Core Value: Integrity

//Core Value: Integrity

Core Value: Integrity

by Mike Schrage, Executive Director

You’ve likely heard these admonishments:

  • Integrity is what you are when the lights are off!
  • A man’s word is his bond.
  • Integrity has no need of rules

As a young boy on the farm, I remember a younger farmer asking our neighbor if he should have a contract drawn up regarding a recent livestock purchase from my father. The neighbor laughed and said something to the effect, “There’s not a piece of paper stronger than the word and handshake of Andy Schrage.”

Integrity is one of our core values because it builds trust, a crucial asset to evangelism. While missionaries in Kenya, we refused to pay a bribe to register with the government the property where the GNPI regional center was built. It took more than five years of monthly visits with city officials by our staff member, Tom, to get the necessary paperwork without paying a bribe.

As you look at the progress of GNPI-Kenya and what God is doing through that center, integrity produced not only the admiration of others, more importantly it ushered in blessings from God.

For every donor who makes an investment in GNPI, for every prayer partner who asks God to use us to reach one more person, for every national who takes the tools we provide and shares the Gospel, we strive for integrity. In what we produce and how we operate worldwide, we want our word to be our bond.

In a world where trust is hard to find, it’s beautiful when it shines through. Integrity is the tool that builds it.

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