Dedicating a New Studio

Dedicating a New Studio

Timothy P., Regional Director of GNPI-SE Asia

Our team is looking ahead to the ways God will use us in the future. We have dedicated a new studio in the northern part of our region. This outpost will reduce our expenses and supply resources for the tribal people as we produce materials in Rawang and other languages. The first audio projects are the Miracles of Jesus and worship music.



My wife and I felt burdened to do more to share Christ in the area where we grew up. We felt the Lord led us to purchase the land and donate it to the churches, so they could have a studio. Another Christian family made a donation to help us make this facility possible. We were able to move some of our older equipment from our main studio to the new studio.  

This new studio, along with the new training center in our capital city, reminds us that God answers our prayers and accomplishes His will to make disciples in SE Asia.

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