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Our Journey to “The Distant Boat”

  • Posted On February 4, 2014
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by Isaac Masiga, Regional Director, GNPI-Kenya

The journey of making this movie, called The Distant Boat, began in 2012. On Field Media (an arm of the African Inland Mission) approached GNPI-Kenya to partner with them in telling a story that would invite the African Church to embrace their unique opportunity to reach Africa’s unreached people. Both ministries saw a huge need and responded with the making of The Distant Boat.


We asked Isaac (pictured below) to tell us about the journey…

Isaac“In the past we have been blessed by the ministry of missionaries who have come from far and wide, left their families and comfort, to come to Africa and serve in the mission field. Despite their priceless efforts, we still have about 900 people groups in Africa who still don’t know about Jesus.

For this reason, we needed to be very strategic. We went beyond what we knew about Africa in our local African setting to engage others around Africa. We took time to research how the African Church thinks inside their belief systems and traditions. We needed extensive research because we wanted to reach not just Kenya where the movie was shot, but the entire African continent. Our story had to be very culturally rich because it had to be a true representation of a typical African setting.

As we thought about the best places to do the movie, we decided on two locations: Malindi (along the northern coast of Kenya) and Nairobi (Kenya’s capital city). This, we thought, was an ideal representation of an African setting where one is very rural and undeveloped, and the other is bustling with a lot of activities, kind of like the NYC of Kenya. We felt these were the best locations to depict a typical “mission field” scenario. Nairobi, the comfort zone that one would have to leave, and Malindi, far from home, remote, and undeveloped. Not many are willing to make the sacrifice to leave home to take the Good News of the Gospel to people who need it.

A commissioning service was held in September 2012 and God provided the right people to fill the right spots all along the way. Finding the right cast and crew was not hard and soon the cameras began to roll! We continued shooting for close to four months and took another 10 months editing the work.

All our hard work was put to the test when we premiered the movie last year, October 2013. The movie was well received in the theaters and is continuing to get a lot of attention. It is very popular in churches especially, based on its quality and content. Here’s a look at the trailer.

For now we are planning to translate the movie into other languages starting with Swahili and French. It is our prayer that this movie will continue to impact the African Church and challenge them to become a major force in the future by sending people to the mission field; for the harvest is plenty and the laborers are few.”

GNPI’s Core Values

  • Posted On February 3, 2014
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by Mike Schrage, Executive Director, GNPI

GNPI’s strong and steady foundation was built on some core values that have remained consistent through more than 3 decades. Technology has changed and the way we deliver the Message has changed, but THE MESSAGE has not changed and it never will.

The way we look, the colors we use, our logo—all those things have changed slightly over the years but the message is rock solid.

Ringfinger Confessionals – Will I Make It? (Episode 3)

  • Posted On January 30, 2014
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Charles Righa is first a Christian, second a musical artist, and third, an African. He came to GNPI-Kenya for help with an idea for a series of 3 short videos that address the topic of abstinence until marriage.

It’s a topic that needs to be discussed, but is often kept quiet.

“My love for music began with hip hop but has since grown into a more eclectic and versatile appreciation that cuts across a variety of genres. I believe music creates a platform to share a message or ideas and I hope to use my music to say whatever God places on my heart.


The Apostle Paul in Philippians 2 paints a picture of the children of God “shining like stars in the midst of a crooked and depraved generation as they boldly hold out the word of truth.” That’s what I wanna achieve for myself and for the people I interact with. I pray that God uses my life and music to inspire others to shine and live life in and on purpose.”  ~ Charles Righa

Also check out Episode 1 I’m a Virgin, So What? and Episode 2 Why Wait?

Ringfinger Confessionals – Episode 2 “Why Wait?”

  • Posted On January 22, 2014
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As promised, here is the second video in the Ringfinger Confessionals series, produced by GNPI-Kenya. This series is included in Video Loop IV. The artists name is Charles Righa, but he’s known as Rigga. He’s a young man who is using music to be very transparent about a subject that frankly, many of us would rather not talk about. Sex. It is obvious through the lyrics, that he and God have discussed this at great length. You have to respect this young man.

If you missed the first video, click here. (And stay tuned, there will be one more next week!)

Ringfinger Confessionals – “I’m a Virgin, So What?” (Episode 1)

  • Posted On January 21, 2014
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written by GNPI and Isaac Masiga, GNPI-Kenya’s Regional Director

A LOT of communication happens between the Joplin office and the regional centers, as you can imagine. Isaac, regional director in Kenya, had sent 3 short music videos that are included on Video Loop IV to Joplin for us to see. We watched the videos and were blown away.

We asked Isaac about how the concept came about and more about the artist. Here is Isaac’s response:

Well, the story behind them is, ironically, the stigma one gets because one is a virgin. Charles Rigga, the featured local artist came up with the idea and came to us for help in developing the story and executing it. We did it all in house. During an interview with Rigga, we asked him what inspired him. Here is what he said:

My love for music began with hip hop, but has since grown into a more eclectic and versatile appreciation that cuts across a variety of genres. I believe music creates a platform to share a message or ideas and I hope to use my music to say whatever God places on my heart.

I’m a young man trying to live for God in the context of a highly sexualized world. My hormones and my flesh want one thing while God calls me to a different standard. The song is not about me being preachy to everyone else, but it’s about my journey…me speaking to God on behalf of myself, in the hope that others would be encouraged to trust God to keep themselves pure before marriage.

Stay tuned, the other two videos in the series will be posted over the next two weeks.


Meet Liam and Ruby

  • Posted On January 17, 2014
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Liam and Ruby are going to spend a week with their grandparents who have recently moved back to the US after being missionaries. Oh, the things they will learn!

Ruby is the silly, energetic, little sister with LOTS of questions and ideas. Liam, her big brother, is grounded and sensible. Together they will learn a lot from grandma and grandpa’s house, but also discover their heart for missions.

These six episodes, each under five minutes, would be great supplement for your upcoming Vacation Bible School, missions moment, or children’s church program.

Best of all, it’s free! Pre-order today and we will send your DVD in time for Summer VBS programs.


Training to Go!

  • Posted On January 15, 2014
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Coffee. Pizza. Value meals. We get a lot of things to go, don’t we?

At GNPI we’re on the go around the world, and now we’ve developed “training to go.” Literally, we’ve taken what we’ve learned from project NOMaD during the last few years and are now multiplying our impact through what we’re calling Level 1 Training.


Simply, through Level 1 Training we’re inviting locally emerging ministries in various parts of the world, who want to use media to expand their efforts and advance the Gospel, to learn the basics of video production. The photo above shows Jason Miller (NOMaD Coordinator) in Donetsk, Ukraine where we recently tested this model. After two weeks of training, the teams had significant projects to share the Gospel. Just last week, Jason was in Damoh, India training 3 potential teams. Here’s Jason describing the Level 1 training kits:

With your help, we will be sending these around the world in the months and years to come. Just think: scores of new ministries producing culturally relevant, Biblically based media on the go so they can fulfill Christ’s command to GO!

Each training kit costs about $2,000 to assemble and send. Help us help others “go” today with a gift of any amount for the expanding efforts of project NOMaD.



It’s Not What You Think

  • Posted On January 9, 2014
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Imagine your car breaks down and up ahead, you see this group. What would you think?

Damoh Riders 1024

Things are not always as they appear. These are the Damoh Riders (from Damoh, India). They are known around the area for doing motorcycle tricks.

Listen to David Lall, GNPI international consultant, and Mike Schrage, GNPI executive director, talking about how the staff in the Damoh regional center got connected with the Damoh Riders.

You can click here to watch the their first video. Both the Damoh Riders and the staff at GNPI-Damoh, India, hope to continue their relationship. Who knows what God has in store for this interesting partnership?


An Old Song Made New

  • Posted On January 8, 2014
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As I watched, they began to sing a new song before the throne…
– Revelation 14:3

Have you ever thought about what kind of music God likes? One thing we do know is that he likes new songs. Remember the old hymn, Come Thou Fount? Well it might be old to you, but to many around the world who have never before heard this classic offering of praise to God, it’s brand new.

LenaLena, Operations Manager at GNPI-Ukraine center, shared her team’s desire to produce music videos that are giving many in the former Soviet Union a first taste of powerful, spiritual nourishment that many in the U.S. have been feasting on for generations.

“Inspired by great creative musical works of GNPI-Kenya and the new equipment provided to us, we decided to start working on some music videos,” she said. “Our goal is to improve Christian musical culture in our part of the world by introducing the classic Christian hymns that are well-known in the West, but are not popular here.”

“The music videos we make encourage the Church greatly; we are often asked for CDs by people of older generations, and the younger, of course, watch and share them online,” Lena continued. “Inspired by the award we received last month, our team decided to cover three more Christian hymns by making more music videos.”

With the help of a harmonica, banjo, guitar, and cello, perhaps this old-time hymn will be made new for you too.

A Thriving NOMaD Team

  • Posted On January 6, 2014
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Pachuca Team Sergioby Sergio Alvarado, NOMaD team leader in Pachuca, Mexico

God is blessing the team Sergio leads as they continue to learn more and use media in their ministry. Here are a few facts about Pachuca, Mexico.

  • Pachuca is the second fastest growing city in the country.
  • The population is about 1.5 million people and approximately 60% are under the age of 26.
  • Only 4.8% of the population are Christians. Even though Catholicism is the main religion of the country, many don’t accept Jesus Christ as their only Lord and Savior.
  • The Cult of Saint Death is growing fast. It is very dangerous and especially popular among the drug cartels and criminal organizations. They worship death and believe it will keep them safe from dying and prosper them.

We are a church planting team called IMPACTO Latino, and we are associated with New Missions Systems International and GNPI. We have planted three churches and the vision is to plant five churches in the city of Pachuca. These churches are very different from the traditional Mexican churches. We use the cell group system, and we have found that it really works for Mexicans since we are very relational.

Pachuca Team 1

Right now we have more than a thousand people worshiping in our three churches, and more are being added every week. Just last Sunday, we had eight more baptisms!

Pachuca Team 4

Media has been a big part of our vision and a tremendous tool to reach this young city, as you can imagine. We have been creating promotional videos to publicize our ministries, our cell group leader training materials, and our preaching series. We have also used media to help other ministries around the city of Pachuca and Mexico City to promote what they are doing.

For example, we developed a video series for Niños de Mexico to promote their ministry to children in churches in the US during VBS and church presentations. Also, we have made several music videos for local worship groups and promotional videos for their worship concerts. In addition, we are developing a Web community to share evangelistic, discipleship, and leadership training materials online for anyone to be able to use them.

We see media becoming a big part of the culture, and we want to be able to use this tool to reach more people for Christ. We see more and more cell phones and computers in Mexican homes, and we know the potential this represents. Also, we have identified the pornography crisis that our youth are confronting, and we are already working on awareness and discipleship materials dealing with this growing issue.

Media is helping us reach the people of Pachuca and Mexico for Christ.