Church: The Next Best Thing

//Church: The Next Best Thing

Church: The Next Best Thing

Recently I heard Dr. Mark Scott say in a sermon, “We haven’t done everything right as the Church, but we are the best thing to have happened on earth until Jesus’ comes back!”

I agree. Though our local congregations aren’t perfect, there are glimpses into what Christ has called us to be. When you look around the world, perhaps now more than ever, we have tremendous opportunity to make a positive impact on this world for Christ. Though we are imperfect, the One we assemble to worship each week is perfect. He can use us to spread His fame throughout the earth while meeting real needs within our communities. That’s been the model for the Church from the beginning.

Likewise, neither GNPI or any of the individuals who comprise her are perfect (as if you were unsure). Yet we are trying to obey The Great Commandment and The Great Commission. Our objective is to shower the world with God’s love as we go, making disciples through culturally relevant media and media strategies. That’s our special niche in His Kingdom.

The “going” and “making” are imperative commands of Jesus, so our hearts are set on this. It’s who we are. We see it as the best thing that’s ever happened to us on earth, until Jesus comes back.


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