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Seeing Skills and Servant’s Hearts

Plainfield Christian Church has partnered with GNPI and the NOMaD team in Santiago to reach Chilean people more effectively. Tim Gephart, Ron Lydick, and Kyle Ferguson from Plainfield Christian Church in Plainfield, Indiana, recently paid a visit to the NOMaD team in Chile. They joined GNPI’s creative media designer, Greg Fish, who went there to train the NOMaD team to use a powerful software program, After Effects, for their productions.

Tim Gephart, missions minister at Plainfield Christian Church, said of the NOMaD team members,

“It has been wonderful to see their skills and heart for the kingdom. Media is one of the ways the Gospel is being communicated in this culture. I appreciate their honest, loving attack of cultural issues – like pro life issues, even before abortion is legal in this country.”

plainfieldfullHabacuc, the NOMaD team leader, shared,

“We are living at a time when the Church can have a voice, not in a harsh or hateful way. We can tell people they need to know about these issues.”

Tim reflected the passion he sees in the team.

“We see Habacuc is excited, depending always on prayer. We are grateful to spend this time in Chile with them.”

Tim’s colleagues shared his enthusiasm.

“I appreciate the opportunity to verify the Scriptural background of the team,” said Ron, chairman of the Plainfield missions team. “I am confident they will do this project in a way to bring honor and glory to God. With this context and technology, they will preach Jesus Christ as Savior of the world.”

Tim and Ron were excited from the perspective of leadership and ministry, but Kyle is Plainfield’s technical coordinator and had positive things to say, too.

“Media and technology is just a small part of this [NOMaD team’s] ministry,” Kyle said. “Their heart for ministry and love for people is why they are so good.”

Habacuc explained they have divided their work in two areas: outreach and inreach. Outreach programs are directed toward those who don’t know Christ, primarily through the Web and social media. Inreach programs strengthen their local church network.

So far, the team has worked on the Searching series, an outreach to skateboarders. They also have plans for projects to address finances and marriage, in addition to creating a pro-life Website with videos.

The Chilean teacher of their series on finance summed it up best when he told the guests from Indiana, “What our people really need to know is Jesus Christ, that’s the Message.”

GNPI is very blessed by the partnership of Plainfield Christian Church and the NOMaD team in Chile as they work together to build up the body of Christ.


Warm Memories of a Cold Night

Jeff Silkwood shares about the way God blessed his trip to deliver some Christian media to a group of pastors in a mountain village. The materials were produced in partnership with the regional center in Chiang Mai and our coworkers at Freedom Films Productions.

By Jeff Silkwood of GNPI-Thailand


My whole family was invited to go with my friend, Pastor Prasan, to his home village for a special party, and we were excited to share in this event. Yet, as has become common for us since we moved to Thailand, our kids both got sick just before the trip, so other arrangements had to be made.

Just a couple months prior, I had purchased a used Suzuki motor scooter as a second means of transportation. We decided I should leave the family in the city and make a day trip on my scooter to Pastor Prasan’s village to drop off copies of the BEC (Biblical Extension Course) in the Thai language. These could be used by the pastors that would be attending the event. I was told that some 15 pastors from all over Thailand would be there. I thought, “What an opportunity to get people plugged into the resources produced by GNPI and Freedom Films Productions.”

Despite the caution that many people provided, I jumped on the scooter and began the five-hour trek to the village, which was located on the other side of the mountain called “Doi Intanon,” the tallest mountain in Thailand. The trip there was great, very scenic and pleasant temperatures. However, about half-way up the mountain, I started to realize just how cold the trip back home could be. It would be at night and much colder.

After arriving at the village, I had the privilege to meet the brothers and sisters of my friend and see the village where he grew up. I was able to spend only two hours with Prasan in the village, but while I was there, one of the pastors arrived. Prasan got so excited. He told me, “Jeff, the pastor you just met, his name is on one of the DVDs you are passing out.” It is amazing to see how God’s network of people comes into contact with each other. This “coincidence” also helped people understand the type of teaching that our BEC programs contain. Since they all knew this pastor, the teaching on the BEC program could be trusted. I had brought enough copies of both the Movement Everywhere program and the BEC program to provide each pastor with four DVD’s.

As I began my cold trek back down the mountain, I thought to myself just how fortunate I was to have been able to see some of the efforts being made by the local people to reach their own for Christ. I was cold, but I brought many warm memories back to the city with me.

My wife, Mary, and I are making the effort to travel to many nearby villages and towns. We set out to look for churches isolated around northern Thailand and supply them with the resources so they can be connected with the rest of the body of Christ. Programs like Movement Everywhere and the BEC programs offer means for people to be informed of God’s impact to the Thai people. We are continually amazed at what we find. We look forward to seeing how God will work in our lives and the lives of others in the days to come.


Summer 2015 Prayer Report

Thank you for your faithful prayers for the ministry of GNPI. As we enter the summer season, we want to pause and reflect on the many ways God has been working in each of the regional centers around the world.

This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. — 1 John 5:14

 Can you join us


Swahili Summary – Isaac Masiga of GNPI-Kenya writes, “We give thanks to God for the projects we are undertaking this year. We finished A Distant Boat in the Swahili version, and the feedback so far is great. We finished recording The Global Gospel in the Swahili version sometime back, and we are in the final stages of editing. In addition, we request special prayers for the Christian talk show project that we want to do this year. Pray for a good working relationship between Liberty Visions and GNPI for this production. Thanks for your continual prayer and support.”

God Enabled Us! Jesca Naavah of GNPI-Uganda writes, “Praise God! The Marriage for Life project went well. It was an interesting series. We prayed for good health and to be able to do all 11 episodes in the short time we had with Fielden and Janet Allison, and God enabled us. Keep praying for the editing process!” Allisons and GNPI-Mbale Staff


Signal Strength – Abi Flores of GNPI-Mexico writes, “Please pray for the radio programming at, so more people can hear our transmission and the signal would improve. In addition pray for the next short film project on anorexia. We are looking for people who will be involved during this filming, as well as in other projects.”



The Message For All Time – Nenette Pacoli of GNPI-Philippines writes, “Thanks so much for all your prayers; we were able to upload the WWJD Holy Week episode, and its Message is for all time, in perfect time! We are now continuing the post-production of the Career or Calling episode. It was the one affected when our computer crashed in March. We hope to post it in May, in time for graduation and enrollment. We are also in pre-production for Social Media Addiction and a series on voter education, since our presidential elections are slated for next May.”

Oceans of Thanks – TP of SE Asia writes, “We offer oceans of thanks for your unceasing prayers. Because of your prayers God is walking and working together with us. More people are coming to see the True God through our products. Many recommend our products, and they seriously need them. We believe that God will change the hearts of people who hear the Message through our tools and trainings. Please pray for us to be able to train trainers for evangelism, to have wisdom to produce effective products, and to protect and guide our staff.”

“We are thrilled!” Tom Silkwood of GNPI-Thailand and Freedom Films Productions writes, “The air pollution in Chiang Mai is what everybody here seems to be talking about these days. With burning eyes, scratchy throats, and temperatures over 100 degrees, we long for the monsoons to come and clean the air. In the meantime, the work goes on and we are thrilled to report many more Thai people are hearing the Message of salvation and grace through videos, DVDs, and testimonies we upload to the Internet. We are greatly encouraged by you fellow believers who share in this calling with us through prayer and support to make the ministry possible.” Please click here to visit the Website.


Focal Points – Sergei Golovin of GNPI-Ukraine shares, “Thank you very much for your care, support, and prayers! We have been focusing on the ongoing work of online ministries, student follow-up, the Reliable Foundation open apologetics club, translation, and publishing. New resources development is another focal point that has also been pretty fruitful. We have completed recordings of an audio Bible in the Crimean Tatar language, produced a new video episode of Scientists of God (Isaac Newton) and a couple more Creation Moments audio episodes, and prepared children’s programming curriculum for summer projects. May the Lord be praised!”


Threats! Simmi Dhingra of GNPI-Chandigarh, India, reports, “Things are very tough here with the persecution of our Christian pastors. They are threatened every day now. Yesterday a pastor and his wife came to us. They told us people have threatened them against conducting Christian activities. We informed the police. Please keep our pastors, Christian workers, along with all of our staff, in your prayers. Medical clinics, distributing food, and schools are some of the tools in which we can share the Gospel with the people without any problems. Thanks to all of our supporters who continue helping us to reach the lost.”

Making Music AvailableManee Massey of GNPI-Damoh, India, says, “We are recording a 40-50 song track of popular songs among Christians for church services, VBS, meetings, etc. It will be a really useful tool, since some churches might not be able to afford instruments and technology. This will give many house churches and small gatherings a tool to attract youth in their services. Please pray for this project as we have completed 10 songs. We also thank God for the opportunity we had to air the Message of Christ on Easter on national TV.”



Overall Ministry

The Global Gospel Update – Growing demand for The Global Gospel, and your generosity, means more languages are coming soon, with more languages requested all the time. So far, 20 of the world’s top 25 languages are complete or in process for sharing the same simple stories of the life of Christ.

We have also released The Global Gospel App in the Android version. unnamed

NOMaD Trainings – Trainings for NOMaD teams have recently been given in Pachuca, Mexico; Santiago, Chile; and Gonaives, Haiti. We also have a new NOMaD coordinator joining the team in June. Watch for more details!

It Is Amazing! Twenty-two Solar Kits have been assembled in Joplin this year. Twenty-nine more requests are being processed. Eleven Solar Kits have been sent out from Damoh this year. Besides the current assembly workshops in Joplin and Damoh, a new Solar Kit workshop is underway in Thailand. Kpowbie Daniel, a Christian worker in Togo, writes about how much they appreciate their Solar Kit. Kpowbie says, “I just received some nice reports from one of my partner groups working in the northern areas. There is another group working among Muslims, and they too have similar reports. It is so amazing what the Lord is doing through this little yellow kit! We first trained them, gave them the kits, and the Holy Spirit is doing the rest. If there could be a way to have at least two more kits, we would be very happy.” Click here to watch a video of Kpowbie Daniel talking about the benefit of using a Solar Kit to share the Gospel.



The Long Wait Blessing Program

Tom Silkwood shares about one of their recently released programs.

By Tom Silkwood, Regional Director of GNPI-Thailand and Freedom Films Productions

This program concerns happiness and the desire of people to be instantly gratified. Pastor Aree is teaching that God’s blessing isn’t always immediate, but many blessings come in God’s timing.

One of the Scriptures he uses in the program is Matthew 11:16. This passage illustrates that godly people, like John the Baptist, aren’t interested in earthly things. He says that we as Christians must eat the food of the Spirit of God. Earthly pleasures are not the supreme issue of life, but following and obeying God is. Although life in Christ isn’t always immediately gratifying it does, in fact, promise happiness beyond any earthly pleasure. We must be faithful, patient, and steadfast to the Lord through all things. If we are, God promises a peace and joy beyond anything we can experience here.

The work of the ministry continues, and we are thrilled to report many more Thai people are hearing the Message of salvation and grace through videos, DVDs, and testimonies we upload to the Internet. We are greatly encouraged by you, fellow believers, who share in this calling with us through prayer and support to make the ministry possible.”


A Windfall

Nenette Pacoli recently travelled to a new area to share GNPI resources with a group of pastors. She was delighted by their response.

By Nenette Pacoli, Regional Director of GNPI-Philippines

My husband, Bert, and I travelled (along with our friends, Pastor Geoff and his wife, Gina) to Sariaya, Quezon Province​, about 80 miles from our GNPI office. After more than four hours on both good and terrible roads, we were welcomed by Pastor Gerry Villenia, whom we had featured eons ago on the Changed Lives episode of Asin at Ilaw (Salt and Light). Pastor Gerry is a friend of Pastor Geoff.

There were 14 churches represented. They were a bit “wary” as Bert started his presentation on GNPI’s world-wide ministry. When Bert said we were giving them Bible Study materials, their faces really lit up! They were hungry for materials, and they felt they just received a windfall.


One pastor even came to us to say that they were praying for something to share for their gift-giving mission in April, and the All Things New movie just dropped in his lap. Another pastor said he would look through the Asin at Ilaw (Salt and Light) lessons, and that would give him a break from researching new lessons. Another couple said their youth group was very active and they were running out of ideas for them. They said that the WWJD series came just in time. I pointed out our most popular topics on Courtship, Homosexuality, and Finding the Right One. The pastor said, “We have a hard time discussing those topics with the youth group.”


We pray that the seeds we’ve scattered would bear fruit in due time. Thanks so much for being with us in prayer.

One True God

One True God is the synopsis of a 12-minute video produced by GNPI-SE Asia. It is used as a tool for training Christians on how to share the Gospel effectively among Buddhists. It was a special blessing to have Angela, the daughter of our regional director, TP, help us with the narration on this synopsis.


In SE-Asia there are so many people who have no concept of the One True God. Our team at GNPI-SE Asia is on a mission to teach people the Truth by producing tools that are culturally relevant: printed materials, charts, audio recordings, and videos. Our coworkers in SE-Asia believe that if Christians can learn how to share the Truth, the country will surely change!

Please help us by praying that God will be glorified.


Scientists of God

Sergei Golovin believes the work of the Lord should never stop. He is committed to making the best of the uncertain situation for the sake of the kingdom of God. He and his team are excited to introduce some new apologetics materials for Europeans.

By Sergei Golovin, Regional Director of GNPI-Ukraine

A new media project has resulted as a follow up of our Scientists of God book publishing. Through several generations, the worldview in our region was shaped by atheistic textbooks on science, and most everyone believed that all great scientists were atheists by default.

Many people told us they were challenged greatly by discovering from Scientists of God that the vast majority of modern science founders were devoted believers and were led in their research by their convictions. This led us to produce a series of short videos, also called Scientists of God. The first one is on Louis Pasteur.

We also started a Creation Moments audio series. It includes 90-second programs on natural evidences for the biblical account of creation. Please keep these projects in your prayers.


Glow Necklaces and the Gospel

What started with five kids in front of a Solar Kit turned into a crowd of 200 people. They had all received glow necklaces. It was quite a sight. They were in the dark, wearing glow necklaces with their eyes glued to the moving picture.

Some of the people in the audience were seeing such images for the very first time. They forgot about the necklaces. They forgot about their day up to that point.

You could have heard a pin drop – there were no distractions as they watched in complete silence. As they watched Jesus on the cross, projected on the side of a hut in the bush of the Zambezi valley, the crowd was experiencing the scene as if it were in real time.

As they were caught up in that moment, the Lord began to do a powerful work in their lives.

Hear Bruce Cameron recount the event in his own words:

To see what Bruce and others are saying about Solar Kits, click on The Answer to Our Puzzle for a compilation of multiple Solar Kit testimonies.


The Boundless Message of Jesus

Is media good or bad? Positive or negative? The answer is yes. It’s both, and it depends solely on the message behind the media. More often than not, in a fallen world, the numerous messages bombarding us through media are negative influences working toward destruction. Yet, GNPI is all about redeeming the powerful medium of media and using it for the good of the world. We accomplish this great feat because our Message is Jesus, and his power is boundless.

This video contrasts the “bad” media with the “good” and God-honoring media of GNPI being distributed all over the world. We hope you’ll share this video with your friends, so they, too, can see how GNPI is redeeming the times through media and technology!

We also have created a behind-the-scenes look at the making of this video. You can watch the short featurette here.

Behind the Scenes (The Boundless Message of Jesus)

by Greg Fish, Creative Media Designer

As you can see from this video, our Creative Team’s filming on location at Union Station in Joplin, MO, was a smashing success! Yes, those words were carefully chosen.

IMG_1031I turned my TV on to watch a basketball game and noticed a rainbow of colors. It looked fine before I turned it on.

Then I noticed a very small crack in the bottom of the screen. The tiny crack made the whole thing unusable. As my kids were playing with the nerf guns I gave them for Christmas, I realized that one of those small darts caused this damage. What could I do? Could I sell it for parts? Well, how about we take a sledgehammer to it and film it?

That’s what led to the securing and setting up of our film location, and you can see it all on the video. However, we needed a good reason to do all this. It was a chance to contrast the vision of GNPI, carrying the boundless message of Jesus through its positive use of media. To see The Boundless Message of Jesus video, click here. For now, check out the behind the scenes featurette.