It’s interesting how God makes connections, and then sits back to watch us figure our what He’s done. Don’t you think he’s delighted when we are thrilled by what he does with our offerings?

KMT1Back in January we posted a blog about a recording session in our regional center in SE Asia, which lasted into the night because of a power outage. The man who had come to record the audio for that project has been an evangelist for many years. He recently sent TP this story about a village he was invited to, and upon his arrival, he found that some of the tracts and booklets that the regional center in SE Asia had produced had found their way into the hands of the people there.

We will call him KKM for security.

KKM said that he had been traveling and preaching the Gospel for many years. When TP asked him to come and record, he was honored. He said that through his participation in that recording, he learned something very important:

“It’s not that people don’t know God. It is that they do not know the right way to approach the One True God.” he shared with TP.

Connections2Last December KKM was invited by one of the neighboring countries to come and preach about the One True God. There are hundreds of people groups (tribes) in SE Asia, so KKM was excited that the tribe he was invited to speak to were his own people group! When he arrived, he saw that they were reading resources that had been produced by GNPI-SE Asia. They were very happy that KKM had come to explain more about “the God” they were reading about.

KKM described the rest of his visit like this: “We had a meeting. I spoke to them and explained to them who the living God is and why we should worship him. I explained what he did for us and what he is doing for us now in heaven.

Connections2Many people accepted Christ that day. We baptized 140 people in a swimming pool. They said, ‘Finding the living God is like finding a large pile of treasure.’”

How thrilling to find these resources have crossed a country border and are being used by a people group KKM belonged to. And how wonderful for KKM to see the connection God made between himself and this group of people in another country…and to get to baptize 140 of his own people into Christ!

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