Desert Storm

//Desert Storm

Desert Storm

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

I recently visited Cairo, Egypt. It’s a city of 18 million people situated in a desert. The bombing of a school bus killed more than a 100 innocent children a few weeks before our arrival. This tragedy caused an international uproar and local security nightmare. The chaos adversely affected the social media advertising of our ministry partners as they launched their event in this city. As a result, news and invitations could only be shared by word-of-mouth. The result was only a 25 percent attendance of their goal. All the international guests arrived safely, and we were ushered to a highly secure and secluded location. Only trusted drivers were used, and I enjoyed getting to know one of them pretty well.

As we were leaving Cairo, we saw a dozen camouflaged vehicles with gunners ready at the top of each of their turrets and speeding down the highway. We learned later in the day about an attack by an internal fundamental Muslim group who tried to destabilize the government. In Egypt every man is required to serve in the military, the tenth largest military in the world.

When our young Christian driver heard of the incident and the casualties, he prayed, “Lord Jesus, open their eyes.” It was a powerful prayer statement from this strapping young follower of Jesus. He later asked me why Christians do not have more unity to combat the troubles in his part of the world? I knew some of the answers were pride, independence, and Satan, but those all seemed inadequate in light of these events.

As we neared the end of our trip, he asked, “Mike, pray for me that I will die to my will so that God can do His will through me.”  Wow, what a second godly request by a young man with a meager salary. His only significant possession is a 20-year-old beat-up car, a tool he’s using effectively to allow God’s Spirit to work through him.

He also has a passion for video editing. He says media is “the language of the Middle East.” He would love to have a wife and family, but times are too hard. He was volunteering after his work hours to help launch this event. I was honored to meet him and to pray for him.

I was humbled by his seasoned faith and his Christ-like prayer. It reminded me of the request by Solomon early in his kingly reign for God to help him have wisdom to lead God’s people in this very part of the world.

Would you join me in praying for this young man and his country? God, “Would you use this spiritual warrior in mighty ways and raise up more servants like him?”

In the middle of a stormy time in the desert, I had the privilege to appreciate and continue to pray for this man as he served us and his King.


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