Curling and the Gospel

//Curling and the Gospel

Curling and the Gospel

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

Millions around the world recently watched the quadrennial spectacle known as the Winter Olympics. Besides the surprises and disappointments of athletes who competed to find their place on the podium and in history books, we saw politics, doping, and sexual innuendos finding their way into this story as well.

Did you have a chance to see any of the Olympic curling matches?

Started 500 years ago, it is a sport known for its kindness. Imagine! Not only do winners compliment losers, but during their actual completion, there are no referees. They admire, judge, and regulate themselves!

To me, that is a stellar example of what the Gospel can do for us. It regulates our hearts so we are kind and honorable to others. The Gospel can help us realize we are all broken and, therefore, should honor others above ourselves.

I’m not planning to take up curling anytime soon, but I certainly have developed an appreciation for a sport that puts a new spin on life!

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