Cultural Connections

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Cultural Connections

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

When we are able to access information in our heart language (the one that we grew up speaking), the ideas, concepts, and principles have greater impact. Yet it’s not just language. For example, sociologists tell us there are at least 73 specific ways Americans are socially different from Africans. Humor, naming children, in-law etiquette, and more. Click on the graphic to see the full list!

When Jesus became “God with us,” God connected in the best way possible by becoming a Jewish man to walk among the Israelites. At GNPI, we believe that all people have the right to learn the Good News in a language and style they recognize as their own culture. That’s why we work side by side with local people all over the world to use their language and customs in producing media. This allows a white American speaking English or a black African speaking Swahili to discuss a biblical view on abortion or polygamy in the most effective way.

What difference does it make? The data collected from our global network last year shows:

  • Our centers partnered with local evangelists to start 47 churches.
  • Our staff and associates rejoice in more than 336 decisions for Christ in which they were directly involved.      
  • We continued to broaden the scope of our ministry and have now accelerated global evangelism in 160 nations.
  • We released 364 media productions.
  • Our network partners distributed 218,073 Gospel presentations globally in multiple languages.  
  • Our Christ-centered media reached audiences of 101,940,896 people worldwide.
  • We impacted 43 people with each dollar you invested.

This is why we work to stay culturally relevant!

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