Celebrating Jesus

Celebrating Jesus

Have you made plans for Easter? Manee Massey of GNPI-Damoh, India, and his team are preparing to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus with another national television broadcast.

They’ve continued celebrating the birth of Jesus for several weeks as they diligently followed up with viewers who contacted them after their national broadcast to over 40 million people on Christmas Day.

The following video is a sample of their program.

Manee says the team really enjoyed preparing for their Christmas program this year. The two Christmas songs were written by Dr Ajai Lall as well as the message. They filmed one of the music videos outside and included some  children with special needs.

The team was surprised again this year to receive calls from mostly Hindus or other religions. With the help of several local ministers, the team followed up with 200 people after the broadcast. They were blessed to hear the callers asking for prayer for themselves, various family needs, difficulties, and health issues. They also felt honored to hear how much these callers appreciated the songs and the Christian message. Thirty-two people requested The Global Gospel series in one of the Indian languages they have available.

Please pray for new opportunities to offer the hope of Christ as they prepare for their Easter broadcast and let us know about open doors you have as well.






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