Creating Beauty for the Eyes of the Beholder

//Creating Beauty for the Eyes of the Beholder

Creating Beauty for the Eyes of the Beholder

by Mike Schrage, Executive Director, GNPI

Of the six core values at GNPI, creativity is one of the things we do best and one of the ways we’re striving to imitate God.

Think about it. God spoke the world into existence!

That amazes me. Think of our expansive universe – just our solar system alone. Or, consider the intricacy of the human body. Equally incredible are the beauty of pink and orange sunsets, brilliantly arrayed flowers, or exotic tropical fish in crystal clear waters on planet earth!

I think about all these wonderful creations, and then I’m stopped in my tracks when I remember that he created us in his image. He put within us the power to create! Isn’t that exciting?

At GNPI, we seek to infuse creativity in each strategy designed to deliver Christ-centered, culturally relevant media. We are digital artists who use media to paint the stunning beauty found within the Truth.

A funny Russian public service announcement engages viewers then warns them of alcoholism. Music videos grab the attention of African teenagers and lead them into spiritual conversations. Thai dramas boldly address controversial issues like the sanctity of life. Spanish radio stations offer Christian music and live evangelistic DJ shows. Indian actors pour into productions of the parables giving hope to people caught in the grips of the caste system.


Culturally relevant creativity looks different, depending on the canvas.

  • Bright purple in Thailand is a great color, but probably not for the American pallet.
  • Dramatic, over-the-top acting in Kenya might seem cheesy to the American acting guild, but totally “African” and cool to the targeted Kenyan audience.
  • Music in the Punjabi language might actually be grating to the American ear, but engaging to Sikh parents in Chandigarh.
  • Christian chants on audio might be “so 1970s,” but in SE Asia they’re so popular even Buddhist monks listen in their monasteries!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. At GNPI we create media to reach Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists whom God created and wants to redeem! That’s beautiful in any culture!


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