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Creation Exploration Teenagers Club

by Sergei Golovin of GNPI-Ukraine

“The branches of the Eurasian Apologetics Society in Russia keep growing. An eastern group at Blagoveschensk, along the Amur River area, has started a new project: the Creation Exploration Teenagers Club.

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This club teaches kids science with our textbooks, videos, and other resources. Studies of Genesis are a major issue of the club programs. God has provided this great opportunity.


Right after the kids explored the evidences for the biblical flood and Ice Age accounts theoretically, a friendly evolutionary paleontologist, Yuri, agreed to help with some practical classes on fossils. Knowing the difference between facts and their interpretations, the young people were excited to have real discussion on the issue. Yuri is not yet convinced (years of knowing nothing but evolution stiffened his perception), but the kids were greatly strengthened in the veracity of the Genesis account!


Please pray for these future missionaries to Russia, as well as for Yuri’s opening to the Truth.”


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