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One True God

One True God is the synopsis of a 12-minute video produced by GNPI-SE Asia. It is used as a tool for training Christians on how to share the Gospel effectively among Buddhists. It was a special blessing to have Angela, the daughter of our regional director, TP, help us with the narration on this synopsis.


In SE-Asia there are so many people who have no concept of the One True God. Our team at GNPI-SE Asia is on a mission to teach people the Truth by producing tools that are culturally relevant: printed materials, charts, audio recordings, and videos. Our coworkers in SE-Asia believe that if Christians can learn how to share the Truth, the country will surely change!

Please help us by praying that God will be glorified.


Scientists of God

Sergei Golovin believes the work of the Lord should never stop. He is committed to making the best of the uncertain situation for the sake of the kingdom of God. He and his team are excited to introduce some new apologetics materials for Europeans.

By Sergei Golovin, Regional Director of GNPI-Ukraine

A new media project has resulted as a follow up of our Scientists of God book publishing. Through several generations, the worldview in our region was shaped by atheistic textbooks on science, and most everyone believed that all great scientists were atheists by default.

Many people told us they were challenged greatly by discovering from Scientists of God that the vast majority of modern science founders were devoted believers and were led in their research by their convictions. This led us to produce a series of short videos, also called Scientists of God. The first one is on Louis Pasteur.

We also started a Creation Moments audio series. It includes 90-second programs on natural evidences for the biblical account of creation. Please keep these projects in your prayers.


Glow Necklaces and the Gospel

What started with five kids in front of a Solar Kit turned into a crowd of 200 people. They had all received glow necklaces. It was quite a sight. They were in the dark, wearing glow necklaces with their eyes glued to the moving picture.

Some of the people in the audience were seeing such images for the very first time. They forgot about the necklaces. They forgot about their day up to that point.

You could have heard a pin drop – there were no distractions as they watched in complete silence. As they watched Jesus on the cross, projected on the side of a hut in the bush of the Zambezi valley, the crowd was experiencing the scene as if it were in real time.

As they were caught up in that moment, the Lord began to do a powerful work in their lives.

Hear Bruce Cameron recount the event in his own words:

To see what Bruce and others are saying about Solar Kits, click on The Answer to Our Puzzle for a compilation of multiple Solar Kit testimonies.


The Boundless Message of Jesus

Is media good or bad? Positive or negative? The answer is yes. It’s both, and it depends solely on the message behind the media. More often than not, in a fallen world, the numerous messages bombarding us through media are negative influences working toward destruction. Yet, GNPI is all about redeeming the powerful medium of media and using it for the good of the world. We accomplish this great feat because our Message is Jesus, and his power is boundless.

This video contrasts the “bad” media with the “good” and God-honoring media of GNPI being distributed all over the world. We hope you’ll share this video with your friends, so they, too, can see how GNPI is redeeming the times through media and technology!

We also have created a behind-the-scenes look at the making of this video. You can watch the short featurette here.

Behind the Scenes (The Boundless Message of Jesus)

by Greg Fish, Creative Media Designer

As you can see from this video, our Creative Team’s filming on location at Union Station in Joplin, MO, was a smashing success! Yes, those words were carefully chosen.

IMG_1031I turned my TV on to watch a basketball game and noticed a rainbow of colors. It looked fine before I turned it on.

Then I noticed a very small crack in the bottom of the screen. The tiny crack made the whole thing unusable. As my kids were playing with the nerf guns I gave them for Christmas, I realized that one of those small darts caused this damage. What could I do? Could I sell it for parts? Well, how about we take a sledgehammer to it and film it?

That’s what led to the securing and setting up of our film location, and you can see it all on the video. However, we needed a good reason to do all this. It was a chance to contrast the vision of GNPI, carrying the boundless message of Jesus through its positive use of media. To see The Boundless Message of Jesus video, click here. For now, check out the behind the scenes featurette.

Vince Vigil on Solar Kits

The Solar Kit is a wonderful piece of technology that has adapted through the years. We talk a lot about Solar Kits because they are an integral part of what we do at GNPI. These kits, along with the content played on them, continue to make a huge impact on many lives around the globe.

When Vince Vigil stopped by our Joplin office, we asked him specifically about the Solar Kit program in Uganda:

We recently shared this video produced by GNPI-Uganda of testimonies from people using and/or benefitting from the Solar Kit program. Check it out here!

Praise God for using Solar Kits to spread the Gospel from Mbale!

Easter Resources to Share

GNPI has some resources to share as you celebrate the resurrection of Christ.

TGG GlobeThe Global Gospel (TGG) is a series of short videos that present the life and teachings of Jesus Christ using colorful illustrations and dramatic readings of the Scriptures.

These simple stories, completed in multiple languages, allow users all around the world to watch and experience the biblical account of what Jesus said and taught. So far, thousands of TGG videos have been distributed and downloaded. In fact, TGG has been downloaded in more than 160 nations!

GNPI is in the process of completing TGG in the world’s top 25 spoken languages. An estimated 3.6 billion people speak one of these languages and will have access to TGG, for free, when complete.

For more information, you can call 417-782-0060 or email:

Click here to see other available languages.

A Constant Memorial

By Robert Gurwell of GNPI-Mexico

This communion meditation was recorded on location in Mexico. It contrasts the mission, message, and method of Spanish influence of the ruins at the St. Bernard Mission to the constant memorial that our Lord Jesus left for us. The ruins will never again be raised up to welcome Spanish rule in Mexico and Latin America. However, the Lord’s Supper not only speaks of Jesus’ sacrifice, it also continues to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and points forward to our welcome into heaven.



Feel free to download and use this video in your church service. If you have need for a Spanish version, it is also available.

download and use this video

also available in Spanish

Karl Wendt on The Global Gospel

Karl Wendt has wonderful vocal talent! He does a tremendous job every time he comes into the studio to do a voiceover. He makes it look easy. However, several years ago, when he did the English narration of The Global Gospel, he admitted that it was a challenge for him. Here he is in a clip from an older video describing what it was like to make Scripture come alive in this project.