Connecting the Dots

Connecting the Dots

Has God ever connected important dots for you? He did for me not long ago.

In 2002, before I left my time of service at GNPI-Kenya in Nairobi, GNPI International Director Bob Sartoris (then production manager at GNPI-Kenya) asked me an important question.

“Mike, before you leave Kenya and resettle in the States next year, what one message would you like to leave with the Kenyan Church?”

That question birthed the production of the Swahili film, Dume Halisi (Fatherhood).

The film stresses God’s desire for African men to tend to the physical and spiritual needs of their wives and children. “Of course,” you say, but in Africa, wives were viewed only as “assets” and a means to produce children. It was a far cry from God’s design.

This film, completed using local actors, was added to dozens of Swahili films produced through GNPI-Africa’s partnerships with missionaries and African evangelists over the past two decades. I hadn’t fully realized the impact possible from these films until just recently.

A few months ago we received word from Joss, a Tanzanian evangelist. Joss said,

“Many men from the Mangat tribe here in Tanzania saw the need to change their lives after watching Dume Halisi produced by GNPI in Nairobi, Kenya. Though the film focuses mainly on men, women too felt touched by the film.”

People were not just touched by the film; they were changed.

“In all, 17 people gave their lives to Christ that day. One girl, who had been raped by her father years ago, forgave him on that very day,” Joss said.

The impact of media resounds long after the last scene of a film is produced. Eleven years later, Dume Halisi is still proclaiming biblical and relevant teaching about marriage and family.

Christ-centered media is remembered. It knows no bounds and often travels hundreds of miles across national borders to touch the eternal destiny of people we’ll never meet.


Only God can connect such dots!


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