Defining Moments

//Defining Moments

Defining Moments

by Mike Schrage, Executive Director, GNPI

The cross. The swoosh. The golden arches. I probably don’t have to tell you what any of those symbols mean. They all powerfully represent something very specific.

Through the last four decades, the symbols representing the ministry of Good News Productions, International have changed in various ways. After hours of research, surveys, and discussions, we’ve decided it’s time for another change. You may have noticed in our recent ministry report that we’ve upgraded our logo. Just like any symbol, the new design has specific meaning inherent within its various components. So let’s unpack it a bit:

logo-gnpi-earth-homepageFor some time now, we have been known by the shorter “GNPI” as compared to the longer “Good News Productions, International.” Much like International Business Machines uses IBM or Christ in Youth uses CIY, this shorter name is easier to remember and speaks well to a new generation of prayer partners and financial supporters. Our new logo represents that by simply offering the letters GNPI.

Mike_Globe GNPI is an international organization, based in Joplin, Missouri. As such, we were very intentional to keep the foundation of the logo as a representation of the world. We were also very intentional about placing another location, other than the U.S., in a more prominent position. Though we are based in the United States, our mission is to serve the rest of the world with culturally relevant, Biblically based media. Specifically, we chose Africa to appear in the center of the globe, as it is GNPI’s birthplace.

Mike_ColorBlue has always been a predominant color associated with GNPI. According to branding experts, blue represents loyalty, trustworthiness, strength, and dependability. This rightly describes our LORD and YOU, our donors.

Mike_Arrows Finally, the motion icons are similar to any you would see on a modern digital player. We’re a fast-moving, international ministry that is seeking to fill the whole earth, from top to bottom, with the Good News of Jesus. As our vision statement reflects, from Habakkuk 2:14, we work toward the day when “…the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea….”

I’m so pleased God has blessed me with the role of representing an organization that continues to advance and stay relevant, not only to cultures across the sea, but our own culture right here at home too.

It’s a new day at GNPI, and I’m excited to usher in the next era with a new look. It represents so much more than an image on a page. It represents passionate donors and supporters like you partnering with us to write the next chapter in our story of accelerating global evangelism through media and technology.

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