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Highlights from Our Special Guest at Vision Night 2015 in Joplin

Our special guest for Vision Night 2015, Sergei Golovin of GNPI-Ukraine, shares a few highlights about what the Lord has done in his life and ministry. We were blessed with a full-capacity crowd.


For more than half of my life (until age 30), I did not know Christ and was not interested in the Bible. The Lord forced me to read it by sending me up to the North Pole alone with nothing to read but the Bible. Reading it revealed to me both the Truth and what were the obstacles that kept me from accepting it earlier. Since then, I have been working on removing those obstacles for other people in my part of the world.

Media always works as a great tool for accelerating evangelism, church edification, and leadership training. For many regions, media is the only way to do it. Those areas are regions where Christian gatherings, and/or Christian books, are prohibited (like Central Asian countries), or where traveling is limited (like remote areas and regions under siege). This experience of using media made us perfectly prepared for the drastic changes in our part of the world.


The fighting has changed our country. Crimea is occupied, the East is under fire. Yet, we see a great change of mentality in the people. Ukraine is becoming a nation of free, responsible people who are able to recognize good from wrong and resist the oppression, even if a high price has to be paid. We are proud to say that our ministry made an impact on shaping the worldview of the nation through teaching the Church to take a strong stand in the Word of God and to be a prophetic voice to the nation and our leaders.


Our next Vision Night events are on March 24 in Indianapolis, IN; and on March 27 in Phoenix, AZ. Register at


The Generation Gap

It is very exciting to share about a passionate, new NOMaD team. It is even more encouraging and exciting to know that these team members did not grow up in Christian homes, nor did they have much knowledge of technology before the training.

By Manee Massey, Regional Director of GNPI-Damoh, India


I am very excited to share about one of the recent NOMaD team productions. This team is from Chhatarpur, which is about 150 miles away from Damoh. They approached us about making a video drama. We were surprised by this challenge. We thought that shooting a drama as their first project could be very difficult for them. We encouraged them to submit the script of their story to us, so we could make sure it did not have any elements that would be a problem for them.


The names of these team members are Mangal, Nicky, Ajay, and Johnson. I want to tell little bit about this young team as they have all converted from Hindu backgrounds, and some are from low castes. The reason for giving them a chance on NOMaD training was that they were very interested to learn video production, but they never had an opportunity to hold a camera before. Some of them had never even used a laptop. We were impressed by their learning process. NOMaD Coordinator Jason Miller had done great job of implementing new teaching methods when he came for the training last September.


Once we approved the script, they were very soon ready to shoot the video. They contacted us and said that they had already done rehearsals of the all scenes. Actually, this team had friends in a college drama group, and they were excited to make their first video.


To send all the equipment to them, we asked one of the NOMaD trainees who lived in Jabalpur. His name is Border. He doesn’t have a job right now and was willing to help with moving equipment. We asked Border to come to the Damoh studio for a refresher training on the equipment. We reviewed things with Border for two days and allowed him to practice using the equipment. Then we sent Border for four days to Chhatarpur to take care of the equipment and assist in any technical difficulty.


The topic of their video is the generation gap in Indian families between young people and parents. They have come up with their own idea and script, which is very encouraging. One of the team members will be doing the editing. I think the video could be 25-35 minutes long.

Please pray for this young NOMaD team as they learn and make more videos. I really appreciate the team effort along with the production quality. They are anxious to have further training!

A Changed Life

By Isaac Masiga, Regional Director of GNPI-Kenya, Africa

Joss was originally the subject of a video produced by GNPI-Kenya for Global Media Outreach (GMO), a ministry that uses technology to share the Gospel of Jesus all over the world.  Now, he’s using a GNPI Solar Kit to share Christ in Tanzania. Joss sent this report after seminars in several areas:

In Singida, 600 people came to watch the video and listen to the preaching.
In Manyara, 900 people attended one night, amazing!
In Mbulu, over 1,000 people came, the largest number ever and God did his part.


unnamed-1editJoss said, “Many men from the Mangat tribe here in Tanzania saw the need to change their lives after watching Dume Halisi (Fatherhood) produced by GNPI in Nairobi, Kenya. Though the film focuses mainly on men, women too felt touched by the film and thus the need to humble themselves like the Bible teaches. In all, 17 people gave their lives to Christ that day. One girl, who had been raped by her father years ago, forgave him on that very day.”

Joss’ own life has changed dramatically since he began reading his Bible and found the Message he really needed. He endured persecution, and then he began ministering to others. Joss was a Muslim man working as a chief electronics technician when he began hearing a voice about Jesus when he slept. Joss began reading his Bible in his spare time. Joss’ boss noticed his Bible and fired him. Joss felt devastated and became suicidal. Watch how God turned Joss’ life around in the video GNPI produced for GMO.

Joss mentions GodLife in the video. This refers to and is a trademark of Global Media Outreach based on 1 John 5:11, “God has given us eternal life and this life is in his Son. Whoever has the Son has life.”

A Gratifying Moment

It is a blessing to be able to hear directly from our coworkers around the world.

By Jesca Naavah of GNPI-Uganda

It is a gratifying moment to come to work in the office and serve God in his kingdom. God has been good to us! Here in Mbale, we worked with our long time ministry partners, as well as some new community partners, to achieve most of our goals. We have been able to see God’s wonderful work in the lives of people here in Uganda. Our production team had the privilege of visiting some villages and showing The Global Gospel. Watch what happened in one of the villages.

We believe God has a lot in store for us and the people we serve this new year. It is our prayer that we can pay attention to those details and how he wants us to reach out to his people.

The Solar Kit program has been a very favorable means for spreading the Gospel. With the help of Messiah Theological Institute (MTI), through qualified evangelists who we also train on how to use the Solar Kits, we have been able to witness how the program changed many people’s lives and even broke down religious boundaries. On some occasions, we have had Muslims and non-Christians accepting Christ.

The production team helped Livingstone International University (LIU) with some audio and video advertisements, which assisted LIU in the recruitment of new students. We were so happy to be part of such an evolution and development of the community through our services. There was also the Messiah Theological Institute graduation ceremony, which we  took part in covering the ceremony and witnessing the impact of these courses on the local pastors. In addition, the Digital African Studies by Extension (DASE) program, Life of Christ, by Pastor Dennis Okoth is now in the editing process.

We are looking forward to having a beautiful year filled with God’s grace.

A Conversation with Vince Vigil

Vince Vigil has been instrumental in GNPI-Uganda since its inception. He has stepped down as regional director as his family has transitioned back to the USA. We wish him the very best and are grateful for all of his work on behalf of GNPI. The center is now in the very capable hands of the national staff members there in Mbale.

Vince was recently in our office in Joplin, so we asked him to reflect on his history with our organization. In the video below, you can hear Vince in his own words:



Pray for Peace in Ukraine


This year’s Vision Night speaker, Sergei Golovin, comes from the country of Ukraine, where there is continued turmoil. GNPI has an office and a staff of five in Simferopol (which is south of Mariupol on the map below).


This regional office was in Ukraine, which is now occupied by Russia. For security reasons, GNPI’s regional director has relocated to Kiev. Last year, GNPI carried out a NOMaD training in the city of Donetsk, where fighting is still occurring. See one of the GNPI NOMaD video productions here:

Ukraine: the human cost

  •         Some 5.2 million people live in conflict-affected areas, and 1.4 million are considered “highly vulnerable and in need of assistance”
  •         More than a million people have fled their homes with 633,523 living as displaced persons within Ukraine and 593,622 living outside Ukraine, mostly in Russia
  •         More than 4,800 people have been killed in the fighting, and at least 10,322 have been injured, including at least 102 children

Source: UN report of 9 January for refugee figures; news reports for casualty estimates

Mourners in Ukraine

As you read the statistics, see the photo, and view their testimony about how media (in peaceful times) could impact their country. Please pray for peace in this war-torn region of Eastern Europe.

A Pleasing Presentation

By Gustavo Velázquez, Regional Director of GNPI-Mexico

Last month we presented the short film, No Return, to about 50 pastors and their wives, with a total attendance of over 100 people. It is on the topic of suicide. We were very pleased with the reaction of the audience, to hear their applause at the end of the film, and even more when they verbally expressed congratulations and their wish to share the short film with their congregations. We gifted them a DVD copy with all three of our short films, and they were happy with that.



We thank God for a year of hard work.

We trust that God is working in each project that is seen by thousands of people through social networks, mass communications, churches, street ministries, and in homes through cable channels.



A Tremendous Trip! (Part Two)

Our GNPI team recently had a great privilege to go to a new city in the southeastern part of the region for training evangelists. We were invited by pastors and evangelists from different denominations, who are ministering in that region. They requested that we show them what GNPI has produced and teach them how to use the tools effectively in the ministry of evangelism. Please see A Tremendous Trip! (Part One) from last week if you missed it.

By PD of GNPI-SE Asia

The second part of the trip took us across the border and into another country. A pastor met us at the border and took us to a church where church members were waiting for us. We started the training especially for church members who were all converted from Buddhism. Most of the people who live in this region are workers and farmers. They came from our country and spoke our language, so we could communicate with them easily.


After the day of training, we interviewed some of the people who were there, and we receive a positive response from them. The pastor of the church invited us to come back again and share the Message not only in their church but also in the largest cities of the country. He said he would arrange for that if we would like to come again. We promised him that we would come again if they would welcome us. Then we went back to our home country for another training, where another evangelist was ministering. However, we returned too late for the people waiting for us, so we did not have another training on that day.

New believers were very much encouraged and acknowledged that they came to know more about who is the True God every nation must worship. When we did interviews, we asked them, “Suppose the authorities gave you a huge sum of money to each of you and asked you to deny your faith in Christ, what would you do?” They answered, “Even if they gave us a lot of money and persuaded us not to worship Jesus the True and Living God, we won’t forfeit our belief in Christ.” Then we added, “What would you do if they said, “If you don’t deny your faith in Christ, we will kill you?” They consistently replied, “We won’t deny our faith though they might kill us because money is for this world, but eternal life given by Jesus Christ is forever.” Therefore, we saw how strong their faith in God was and how firmly they were standing on biblical teachings. We also asked them, “If a person shared the Gospel with Buddhists by using our tools, what do you think? Would that be effective in convincing to the people?” They gladly answered that it would surely convince the people, and there will be many believers.


When we asked a lady who was non-believer what she thought of the lesson our group taught on that day, she confessed that what she and others were practicing and believing was wrong. She said that she never thought of their acts of worshipping men (monks) and paying homage to idols were wrong. Yet, on that day when she heard of the Message from us, she began to realize what they have been practicing so far was totally wrong. She said that she would stop paying homage and worship to man and man-made things. She told us that she will be studying more about God. We hope she will accept Christ very soon. We continually pray for her and that God would open her heart to accept Christ as her personal Savior.


On New Year’s Day, we hired a van for our way back home. Our trip was good, we and had wonderful time sharing the Gospel by using the tools. We saw that God is opening the door for our people as well as those across the border. Thank you very much for your help and for your prayers. May God richly bless you all.