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Praying for Ishmael’s Tribe

Have you visited the Prayercast Website? If not, you should take some time and look around. The videos there are free to download and they would be a fantastic resource for your Sunday school class, mission team, or entire church.

This video is not linked to a specific country, but the “people group” who are the descendants of Ishmael. The prayercast Website page that is home for this video starts out with the following:

“Despite birthing many of the earliest Christian churches, the Middle East and North Africa have endured centuries with little or no access to the Gospel. Today, four of every five Muslims – 20% of the world’s population – have never heard the Good News of Jesus Christ.  It is estimated that only 10% of missionaries are working among Muslims, with some estimates as low as 1%. This translates to roughly one missionary for every 1 million Muslims.  And yet despite all this, recent decades have seen an unprecedented Christian witness among the Arab world.  More Muslims have become followers of Jesus Christ in the last 25 years than in the previous 1250 years!”

Watch this prayer video, and then click here if you would like to read the rest of the information about the tribe of Ishmael.


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GNPI Living Room Sessions, Part 4

  • Posted On April 10, 2014
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We here at GNPI consider you family – that is why I’ve invited you into my living room to share with you the growing vision of GNPI. This is God’s ministry, and he is taking us to exciting, and sometimes scary places. We have strapped ourselves in and we are hanging on. You know the saying, “It takes a village?” Well, that is really talking about raising a child – but you could use that same phrase to describe what it takes to move this ministry forward. We are truly thankful for the partnership you’ve entrusted us with.

Here’s the last installment of the GNPI Living Room Sessions. Thanks for hanging out with me and listening.


GNPI Living Room Session #1

GNPI Living Room Session #2

GNPI Living Room Session #3

GNPI Living Room Sessions, Part 3

  • Posted On April 7, 2014
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by Mike Schrage, Executive Director

In the world today, how do we reach out to people of Islam, Hinduism, or Buddhism? GNPI has regional centers and NOMaD teams located in strategic regions of the world. But when we look at the numbers of people who follow these religions, we need to do more!

1.6 Billion Muslims
1 Billion Hindus
½ Billion Buddhists

GNPI will have an App for that!


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GNPI Living Room Sessions, Part 2

  • Posted On April 3, 2014
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by Mike Schrage, Executive Director

Hello again,

Thank you for joining me here in my living room for “part 2” of this 4-part Living Room Session series. I’m sharing our strategic plan and vision as we, through partnership with you, continue to accelerate global evangelism over the coming months and years.

Check back as the last two installments are posted here next week.



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GNPI Living Room Sessions, Part 1

  • Posted On March 31, 2014
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by Mike Schrage, Executive Director

Dear Friends,

As you may have heard, we recently hosted three Vision Night events in Joplin, Indianapolis, and Phoenix. The turnout and response was simply amazing. I wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to hear what we were so excited to share with these great crowds. Stay tuned weekly, as over the next month, you’ll have the chance to come into my home and hear the Vision we feel God has placed in our sights for reaching more people than ever with the message of Christ. We’re so thankful you continue to help us accelerate global evangelism through media and technology.

Until He Comes,



Click here for GNPI Living Room Sessions, Part 2

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A Quick Look at “Vision Night” in Joplin

  • Posted On March 14, 2014
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Vision Night BannerLast night we held our first Vision Night in Joplin, Missouri. It was a great night of sharing the vision for the future of GNPI, and for hearing about the work that is going on in India.

Manee Massey, our regional director from Damoh, India, spoke about The Global Gospel and Solar Kits, and many other projects they are working on.

He also shared many stories of how the work they are doing is impacting India. Here’s a short video that will show you some of what went on.

Pray for Ukraine

Praying for an entire country or an entire people group can seem daunting. Maybe you would like to pray for the country of Ukraine, but you aren’t really sure how to voice a prayer for such a seemingly hopeless situation.

If you have 2 minutes and 34 seconds, this video will lead you to the Father’s throne on behalf of that country.

God is never too busy.

He is always listening.

And nothing is too big for him – not even your prayer for an entire country.

By the way, the Prayercast Website has tons of prayer videos for countries. It’s really a great resource.

What is Vision Night?

  • Posted On March 4, 2014
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Have you ever moved into a new house? There are great memories to take with you from the place you used to live, and they help make the new memories you’ll create that much sweeter!

MapFor more than 30 years, GNPI’s annual banquet was held on the campus of Ozark Christian College. It’s always been a great time of fellowship and seeing the hand of God at work in the ministry. We are so grateful for that long-standing partnership.

This year we’re moving the event into a new house. We bring with us to the Butcher’s Block in Joplin hearts full of memories of what God has done at GNPI during the last four decades. We’re also teeming with excitement for what he’s going to do in the days, months, and years ahead. We’re so excited about it that we’re taking things on the road with two additional venues in Indianapolis and Phoenix.

We pray you’ll join us this year at Vision Night—a new name for this long-standing yearly highlight for friends of GNPI. You can RSVP online or call 417-782-0060.

ManeeWe’re hosting Manee Massey, regional director of our Damoh, India, center. He’s going to share what the Lord is doing to accelerate global evangelism through media and technology in that part of the world. And, we’re going to ask for investments in our new strategic plan – we need your help to make these God-given dreams a reality!

Oh, and just to remind you, multiply the regional center in Damoh times nine, add the transformations taking place through project NOMaD, and throw in the impact of more than 400 Solar Kits in 50 countries and you have a clearer picture of what we’re celebrating at Vision Night.

That’s what you’ve helped build through the years. That’s what you’re helping take to an even greater level of effectiveness through your financial partnership.

Until then, watch this video and get a taste for part of what you’ll experience March 13th in Joplin, March 18th in Indianapolis, and March 28th in Phoenix. Join us and catch the vision!

Two Solar Kit Testimonies

Here are two testimonies from Christian workers who have received Solar Kits. Since partners like you have made these possible, we thought you’d want to know!

What Can a Solar Kit do for a Pastor from Liberia, Africa?

Pastor Jala was at the ICOM in November last year where he was given a Solar Kit to aid him in his ministry. Listen as he tells you in his own words what this tool will mean for the people, especially kids, that he comes in contact with.



Eli and His Solar Kit in Romania

Eli Davidson, a missionary serving in Eastern Romania, also received a Solar Kit. He was thrilled and spent hours looking through the whole set-up. He immediately started using it so we asked him to send a little update and a picture. Here is his message:



“I want to thank you so much for the donation of the projector set. Our ministry is very mobile since we work in four different government orphanages and handicap centers. For a long time I have wanted to show pictures that tied in with the Bible study. Now because of your generous donation we have that ability. It is important for the kids and adults that we work with to have something visual because that is how they learn. I know that your simple act will reach many and enhance our ability to teach and study the Bible. I mentioned to one group that God has blessed them through Good News Productions and we should learn to bless others as well. Many many thanks.”


partnerhands_85_tanWould you like to help?

Any gift amount will empower Christian workers like Eli and Pastor Jala as they spread the Good News of Christ!


Give God Your “Little” Dreams

GNPI-Philippines has always had dreams. Sometimes, though, big dreams start out small, literally. For seventeen years, Nenette Pacoli and her team in the Philippines worked out of the basement of Nenette’s home. This small space, however, did not keep them from dreaming big for God. He truly honors simple obedience in the “little things.”

For 17 years they produced Asin at Ilaw (Salt and Light) from that basement space and it was broadcasted on cable TV. Then, God brought new office space and it seemed like the perfect time to revamp Asin at Ilaw. Much thought and prayer went into both transitions: new office space and a retooled show. Both would help them stay culturally relevant.

After much prayer, a new show was born. WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) was the next dream that Nenette wanted to make into reality.

WWJD has been in production barely 2 years, but God is taking it places no one could have dreamed. The show unabashedly tackles hot-button topics such as purity, homosexuality, integrity, and dignity. Carlos, the host, begins each episode of WWJD with “man on the street” interviews. As viewers begin to think, the focus is narrowed to guests who talk about the issue from a spiritual perspective.


The main viewing platform for WWJD is online, through Facebook and YouTube. The show has also been broadcasted on ETN, which reaches a potential audience of 91 million viewers in the Philippines. And while scores of people have the ability to see these thought-provoking episodes, we wanted to bring you this story that shows WWJD’s impact involving a local professor.

 Last summer, for an episode on dignity, WWJD interviewed Professor Rowel, a sociology professor. When the show was ready for broadcast, out of appreciation for his participation in the episode, they gave him a copy. A few months ago, Nenette learned how the professor is using his copy of Dignity. We think you’ll be surprised what happened.

 We asked Nenette to give you some more insight into WWJD and the surprise of finding out what God has done with their little dream.

Professor Rowell has made WWJD a “must watch,” then his classes discuss the episode. And, he has downloaded the Purity episode and is using it the same way. He said the response from the students borders on shock because no one else teaches them the right values about sex in such an open manner. To top it off, the college library has asked for their own copies so they can recommend WWJD to other professors.

Whatever your “little” dream is, give it to God and see what He will do. Will you join us in praying that young lives will be impacted for Christ through these WWJD episodes?