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As we celebrate the birth of Christ, thank God for the gift of His precious Son. Through His life and death on the cross, God showed us how much He loved the world and wanted us to spend eternity with Him.

GNPI passionately accelerates evangelism by filling media voids throughout the globe with culturally relevant biblical content. By pursuing evolving technologies like mobile apps and Solar Kits, GNPI provides people, even in remote places, with the Message of Christ in their own language. We multiply our impact by equipping people and ministries around the world to use media and technology as a tool to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

We hope you enjoy these free resources. View and share them online or download them.

• Christmas Plans on YouVersion
The Global Gospel – Word Became Flesh, Birth of Jesus Foretold, Mary Visits Elizabeth, Joseph Marries Mary, Wise Men Visit Jesus
• Christmas Projects by GNPI teams