Discovering Their Creator

//Discovering Their Creator

Discovering Their Creator

by Tom Nutt, Director of Operations

From time to time, I am privileged to travel to various places around the world. I’m blessed to see how others live and worship, and often how they struggle, persevere, and survive.

Discovering Their Creatora

Southeast Asia is no exception. While many there live under difficult circumstances and stressful conditions, a common thread you’ll find is an ongoing search for acceptance, love, and comfort in the belief in a higher being. Who and how we worship and the rituals we go through vary greatly, but the desire is the same.

Discovering Their Creatorb

At the core of Buddhism, the dominant religion in SE Asia, is the belief that there is one true god. I am not a Buddhism expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I am told that if you can journey through history to show the lineage of Jesus Christ, you will have no problem in helping Buddhists discover who the one true God really is!

Discovering Their Creator

It’s true, I am not the expert, but GNPI does have experts working hard to impact the lives of people living in these far corners of the world. Earlier this year I watched people worship and celebrate 10 years of success in producing over 100 different media projects. These projects reach into the lives and hearts of people in SE Asia to help them discover their Creator, the Instigator of grace. This discovery brings peace to those who accept it. There is a capable, vibrant team working hard on your behalf to reach young and old alike.

Discovering Their Creatord

Solar Kits are also taking materials to remote areas where there is no electricity. After demonstrating the Solar Kit to a group of leaders one day, a man approached me and said he had something to share. He explained that his tribe is in one of the most remote areas in the hills to the north. He traveled to the city 40 years earlier for education. While there, he learned about Jesus Christ and became his follower.

After finishing his studies, he taught in public schools and returned regularly to his tribe to share the Gospel. Often he would lie awake nights trying to figure out how to reach his people more effectively with the Message. He knows how to teach and knows the Scriptures, but went on to say, “Today you have made my dream come true! With this kit, I can take The Global Gospel and other materials to them in their language, and they can see for themselves the story of Christ! They will understand the message better!”

Discovering Their Creatore

The people of SE Asia are searching. Would you pray that they will discover their Creator?

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