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God Is Our Sustenance

Isaac Masiga, Regional Director of GNPI-Kenya


We thank God for His sustenance. Abubakar Mwenda is a well-known actor in Kenya. His passion to do a voice for The Global Gospel in Swahili amazed us.


He didn’t do it for money. We didn’t have much to pay him, but he was okay with helping anyway. He did the project during Islamic prayer times. We would see him sneak out to go pray when the time came, then he would come back into the studio and continue playing the part of Jesus.


When the project was done, our project coordinator wanted to finalize his contract for payment. She asked Abubakar, “Which roles did you play in this project? Was it just Jesus or were there any other roles?” He answered, “Correction, it’s not just Jesus, it’s JESUS!” For him playing the role of Jesus was a big deal. We know God is working in his life through this project.


We pray God will continue to make Himself known to many Swahili speakers through this project.


The “Teachings of Jesus” Plan

GNPI continues to work on The Global Gospel in the top 25 languages.

In addition to the full series, GNPI is working to make selected stories from The Global Gospel available in discipleship plans on the YouVersion Bible app.




The Teachings of Jesus plan in Russian has been available for over three months. As of October 15, the plan has been completed by 1,436 people. This represents a completion rate of 62%.





Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 11.32.53 AM


The Hindi version of the same plan was released last week.
We thank God for new opportunities to spread His Word around the world!



In Every Season

Our enemy does his best to thwart efforts to spread the Gospel. Media can be one of his best tools to deliver news of suffering, tragedy, or pain.

Just as Christ can redeem individuals, He can also redeem media. He uses it to introduce Good News around the world. His power transcends any barrier standing in the way of this Message.

This Truth is the reason for GNPI’s 2015 theme: Boundless. This year we can see many examples of God’s far reaching love, power, and faithfulness throughout our network. In every season, the Message of Jesus is true. May God be glorified!

Topping It Off

Praise the Lord with us as we celebrate a ministry milestone! Since 2012, we have been working toward our goal of completing  The Global Gospel in the world’s top 25 languages. Thanks to God’s faithfulness and your generosity, all 25 of these languages are now fully funded and production is completed or in progress for all 25.

For information on other languages being produced, go to


The Global Gospel in Spanish is finally released! After many long delays to get final permission for the Spanish translation of the Scriptures, it is our great joy to share this version.

GNPI’s International Consultant Bob Gurwell discusses with International Director Bob Sartoris why this version is so special.

You can view and share all 88 stories on social media via YouTube, watch and download the videos on Vimeo, or call and order the DVD from our office.

GNPI’s YouTube site

GNPI’s Vimeo site

GNPI phone number at Joplin office: 417-782-0060

A New Way to Slice It

We are within reach of our goal to produce The Global Gospel in the world’s top 25 languages by the end of 2015. Praise God for His faithfulness and the generosity of His people! We are down to funding the last three languages.

Smithfield Christian Church in Carl Junction, Missouri, has pledged funds toward the Italian language of The Global Gospel. They found a fun way to keep track of their commitment via the Pizza Tracker they created.

We recently received this message from our friends at Smithfield:




“Just a quick picture of our pizza tracker.

We pulled our 2nd piece off of it today.

Counting the additional gifts we received today,

we are now a little over $1,900 along the way.”





We thank God for this exciting progress and for all the partners who have worked together to make this happen! We are still looking for a production partner to help with the Turkish language. For more details, visit


An App for a Busy Christian

The Global Gospel App is now available in the Android version from GNPI. We hope it will be a blessing to many people around the world.

Since God’s Word is so important to you, make the Gospel come alive right on your mobile device with 88 beautifully illustrated and narrated stories from the life of Jesus.

Watch how you can take The Global Gospel with you when you’re living life on the go.

These simple stories, completed in multiple languages, allow users around the world to see and hear what Jesus taught in this engaging, easy-to-use smartphone app. In addition all language versions of The Global Gospel are available for download by going to our Internet site where different quality and sizes are available at no cost. Check them out today at

Watch how much we enjoyed producing this video with our summer intern, Hannah, from China.

Scouting Opportunities

By Stephen Muturi, Operations Manager of GNPI-Uganda

My coworker, Othaina, and I recently took a trip to parts of northern Uganda and Nimule, South Sudan, where we captured testimonies on the impact of the Solar Kits on people’s lives in rural areas previously unreached.


We were also able to scout the opportunities to spread the Gospel through media. The Nimule mission team has two Solar Kits. They have showed GNPI media to the Madi, Dinka, and among other local language speakers. In addition they have started another program, where they buy memory cards, load them with audio Bibles and GNPI materials, and distribute them. A partnership with another local ministry has made their distribution goals more attainable. The call to translate The Global Gospel and other projects into Madi or Acholi has excited us as a possible need to explore.


In addition to working with another local ministry, the mission team in Nimule has established a relationship with a local radio station that has been useful in making known what GNPI produces. Lastly, the team has been actively involved in youth empowerment and training through the MTI extension center there. Our discussions with the team here pointed to a team of young people who can be trained in basic media editing by a NOMaD team to spread positive messages in the area. We also trained one young man in Solar Kit use,




gave him a kit, and gave out copies of The Global Gospel to one of the ministry leaders, Eddie Gonzalez, for distribution.

How Do You Use This

We wish to express our appreciation for your continued support for the team in east Africa. Our work for the Kingdom could not be possible without your support, prayers, and encouragement.


Telling the Story Simply

Thank you for helping us make great progress on The Global Gospel this summer. We have less than $50,000 remaining to reach our goal for funding this program. With your support, and God’s help, we will complete the world’s top 25 languages in the next five months. We are currently arranging for production partners to complete the following languages: German, Italian, Javanese, Korean, Portuguese, Turkish, Vietnamese, and Wu. You may download and use The Global Gospel App for free on your favorite device or learn more on our website at

unnamedVictor Knowles

By Victor Knowles, GNPI Board Member and President of Peace on Earth Ministries in Joplin, Missouri

I’ve been pleased to serve on the board of directors for GNPI since 1990, including nine years as Chairman of the Board. I don’t know of any other ministry that gives such precision and detail to doing what GNPI has been accomplishing for nearly 40 years. It is truly a unique and classic ministry that has blessed multiplied millions around the globe.

Recently I spent two weeks in Hungary and Poland. Once again I was reminded of the pressing need to reach millions more with the saving Message of Jesus Christ before He  comes again. Not long ago Mike Schrage challenged the Board with some words from a recent book by David Platt, A Compassionate Call to Counter Culture. The author wrote,  “We care much about earthly suffering, but we care more about eternal suffering.” So does GNPI. We know that mankind’s greatest need is for the Good News of Jesus.

That’s why I’m sold on GNPI’s magnificent obsession, The Global Gospel. This intriguing project may be the best thing GNPI has ever come up with. While the world obsesses over the life warping 50 Shades of Grey, GNPI has produced a life-changing series of 88 stories, The Global Gospel. Who doesn’t like a story? We have the greatest story ever told – except that for far too many it is “the greatest story never told,” but not any more!

TGG App2

In 88 short videos The Global Gospel presents the Message of Christ in the language of its audience in a culturally relevant way. GNPI is currently working to produce The Global Gospel in the world’s top 25 most widely spoken languages. When this project is complete, more than 3.6 billion people worldwide will have access to a Gospel presentation in their own language! Did you know that 80 percent of the unreached world cannot read or prefers visual learning? That’s why The Global Gospel is so powerful. It’s a visual storytelling of the life of Christ taken directly from Scripture.

In her timeless hymn “Tell Me the Old, Old Story,” Kate Hankey (1824­-1911) wrote,  “Tell me the story simply, as to a little child, / For I am weak and weary and helpless and defiled.” The Global Gospel does just that; it tells the story simply, and visually, as to a little child. Even adults are mesmerized as they see the story of Jesus unfold before their eyes, and the eye is the gateway to the heart. Jesus said, “The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light” (Matthew 6:22).

YOU can be a big part of getting this “old, old story of Jesus and His love” to those who have never heard. As you pray for the spread of the Gospel, remember to send a generous gift to GNPI to hasten the day of salvation for the weak and weary one who cries, “Remember I’m the sinner / Whom Jesus came to save.”