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GNPI is working to bring the light of Christ to a dark world in various ways.

Our special thanks to friends from our network in South Africa, Kenya, Mexico, SE Asia, and the U.S. for helping with the narration for this ministry update.

“. . . I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”  — John 8:12 (NIV)

Easter Plans

Celebrate Christ’s resurrection as GNPI shares God’s Word in other languages.

We have two new languages for our Easter plans: Ukrainian and Tunisian Arabic.

Click on the following languages to find plans in Russian, Ukrainian, and Tunisian Arabic available on YouVersion, the world’s most popular Bible app. A plan will also be available in Spanish on March 18.

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Videos from The Global Gospel are included in these discipleship plans.

Please share this ministry tool with anyone who can use it.

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God Takes Care of Us

Simmi Dhingra of GNPI-Chandigarh, India


Pray for courage and strength for the Christian workers in our area. We are editing the video testimony of a local church member who overcame a drug addiction, working on our website, and distributing The Global Gospel in Punjabi.


The Punjabi version of The Global Gospel is a big hit with our church members. It is one example of the Christian materials we distribute in our native language. Pastor YP recently gave away 400 DVDs in two villages.


There are still many people in need and many other villages asking to borrow the movie about Jesus Christ. In fact, due to the demand in one village, we will distribute Gospel songs and Messages to them as soon as we can.

We always look for ways to tell more people about Jesus and to share the love of God through various channels. We pray with people who don’t have hope. Solar Kits are one of the greatest tools we have to make communication easier, and they attract a crowd.


The children come first. They watch the media and ask a lot of questions. Then they invite the pastors to come to their homes to share about Christ. Many of the children brought their parents to church at Christmas.



We try to encourage the churches in our area. In the cities of northern India, preaching the Gospel is difficult with a new political party in power.


We have to be on our guard every time we go out to preach or conduct mass meetings. Some people try to disturb us by throwing stones on our gathering or cutting off the power. Our evangelists have been beaten for showing Bible clips on Solar Kits. The local administration has punished these criminals, but ensuring justice is an ongoing and difficult process. We are thankful to God for taking care of us as we face persecution for His Name.

A Joy to Serve

Greg Fish, Creative Media Designer
















My son and I were part of a group of 21 people from six different churches who visited Reynosa, Mexico, for a week in December. We built a small house, conducted a VBS, held a medical clinic, planted a church, and visited various ministries to offer encouragement.

I also had the chance to personally deliver The Global Gospel in Spanish to some pastors in Mexico.


It was a joy to serve in this way, and we pray it was also a blessing to the people we met.

Finally Rejoicing

(This “Highlights of the Year” blog was originally posted on October 1, 2015. It was a great answer to our many prayers for this specific language.)

The Global Gospel in Spanish was finally released earlier this year! After many long delays to get final permission for the Spanish translation of the Scriptures, it is our great joy to share this version.

GNPI’s International Consultant Bob Gurwell discusses with International Director Bob Sartoris why this version is so special.

You can view and share all 88 stories on social media via YouTube, watch and download the videos on Vimeo, or call and order the DVD from our office.

GNPI’s YouTube site

GNPI’s Vimeo site

GNPI phone number at Joplin office: 417-782-0060

Celebrating an Italian Blessing

Smithfield Christian Church in Carl Junction, Missouri, sponsored The Global Gospel in Italian. When they reached their goal, the church members threw a party to celebrate. They found several creative ways to track their progress over the last six months.

Their minister Robert Lewis summed up the experience by saying, “It’s a blessing to see how God works through people who are obedient to Him.”


An Enduring Gift

GNPI would like to offer this Christmas gift to our ministry partners.


It’s the gift of God’s Word.

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Click on the languages to find Christmas plans in Russian, Hindi, and Spanish available on YouVersion, the world’s most popular Bible app.



Videos from The Global Gospel are included in these discipleship plans.

Please share this ministry tool with anyone who can use it.

For more information, call 417-782-0060 or email:





God Is Our Sustenance

Isaac Masiga, Regional Director of GNPI-Kenya


We thank God for His sustenance. Abubakar Mwenda is a well-known actor in Kenya. His passion to do a voice for The Global Gospel in Swahili amazed us.


He didn’t do it for money. We didn’t have much to pay him, but he was okay with helping anyway. He did the project during Islamic prayer times. We would see him sneak out to go pray when the time came, then he would come back into the studio and continue playing the part of Jesus.


When the project was done, our project coordinator wanted to finalize his contract for payment. She asked Abubakar, “Which roles did you play in this project? Was it just Jesus or were there any other roles?” He answered, “Correction, it’s not just Jesus, it’s JESUS!” For him playing the role of Jesus was a big deal. We know God is working in his life through this project.


We pray God will continue to make Himself known to many Swahili speakers through this project.


The “Teachings of Jesus” Plan

GNPI continues to work on The Global Gospel in the top 25 languages.

In addition to the full series, GNPI is working to make selected stories from The Global Gospel available in discipleship plans on the YouVersion Bible app.




The Teachings of Jesus plan in Russian has been available for over three months. As of October 15, the plan has been completed by 1,436 people. This represents a completion rate of 62%.





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The Hindi version of the same plan was released last week.
We thank God for new opportunities to spread His Word around the world!



In Every Season

Our enemy does his best to thwart efforts to spread the Gospel. Media can be one of his best tools to deliver news of suffering, tragedy, or pain.

Just as Christ can redeem individuals, He can also redeem media. He uses it to introduce Good News around the world. His power transcends any barrier standing in the way of this Message.

This Truth is the reason for GNPI’s 2015 theme: Boundless. This year we can see many examples of God’s far reaching love, power, and faithfulness throughout our network. In every season, the Message of Jesus is true. May God be glorified!