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“The Global Gospel” in Indonesia

John Mulkey of the Christian Church Theological School of Indonesia (CCTSI)


I had the opportunity to stop by the GNPI Joplin office to meet the staff members several months ago. I showed them pictures and a video of our newly completed recording studio. I asked them to listen to some test recordings to check the quality as we prepared to record the audio for The Global Gospel.

Here are a few recent photos I took of the students working in the CCTSI studio.

IMG_5278x (2) IMG_5282 (1) IMG_5280 (1)

We are excited about our partnership with GNPI to produce The Global Gospel for Indonesia.


Encouraging Results

TGG GlobeYouVersion, Campus Crusade, and individual Christian workers all report the power of the simple biblical narrative of The Global Gospel (TGG) in local languages.


Executive Director Mike Schrage met with a man working in North Africa among Muslims who is using one version of TGG in their region.


They are using The Global Gospel (TGG) in their web and Facebook campaigns. Before they started using media to enhance their ministry, they had 400 contacts in the previous 3 years. In the last year they’ve had 1,200 contacts. One man responded to TGG one day, read the book of Matthew the next, was baptized the next, and healed a man through prayer the next. Praise the Lord! The Christian worker said, “What I like is the ability to take the same product and reuse it in multiple languages. If you have the pieces, you can make it powerful in a lot of different ways.”


Now complete in the world’s most widely spoken languages, TGG will be even more widely available as other languages are included. In addition, it’s going to change shape! We’re responding to requests to prepare versions of these simple stories for broadcast on television in places we never thought of and to move it via popular means like WhatsApp!  


Click here to visit which languages are available for free download.

We hope you will be encouraged to see the results of your prayers and funding.


Music, Meetings, and Mentoring in Mexico

Gustavo Velázquez, Regional Director of GNPI-Piedras Negras, Mexico

Our staff completed two new music videos. The first is Tu Voluntad (Your Will)


and the second is Laberinto (Labyrinth).

These videos were recorded in Chicago by Jochy D. & Band. They can be viewed on Vimeo, YouTube, and our main website at

We have also been involved in several significant meetings and mentoring opportunities. First, our coworker, Pablo, made a short tutorial on How to Create a Production with Mobile Equipment. We have shared this tutorial with our network created after a regional meeting in Nicaragua and on social media. 



Next I’ll be doing a video tutorial about basic graphic design, and my son also created a tutorial on camera angles during his internship in Joplin this summer.






We are moving forward with plans for a sign language version of
The Global Gospel (TGG) in cooperation with a local ministry to deaf people. The audio for TGG is available on our website, so the audience can listen and download it. We have also created a channel exclusively for TGG videos on YouTube, and the audio is accessible to download from this channel as well. 

A few weeks ago I was invited to participate in a Youth Summit in Monterrey, Mexico, and had the chance to talk about the + Vida app with more than 300 young people. I shared the benefits of the app and how it can help them in their spiritual growth. We made a promotional video of the app to share at the event and on social networks. 

Another project we are working on is a series of lessons on marriage with Pecos and Linda Inchaustegui.

We pray our work will reach more people for Christ and encourage others in their faith.


The Prazor App

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 11.02.49 AM

It’s a new app called Prazor, and it works on all devices. Our English version of The Global Gospel (TGG) is currently included in the app, and the Spanish version may be uploaded next.

Prazor debuted at the National Religious Broadcasters meeting a couple months ago. This brand new app is powered by Flowing Streams. The creators have a radio program, so there is an audience waiting for their content.

The Global Gospel is a series of short videos presenting the life and teachings of Jesus using colorful illustrations and dramatic Bible readings. It is completed for:

Africa (African French, Arabic-Ketab El Hayat, Arabic-Smith/VanDyke, Luganda);

Americas (English, Spanish);

Asia (Hindi, Urdu, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Malayalam, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Nepali, Lisu, Cantonese, Min Nan, Thai, and Mandarin Chinese);

Europe (Bosnian, Crimean Tatar, Russian, and Ukrainian).

Versions are also being produced in Burmese, Swahili, Asho Chin, Farsi, and Indonesian, Creole, French, German, Gonja, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Japanese, Javanese, Turkish, and Vietnamese.

GNPI is excited to use the Prazor app as one of many distribution methods for each TGG language to make the story of Christ available to everyone.

A Youth Summit in Monterrey, Mexico

Gustavo Velázquez, Regional Director of GNPI-Piedras Negras, Mexico


A few weeks ago I was invited to participate at the Youth Summit in Monterrey, Mexico.

12973256_980734935343530_2717151601316973043_o (1)

I had the opportunity to talk about the + Vida app with more than 300 young people.

12909461_10153571520062194_531238649640696782_o (1)

My coworker, Abi, and I explained the benefits of the app and how it can help them in their spiritual growth.


We also made a promotional video of the app to share at the event, on social networks, and on our website.

Obedience and Open Doors

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

Many stories illustrate how God has gone before us in the completion of a template and 24 language versions of The Global Gospel (TGG). For security reasons, I will be a bit vague with this story about the newest version. Recently, a ministry partner wrote,

“We started yesterday, and everything went very well. The voice talent was from North Korea. He escaped more than 10 years ago and is very passionate about doing this project. One of the beautiful things about working with him is that he is using a North Korean accent for the recording. The words are pronounced in a way so they are clearly understood there. I am thankful he can speak Mandarin; that’s how we communicate. He learned Mandarin when he escaped to China and lived there for several years. God is blessing us with this project, and I am very pleased with how it is coming together.”

Did you catch that? They’re working together using Mandarin to record the Korean version of TGG. The narrator has risked much and illustrates the truth that “obedience when it’s hard is the greatest obedience of all.”

The obedience of these two men will allow millions in a difficult to reach part of the world to have access to the simple stories of Jesus. No door is closed so tightly that God cannot open it!

Summer 2016 Prayer Report

We praise God for our ministry partners and for the way He answers our prayers season after season.


“Trust in him at all times, you people;
pour out your hearts to him,
for God is our refuge.”
— Psalm 62:8 (NIV)





Youth Summit: Gustavo Velázquez of GNPI-Piedras Negras, Mexico, says, “A few weeks ago I was invited to participate in the Youth Summit in Monterrey, Mexico. I had the opportunity to talk about the + Vida app with more than 300 young people. My coworker, Abi, and I explained the benefits of the app and how it can help them in their spiritual growth. We also made a promotional video of the app to share at the event, on social networks, and on our website.”


Projecting Success: Isaac Masiga of GNPI-Nairobi, Kenya, writes, “We are delighted that the Tumaini Hotel project is done and has taken off well. The trailer is being used by Sayare and Daystar TV. We are still pursuing the request to the Kenya Institute of Education to adopt the project and books as well. We thank the Lord for this encouragement and project a big success with this series.”

Glad to Partner: Othaina Eid of GNPI-Mbale, Uganda, writes, “We are glad to partner with LivingStone International University (LIU) every year to teach communications students different film production techniques. Pray for us as we finalize our new 11-part series, Marriage for Life.”



People Coming to Christ: Timothy P. of GNPI-SE Asia writes, “Thank you very much for your prayers. God continues to answer them and bring people to Christ. Last week, our evangelists told me that 12 people accepted Christ in one location, nine people in another place, and 40 people in another. With the help of our media tools, people are able to understand and know the true God. Praise the Lord! Our ministry partner ZDK has established another new church along the border.”

IMG_2306 (1)

A Productive Day: Nenette Pacoli of GNPI-Manila, Philippines, writes, “Yesterday was good but brutal. We taped 14 episodes of Say It Forward, and our GNPI board meeting went well! I work with the best people, and we are very proud of the videos we produce together. The guests in Say It Forward are really ordinary people with extraordinary gifts and experiences. Thank you for praying for us.”

Holding Up Our Family: Gayle Silkwood of GNPI-Chiang Mai, Thailand, writes about her husband Tom’s death on March 26, 2016, “It became apparent to us that the prayers of believers were keeping our family from collapsing under grief and stress. Thanks to all who held up our family in prayer over the last month of heartache and sorrow.”


“Please continue to pray for comfort and peace
in the daily lives of the family. Pray also for guidance
as I consider my role in the future of media ministry.”



An Amazing Experience: Sergei Golovin of GNPI-Eurasia writes, “We had a great retreat with the youth leaders of the Evangelical Student Fellowship. We spent time discovering the Scripture on various issues of effective evangelism, civil society foundations, and personal growth in Christ. Please pray for this cohort of devoted servants of the Lord! The most amazing experience was a visit with a self-proclaimed strong atheist who attended all the seminars to ‘figure out how we were trying to trick him.’ Please pray with us for this young man. He has a gift of asking good questions, and we pray he will find the right answers eventually.”

CCX Kharkiv 3


Sustaining Prayers: Simmi Dhingra of GNPI-Chandigarh, India, writes, “When we started our evening worship in one of the villages, the local Sikh group complained about our music to their leader and asked him to make us stop the service. My son, Suraj, peacefully resolved the issue by offering to move the meeting elsewhere. Interestingly, as we agreed to relocate our services, the leader was very impressed with our humility and respect for them. In fact, he let us continue our service as long as we took steps to keep quiet. It was nice to see a little bit of his father in Suraj as he settled the issue and to know that God was with us. Your prayers sustain us, and we ask you to continue lifting us up. We need wisdom and protection.”


Blessed: Manee Massey of GNPI-Damoh, India, writes, “We have been blessed to have good time slots on some of the top channels in India. We want to connect with more unbelievers who have questions about Christ. We have promoted the Easter program in a variety of ways. We will also send messages to our Christmas viewers who gave us permission to contact them about other programming. Please pray for our staff as we follow up on our Easter program and for my family as we grieve the loss of my mother.”


Project Nomad Updates

Finished: Protus Sibukule of Project Nomad-Eldoret, Kenya, says, “We finished our 25 minute video on the dangers of pornography. We are also working on a series for youth based on 1 Timothy 4:12 to address the issues of faith, love, purity, and speech.” Pray these resources will challenge people to walk more closely with the Lord. Protus is planning to travel to Nairobi in June for more training while Project Nomad Coordinator Mark Allen is there.

Eldoret Production Vision Night

Electrical Issues: Project Nomad Coordinator Mark Allen says, “Our team in Pachuca, Mexico, is doing well. These team members have an office in a newly constructed church, but electricity is not consistent. Please pray this can be resolved soon as the local government authorities have assured them it will be. For now the team works from a nearby English institute.”

FullSizeRender 3

A Great Asset: Project Nomad Coordinator Mark Allen says “Thank you for praying for the trip to South Africa. It went really well. Mark and Lynette Johnson from the Avalon Church of Christ in Virginia were a great asset and made a good connection to the team in Johannesburg. We were able to go through some advanced training as well as review basic areas of production to clarify and streamline the process.”

SA 4

Mark Allen and Mark and Lynette Johnson are pictured
with the Project Nomad-Johannesburg, South Africa team members.

Overall Ministry

Beyond Our Imagination: A Christian worker in eastern Europe who is sharing The Global Gospel through a website and Facebook page says, “Praise the Lord! People from all over this country and the world are seeing the Good News in their own homes, many for the first time! We are excited to see the impact this is having. It is far beyond what we could have imagined!”

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 4.53.56 PM

God Is Blessing Us: A ministry partner writes, “Praise the Lord! We started recording The Global Gospel in another major Asian language. God is blessing this project, and I am very pleased with how it is coming together. Our narrator escaped from North Korea more than 10 years ago, and he is very passionate about doing this project. One of the beautiful things about working with him is that he is using a North Korean accent for the recording. Words are pronounced so it will be clearly understood there. I am thankful he can also speak Mandarin; that’s how we communicate.”


Amazing Instrument: Joshua V., a Christian worker from India, stopped by the GNPI office in Joplin to pick up another Solar Kit. Joshua said, “We use it to share Bible stories. It has been so effective. We used to carry a generator, a big screen, and a sound system. We needed two or three guys to set up the whole thing. The Solar Kit is so light to carry. It has been an amazing help and an amazing instrument.”


A New Angle: The New Angle Media Project includes 12 children’s stories from the Gospels. The stories are written from the perspective of someone who recounts a personal experience with Jesus several years later. Pray for God’s guidance as we develop this global digital project in English templates and then produce it in multiple languages with interactive questions.

The Global Gospel Update

We have several exciting developments to report.

For those who may be new to our ministry, The Global Gospel is a series of short videos which present the life and teachings of Jesus using colorful illustrations and dramatic Bible readings. The English template has been produced in the world’s top languages.

Recently GNPI staff members learned that an internet radio station is broadcasting The Global Gospel in the Urdu language. They have been using it for the last four months.

Khuram Gill of Gospel Radio said, “I started using this program in January 2016. These are very blessed, short messages. I love them. Please keep it up. You and your team are doing a great job for His Kingdom.”

In a follow-up message three months later, Khuram said, “People are getting blessings with The Global Gospel in Urdu. I personally like it and broadcast it randomly. Our prayers are with you and all your team. May God bless all of you abundantly and use you more and more for saving souls and for His glory, in Jesus Christ’s name we ask.  Amen.”

Twitter Gospel Radiio

Another wonderful opportunity is from FreeBibleimages. Paul Thompson writes, “Thanks for allowing us to publish the six sets of images from your videos on the Easter story. We managed to get these live just before Easter. In the first five days leading up to Good Friday, we had 6,330 GNPI presentation files downloaded (an average of 1,266 a day). Those viewing the GNPI sets in StoryView to tell the story on a mobile device were 6,819 (1,363 a day). We would love to put online all of The Global Gospel videos as sets of still images along with the text of the Bible commentary from the videos. We estimate that with all the sets online we could have over one million GNPI presentations downloaded each year. Our joy is in freely resourcing those teaching the Bible.”



To date, more than 9,700 people have completed plans and tracks incorporating the videos from The Global Gospel on their favorite app.

Bible-app-icon-1024-HIBible-app-icon-1024-RU (1)Bible-app-icon-1024-ES





We will continue working to complete additional languages and let you know about the new avenues opening for The Global Gospel. People around the world are hearing the Word of God because of your generous gifts and language sponsorship.

Significant Dates from the Ministry of GNPI

This is a special year for us to reflect on 40 years of ministry and God’s faithfulness. Enjoy this video from our archives as GNPI Founder Ziden Nutt explains what led him to start making filmstrips when he was in Africa.

1947 – Ziden Nutt dedicates his life to missions in Africa at Christian camp.

P10A LRCA copy

1956 – Ziden is ordained into ministry.

1961 – The Nutt family arrives in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe).


1967 – Ziden is challenged to make culturally relevant audio visual resources.

1969 – Good News Productions begins in Rhodesia.


1975 – The Nutts return to the U.S. for the medical care of their daughter, Lynda.

1975 – Directors are chosen and Good News Productions becomes GNPI.


1976 – The facility in Joplin is dedicated.


1981 – The first Solar Kit is sent to Thailand.


1987 – ABLE Satellite System broadcasts the first program.


1989 – The regional center in Damoh, India is dedicated.


1993 – GNPI signs an affiliation agreement with Freedom Films, which later results in a regional center in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


1995 – The regional center in Nairobi, Kenya, is dedicated.

P96B Kenya Center copy

1997 – GNPI signs an agreement with Colegio Biblico for office space. This leads a regional center for Spanish speakers in Texas; it later relocates to Piedras Negras, Mexico.

P98A PN copy

1998 – The regional center in the Philippines is established.


1999 – GNPI signs an affiliation agreement with Sergei Golovin, which later results in the regional center in Ukraine.

page-136-only copy

2001 – The Don DeWelt Prayer Center is dedicated on GNPI property in Joplin.


2003 – The regional center is dedicated in Chandigarh, India.

P84 Chandigarh copy

2004 – The regional center is dedicated in SE Asia.


2009 – The regional center is established in Mbale, Uganda.


2009 – The first Project Nomad team is established in Eldoret, Kenya.


2011 – GNPI completes The Global Gospel in English as the first language.

TGG Globe

2012 – First mobile app content is distributed to help seekers become disciples of Christ.

2015 – GNPI works to complete the world’s top 25 languages of The Global Gospel


2016 – Today, the GNPI network includes nine regional centers and eight Nomad teams with more than 500 Solar Kits mobilized in close to 50 countries.