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“I Saw How God Works!”

by Nenette Pacoli, regional director of GNPI-Philippines

201505_PHL_ATN-Showing-Naga_0007 3

Last month our pastor, my husband Bert, two staff members, and I traveled 10 hours to Naga. An elderly man from our church, Jesus Charvet, tagged along at the last minute. We were planning to show All Things New that night.

201505_PHL_ATN-Showing-Naga_0006 2

Mr. Charvet admits, “I said I wanted to go, but I thought, what! Film showing? What good would that do? I didn’t find that as exciting as a medical/dental mission or even other things we’ve done. But tonight I was moved, I saw how God works! I didn’t know that a film could have an impact like that.”



That night 17 people accepted Christ, 15 expressed interest to know God more, and 11 said they wanted to have Bible study at home.
I have been to countless showings, but I never cease to be amazed at how God works through this movie.

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Celebrating 20 Years!

Executive Director Mike Schrage gives a tribute to the regional office in Nairobi, Kenya. He highlights some of their current projects. Mike also offers a heartfelt thank you to supporters on this special occasion of their 20th anniversary.

Congratulations to our friends at GNPI, Kenya and glory to God!

God’s Word Is Enough

One of our newest board members shares his perspective of GNPI as he and his wife, Lori, recently visited the regional center in Kenya with Mike Schrage. Robb Good says the trip to Nairobi allowed him to see GNPI’s impact in the community and globally. Robb says he saw firsthand how God’s Word is enough.


by Robb Good, GNPI board member

I’m so impressed by what I see happening here. It’s simple.

What they’re doing is not necessarily how we would reach people in the United States.

People need Jesus.

Continue the hard work  . . . because you can see the fruit.

Summer 2015 Solar Kit Stories

GNPI has three Solar Kit workshops to assemble the equipment best suited for their regions of the world. It has been a blessing to hear new reports over the summer of how the nearly 400 Solar Kits are being used in almost 50 different countries to help share the Gospel.

Sean writes from a mission trip with his church, “I had to share this. We were begged by the kids to show them another movie tonight. As soon as it started they all said they wanted to see the movie about Jesus. They were glued to the program. Praise God for the heart for Jesus these little ones have. Thank you, and all of GNPI, for providing the unit and the content.

Cheri from Houston, Missouri, called to say, “Our daughter, Suzy, is in Haiti and has been working in the Pasrien village doing a Vacation Bible School. She knows of the work of GNPI with The Global Gospel and Solar Kits. She reported that the Christian workers just received one of the Solar Kits. The kids watched a movie for the first time ever last night. The children didn’t even want to eat because they were so busy watching it. They drug the benches outside, and the kids ate their food outside watching it on the wall. Praise the Lord! Thought you’d like to know the impact.

Executive Director Mike Schrage packed up several kits to take with him to Africa last month. The team at GNPI-Uganda has some Solar Kits they allow evangelists to check out for a time and then return for others to use. This has been a popular program, so they needed to replace some worn out Solar Kits.


Director of Operations Tom Nutt assembled two Solar Kits for representatives from Legacy Christian Church in Kansas City, Missouri, so they could deliver the kits to Christian workers they support in Burkina Faso.  


A Bible translator in Chhattisgar, India, recently received a kit from Regional Director Manee Massey of GNPI-Damoh. The Bible translator was very excited to use this kit to show the people more about Jesus in the area where the people are illiterate. 

Selvi_Michael - 18

As we strive to be culturally relevant, the Solar Kits are being adapted in each workshop. Enjoy watching the updates about Solar Kit designs:

Damoh, India

Chaing Mai, Thailand

Joplin, Missouri

Thank you helping us accelerate global evangelism through Solar Kits!


A Solar Kit for Ziegen Joseph

Manee Massey recently provided a Solar Kit to some Bible translators working in central India.

Selvi_Michael - 16

By Manee Massey, regional director of GNPI-Damoh, India

Selvi_Michael - 2

Many of the elders in the Dhurwa area don’t know how to read and write. They prefer oral means of communication. For them Scripture in audio and video form is relevant. The team is taking efforts to put the translated Scriptures in audio and video format by narrating key Bible stories, starting with creation and going through to the resurrection in order to reach the unevangelized Dhurwas and help the Christians have a clear understanding of God’s plan of salvation.

Selvi_Michael - 7

These Christian workers are very thankful for the partnership of GNPI.

NOMaD Training in West Bengal

The purpose of project NOMaD, National Outreach using Media and Discipleship, is to equip nationals around the world with the resources needed to produce culturally relevant evangelism and discipleship media projects. NOMaD teams are small, mobile grassroots media production teams trained by GNPI to create media resources for local ministries and their communities. Here is an example of one of our NOMaD team members who is training others.


Timothy Jai Kumar, our NOMaD partner from Chennai, India, recently trained 16 young people to use media and technology to share the Message of Christ. Timothy writes, “I find these young people truly motivated and highly advanced in technology where they understand the concept and hardware so quickly and are doing an excellent job with the progress.”



Timothy concludes, “It is my pleasure ministering our Lord with you. Thank you for your support and prayer.”



Introducing White Knight Productions

Let us introduce you to our NOMaD team in Johannesburg, South Africa. This team is very excited about the opportunities they have to bring people into a relationship with Jesus Christ.


The team reports,

Just this year we’ve worked on various projects helping churches, missionaries, and teachers, making educational and health related videos. We’ve dealt with topics like AIDS/HIV and materialism. We’ve assisted charities with implementing sponsor videos. We are currently making a series of personal stories called Talents and Testimonies to expose individuals to the supernatural work that God has done in their lives.

We are enthusiastic about the progress we’ve made thus far and excited about the following topics and themes we feel are culturally relevant and necessary for South African audiences. These topics are AIDS/HIV, Sangomas (The Dangers of Witchcraft), Ancestors, Abstinence, Sound Biblical Teachings, Spoken-Word Gospel Poetry, Basic Series (Basics of Christianity), Bros & Brides (Biblical Marriage Series), Talents & Testimonies, Funerals, Rape, Abortion, Violence, and many more.

Being part of this exciting team has blessed us and others in numerous ways.


Powerful Testimonies from SE Asia (Part One)

TP of GNPI-SE Asia shares a testimony sent by a coworker who uses the tools developed by our regional center to explain the Gospel to people of all ages. One of their newest culturally relevant tools is represented in the video clip at the end. Watch for (Part Two) tomorrow.

No.4-Maung Aung Than-23

AT, age 23, writes,

“I thank God because He loves me. My parents became Christians some time ago, but they went back to Buddhism because of weak faith and strong surrounding influences. I followed my parents. Yet I always felt outcast, unfit in the society. I was jobless. One day my parents urged me to find a job, so I went to a new area of the country. There I met many people from my own home town. I also learned that they had monthly meetings.

The evangelist DJO came from my home state to attend one of the meetings. We started the meeting with a prayer, and I listened as they discussed the problem of drugs in our community. Later that day DJO asked me to meet him the next day, so I did. He asked me how I was doing and if I had become a believer? I said no. I told him that my parents were once Christians for a short time, then they went back to Buddhism. He said my parents had not found the true living God. I was surprised to hear that. I asked if there was any God like that. All the gods I knew were just statues, and they were all the same.

He showed me a chart with a circle and explained to me that human beings worship anything. Some worship animals, spirits, trees, sun, moon, or stars, but there are some who worship the true living God, the God who created human beings. He is the one who loves us and cares us. He also gave me a book to read.

We read together. In this book it talked about Jesus as a Savior and the conqueror of death. He is the Messiah. I suddenly realized that He may be the One we have been waiting for. I continued to read the book; it says Jesus called Himself the First and the Last. At that moment I decided to only believe in Jesus, because I was sure that He was not like other gods. I was baptized earlier this year by the evangelist DJO.

I am saved now. I am happy. I want to tell my parents about Jesus. I am glad I had a chance to read the book DJO gave me. I think that it explains God to the readers and why we should worship Him. I will encourage everyone close to me to read this book.”


Advanced Training in Chile

By Greg Fish, Creative Media Designer


I recently had the privilege of going down to Chile to introduce some ministry partners from Plainfield Christian Church in Indiana to Habacuc Diaz and the NOMaD team in Santiago. Taking full advantage of my time there, I was able to conduct advanced training for team leader, Habacuc, and video editor, Felipe.

They have a powerful program called After Effects, but they wanted to learn how to best utilize it for their purposes. I don’t blame them! It is a pretty daunting piece of software. However, after my time with them, they became more and more confident with the program. I also left some projects and a step-by-step instruction booklet, so they could refresh their memories and also work through the unfinished projects.

All in all we had a good time of training over the course of four jam-packed mornings. Here’s a little video showing moments of both fun and intense concentration!


An App for a Busy Christian

The Global Gospel App is now available in the Android version from GNPI. We hope it will be a blessing to many people around the world.

Since God’s Word is so important to you, make the Gospel come alive right on your mobile device with 88 beautifully illustrated and narrated stories from the life of Jesus.

Watch how you can take The Global Gospel with you when you’re living life on the go.

These simple stories, completed in multiple languages, allow users around the world to see and hear what Jesus taught in this engaging, easy-to-use smartphone app. In addition all language versions of The Global Gospel are available for download by going to our Internet site where different quality and sizes are available at no cost. Check them out today at

Watch how much we enjoyed producing this video with our summer intern, Hannah, from China.