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Maya in Monterrey and Beyond

Edith Medellín is a young mother living in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. She loves reading and has found this an excellent way to share the Gospel with her neighbors. She encourages reading by taking books to parks and even promotes her interests with a reading room she created. Here she shares Gospel stories that carry morals and messages from the Word.

On many occasions she reads Christian stories to children. Recently, GNPI-Mexico gifted her with the series of “Maya, the Macaw.” Edith wrote back to us, sharing this about the books:

“We have this new trilogy of a very likeable friend named, Maya, the Macaw. This beautiful character teaches our children important lessons through her interesting adventures. Additionally, these books have important advice for parents to encourage and support their children in love and wisdom.


I give thanks to God for these beautiful stories shared with me by Brother Gustavo Velázquez, director of the regional center in Piedras Negras, Mexico.
Diego, like many children, was drawn to Maya in the reading room, so I loaned him the book to share with his mom. When I next saw him at school, he joyfully told me he had read the story to his dad and was looking forward to reading the other two stories.

Diego frequently uses the reading room. Recently he came in with his mom, who told me he preferred to come to the library (as he calls it) instead of going to a party. Filled with curiosity, she decided to accompany him to the reading session and said it was a wonderful experience. As a result, she borrowed a book by Max Lucado that interested her.”

International Consultant Bob Gurwell shares a few more details about Edith, Diego, and a surprising discovery of where more Maya books were found.



GNPI is thrilled to help Christians around the world find creative ways to share the Gospel with their neighbors.


Pray for Hindus

Intercede for Hindus along with this prayercast video:

Pray for God’s Holy Spirit to move among Hindus all over the world to bring them to Christ.

Ask God to change the world through the newly born Christians.

Pray for Christians to have strength, boldness, and humility in the name of Jesus Christ.


Relevance Requires Real Homework

Peter Ignatius, president of Lakeview Bible College & Seminary, recently visited GNPI in Joplin. All the students training for church planting ministry in Chennai, India, must take some media training to make them more effective. Peter said the young people of India do not respond to the spoken word, so visual and media are extremely important in this country.

Peter has a passion to be relevant with the Gospel. He says being relevant requires doing some real homework.

Here are two videos produced by the NOMaD team in Chennai. They call their NOMaD team Xpressions: Valalyam and Selvi.


Thai Christians Sharing Their Faith


Tom Silkwood is thrilled to report many more Thai people are hearing the Message of salvation and grace through videos, DVDs, and testimonies they upload to the Internet.

By Tom Silkwood, Regional Director of GNPI-Thailand and Freedom Films Productions


Dr. Vacharee visited our office while she was in Thailand.

Left to Right:  Nitt, Dr. Vacharee, Noii, Woot, and Tom


Our Thai staff are always on the lookout for stories of Thai Christians that will encourage and motivate other Christians, as well as proclaim the Truth to the Buddhists who make up over 95 percent of Thailand’s population.

Recently, they produced a video of a Thai Christian dentist, Dr. Vacharee. She immigrated to Minnesota, got her education as a dentist, and set up a dental clinic that provided services to all who were in need, regardless of their ability to pay. Her testimony is an inspiration for us all to focus on the needs of others rather than our own personal gain.

The video team of GNPI ministry partner, Freedom Films Productions, captures stories of faith and encouragement. Some are testimonials, while others are of teachers sharing biblical Truths. Some are even of pastors in Thai churches who share powerful sermons in the Thai language. Tom and Gayle assist in providing English subtitles for each story. Thai speakers everywhere can now watch uploaded messages on YouTube.

Over 30 programs have been uploaded onto YouTube and can be viewed at “FFPThailand.” Watch as Thai Christians proclaim their faith (some stories even have English subtitles).  Below are links to four videos you can watch. Just press “click here” on each of the captions or the pictures.

 As a young girl, Dr. Vacharee began to question the beliefs of Buddhism. In studying English with missionaries in Thailand, she also learned of Jesus’ love for her.

Click here to watch a video of her testimony (with English subtitles).


Patara depended on compliments and praise from others for self-esteem, until she lost all her hair.  In her horror and shame, she searched for comfort from a Christian friend who led her to hope in Jesus Christ.  unnamed-3

Click here to watch a video of Patara’s testimony (with English subtitles).



Chaiyo was a gang member in Minnesota who was addicted to drugs, alcohol, gambling, and stealing.  His nephew brought him into the Thai community of believers where he gave up his old life and received new life in Christ.  unnamed-4

Click here to see Chaiyo’s testimony, which is also subtitled in English.



Fahng was raised in a orphanage in Thailand.  A burden of low self-esteem and a feeling of being unlovable, even by God, led her to seek God for understanding of his love for her.  Now Fahng and her husband plant churches in unchurched areas in Thailand.

Click here to see Fahng’s story, subtitled in English.unnamed-5




We are greatly encouraged by you fellow believers who share in this calling with us through prayer and support to make the ministry possible.

The Change That Is Needed

by Greg Fish, creative media designer

Chile was my home growing up. My parents were missionaries there for 18 years. For me, it had been 14 years since I last set foot on Chilean soil. However, I recently went back to connect a GNPI supporting church in Plainfield, Indiana, to Habacuc Diaz and the NOMaD team in the booming capital of Santiago.

Much was very familiar: sights, sounds, and smells. However, I also noticed how much has changed. Most striking is the prevailing attitude of the unchurched toward religion. Chile is a country steeped in Catholic tradition. In the past you were placed in one of two groups, Catholic (the vast majority) or Protestant.

Today, there are still two major groups, but I’ve been told any religious group, whether Catholic or Protestant, is now lumped together and seen in a negative light. In Chile, religion and all that it stands for has become bad. Secular culture has moved to the forefront of this predominantly Catholic country. This is the ministry context for Chilean culture.

The decline of interest in the things of God is one reason project NOMaD is so important. Media has played a big role in Chilean cultural shifts and how people regard the Church. Misguided perceptions need to be reoriented. A connected and media-savvy generation of Chileans is searching for something significant. Habacuc has seen this search tear the fabric of society because Church is not valued, but any other sort of community is. He wants to use media (the language of the day) to try to pull people’s hearts back to God.

It’s not an easy task, and to even be considered, media must look modern and professional. Habacuc’s NOMaD team has been trained well, and their productions are meeting some of the greatest needs facing the Chilean church.

While I was in Chile we were able to provide the team additional, advanced training to help them learn and implement popular video effects commonplace and effective in secular media. The training will help their messages compete with those seen everyday by Chileans.

Please pray for Habacuc and his team as they continue to fight a tidal wave of closed mindedness toward God. The boundless Message of Jesus can speak through media to change lives. That change starts with the heart.


GNPI-Mexico’s Growing Outreach

By Abi Flores of GNPI-Mexico

Recently Gustavo Velázquez, regional director of GNPI-Mexico, was invited to a youth convention in the city of Monterrey, Mexico.


More than 230 young people attended this event. Gustavo had the opportunity to share about the ministry and the scope of the outreach through mass media.


At the same time he encouraged the young people to serve the Lord through ministry and in their churches.


Gustavo also shared GNPI materials with other leaders and pastors.


One leader commented: “Every day at my work station I listen online to Good News Radio. I turn up the volume for my colleagues, who are not Christians, so they can hear also. Some have asked me about the music of the season, and I take the opportunity to share the Word of God.”

They have made some improvements to the radio station in Mexico. Our radio booth now has a better workspace, a module specifically for radio. We also installed another microphone to allow live interviews and improve broadcasting over the Internet. Thank you for your prayers for this growing part of our ministry.


GNPI’s International Consultant Bob Gurwell shared more about the outreach of the internet radio station when he visited with International Director Bob Sartoris recently. Bob said that one of the most encouraging comments they heard was that the station provides more than just music.




Mark Allen has joined the GNPI team this month as NOMaD coordinator! We have been praying for someone to carry on the training done by Jason Miller.


Mark has worked in television news for more than 25 years. Most recently, Mark has been working for a CBS affiliate in Tyler, Texas.

Watch this recent story about Mark as he prepared to transition to GNPI.

KYTX – News, Weather,

Currently seven NOMaD teams exist. There is potential to add 5-7 more NOMaD teams this year. We look forward to watching the ways God will use project NOMaD in the future.

We are excited to welcome Mark Allen to our staff.



by Jessica Agler, GNPI research assistant


I was pleased to receive this message recently:

“Your Bible Plan is now live in the Bible App! The YouVersion Team hopes it ministers to lots of people. Congratulations!

Thank you so much for partnering with us in our mission To Help People Fully Engage With The Bible.”

GNPI has created a seven day Bible Plan in Russian. It is now available on YouVersion’s Bible App. The “Teachings of Jesus” plan covers the Sermon on the Mount. Each day features videos from The Global Gospel and also includes a link to the Scripture and a discipleship question.

This is our first time to use the discipleship questions Mark Moore helped develop. He is currently a teaching pastor at Christ’s Church of the Valley in Arizona. We are excited to see the earth filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as written in Habakkuk 2:14.

Packing Solar Kits in Thailand

One of the most helpful ministry tools GNPI provides is the Solar Kit. Our coworkers have been developing the Solar Kit for more than 30 years.

Jeff Silkwood packing Solar Kit

GNPI currently has two workshops where the Solar Kits are assembled, in Joplin and in Damoh. A third workshop is underway in Chiang Mai, which was made possible by a generous grant.


For each region of the world, the Solar Kit is configured in the way that best serves the people of the area and is most affordable. In the year that Jeff Silkwood has worked at GNPI-Thailand, one of his responsibilities has been to make sure all Solar Kit components are accessible in Thailand.


In the following video, Jeff explains his work on the Solar Kit to his mother, Gayle Silkwood, who has worked alongside her husband in media ministry in Thailand for nearly 30 years.

We appreciate Jeff’s work at GNPI-Thailand, and we are excited for him and his wife Mary as they prepare to transition back to ministry work in the US.


Hope for the Hardest and Hottest Places

Sergei reports about this historic chaplain training!

 By Sergei Golovin, Regional Director of GNPI-Ukraine

We had an extremely joyful trip to a seminary, not far from Kiev, to contribute to the first-ever, chaplains’ intensive training program. It truly was historic, a sign of changes in the society.

Chaplains training 2

Even more than 20 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, there was no legal ground for pastoral ministry at places like jails, military bases, clinics, etc. Some brothers were doing this ministry anyway as volunteers, but they did not have proper rights and could be stopped at any moment, or even persecuted for it.

Chaplains training 0

These people have faced challenges every day. They asked extremely meaningful questions that allowed us to dig into the Scriptures, looking for sound biblical answers together.

We are grateful to partner with these courageous guys who are working to bring the hope and comfort in Jesus to the hardest and hottest places!