Dorothy Bare

Scott and Charlotte Buerge

J. O. and Jerri Buxton

Ronald and Caralyn Clark

College Heights Christian Church

Judy Crawford

Larry and Kaylene Farthing

Dale Gadberry

Delmar L. and Doris Henady

Robert Higgins

Wyatt and Debbie Hoenshell

Gary L. and Lora Johnson

Brad and Tiffany Koettel

Timothy M. and Debra Leakey

Greg and Teresa Little

H. M. and Terry Logan, Jr.

Don Lucietta

Richard and Cynthia McMillian

Church and Marsha McMinn

My Tribute Gift Foundation, Inc

Rinehart Christian Church

Jack and Mareese Robbins

Michael and Karolyn Schrage

Robert C. and Martha D. Smith

Sooner Sunday School Class

Richard M. and Shannon Webster, Jr.

Denver and Jane Westerhold

Randy L. and Carrie Wilson

Chuck Webb by

Jeanne Brandt

Charles and Joyce Embree

Charles E. and Melissa Ferguson

Stuart W. and Barbara Kelly

Rita Knox

James and Sandra Little

Eric Michaelsen

Dennis and Sharon Pettit

Carol and Harold Shumaker

Eloise Webb

Stanley White by Georgia White

Dick Youkey by Eunice E. Youkey