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GNPI-Mexico’s Growing Outreach

By Abi Flores of GNPI-Mexico

Recently Gustavo Velázquez, regional director of GNPI-Mexico, was invited to a youth convention in the city of Monterrey, Mexico.


More than 230 young people attended this event. Gustavo had the opportunity to share about the ministry and the scope of the outreach through mass media.


At the same time he encouraged the young people to serve the Lord through ministry and in their churches.


Gustavo also shared GNPI materials with other leaders and pastors.


One leader commented: “Every day at my work station I listen online to Good News Radio. I turn up the volume for my colleagues, who are not Christians, so they can hear also. Some have asked me about the music of the season, and I take the opportunity to share the Word of God.”

They have made some improvements to the radio station in Mexico. Our radio booth now has a better workspace, a module specifically for radio. We also installed another microphone to allow live interviews and improve broadcasting over the Internet. Thank you for your prayers for this growing part of our ministry.


GNPI’s International Consultant Bob Gurwell shared more about the outreach of the internet radio station when he visited with International Director Bob Sartoris recently. Bob said that one of the most encouraging comments they heard was that the station provides more than just music.



The Power of God Connecting People Through Media

Simmi Dhingra of GNPI-Chandigarh, India, writes, “We are so blessed that God has chosen us to share his love and to pray for all those who need him.” Simmi also passes on this report from her co-worker Robert:

We are happy to inform you that we have recorded 12 Gospel messages from the book of Proverbs.


One of our pastors felt the need to prepare messages from the book of Proverbs as there was a demand for something easy to understand for his ministerial work in the rural areas. The programs prepared by the GNPI studio are based on the demands of our evangelists to preach through the Solar Kits provided to them. The Solar Kits serve as an important tool in these areas.

201410_IND_chandigarh-Solar-Kits_0003 2


The Message of Christ was given, and The Passion of the Christ movie, dubbed in local dialect, was shown. The people were so moved by the movie that many shunned their gods and now want to know more about Jesus. As Punjabis are famous for their music and dance, it is easy to reach their hearts through music. Our Gospel song DVD, Mahima, left a lasting impact on the life of a lady in her 70’s. She has accepted Jesus Christ. She is bedridden, but every day she listens to the songs on DVD, sung by Mrs. Simmi Dhingra, and feels so content. That’s the power of God working to connect people through media.

The work on another Gospel song (audio) DVD is in progress. The lyrics for seven songs are complete, and the work on accompanying music is being rehearsed and arranged by the musicians. We hope to complete it next month. We are also working on a couple different Bible messages on video.

As you may be aware through news broadcasts, atrocities committed on Christians have become more frequent in India. We request that you remember our team in your prayers, so that we stand firm in our duties and commitment to our God.

201403_IND_Chandigarh-TGG-Staff_0009 3

Pray that we might continue to preach the Gospel through media and reach those people who are still unaware of who Jesus is.


Packing Solar Kits in Thailand

One of the most helpful ministry tools GNPI provides is the Solar Kit. Our coworkers have been developing the Solar Kit for more than 30 years.

Jeff Silkwood packing Solar Kit

GNPI currently has two workshops where the Solar Kits are assembled, in Joplin and in Damoh. A third workshop is underway in Chiang Mai, which was made possible by a generous grant.


For each region of the world, the Solar Kit is configured in the way that best serves the people of the area and is most affordable. In the year that Jeff Silkwood has worked at GNPI-Thailand, one of his responsibilities has been to make sure all Solar Kit components are accessible in Thailand.


In the following video, Jeff explains his work on the Solar Kit to his mother, Gayle Silkwood, who has worked alongside her husband in media ministry in Thailand for nearly 30 years.

We appreciate Jeff’s work at GNPI-Thailand, and we are excited for him and his wife Mary as they prepare to transition back to ministry work in the US.


Finding Joy in Christ (Part One)

TP, regional director of GNPI-SE Asia, received these testimonies of joy from an evangelist who uses the Christian media resources produced by GNPI. Watch for Finding Joy in Christ (Part Two) next week.

By DJO, evangelist in SE Asia

No.5-Aung tan-20

My name is AT. I am 20 years old. I was taught to be a Buddhist by my parents. My parents are very poor, so I was thinking about finding a job. I went to visit another village.

Even though I was a Buddhist, I believed and accepted gods of all religions. I grew up thinking that all gods were the same. Many of my friends are Christians, so on Sundays they went to church. They invited me to go to church with them. I heard about God, but I believed all gods were the same.

One day DJO came to the village to where I was staying. All of a sudden, he asked me if I wanted to hear about God. I didn’t want to listen about God. Yet I said politely, “Yes.” He said, “Let’s pray first.” He prayed for me. He explained his faith to me. It made sense.

It is so exciting to know that Jesus is still living and helping believers. He is the first and the last. There is no one else that we should seek. I am so happy to know Jesus who is the Creator and the Savior. Now I have accepted Jesus as my personal Savior. I asked DJO to baptize me, and he did. He also gave me the Handbook for Evangelism. I want to encourage everyone to read it.


Hope for the Hardest and Hottest Places

Sergei reports about this historic chaplain training!

 By Sergei Golovin, Regional Director of GNPI-Ukraine

We had an extremely joyful trip to a seminary, not far from Kiev, to contribute to the first-ever, chaplains’ intensive training program. It truly was historic, a sign of changes in the society.

Chaplains training 2

Even more than 20 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, there was no legal ground for pastoral ministry at places like jails, military bases, clinics, etc. Some brothers were doing this ministry anyway as volunteers, but they did not have proper rights and could be stopped at any moment, or even persecuted for it.

Chaplains training 0

These people have faced challenges every day. They asked extremely meaningful questions that allowed us to dig into the Scriptures, looking for sound biblical answers together.

We are grateful to partner with these courageous guys who are working to bring the hope and comfort in Jesus to the hardest and hottest places! 

Warm Memories of a Cold Night

Jeff Silkwood shares about the way God blessed his trip to deliver some Christian media to a group of pastors in a mountain village. The materials were produced in partnership with the regional center in Chiang Mai and our coworkers at Freedom Films Productions.

By Jeff Silkwood of GNPI-Thailand


My whole family was invited to go with my friend, Pastor Prasan, to his home village for a special party, and we were excited to share in this event. Yet, as has become common for us since we moved to Thailand, our kids both got sick just before the trip, so other arrangements had to be made.

Just a couple months prior, I had purchased a used Suzuki motor scooter as a second means of transportation. We decided I should leave the family in the city and make a day trip on my scooter to Pastor Prasan’s village to drop off copies of the BEC (Biblical Extension Course) in the Thai language. These could be used by the pastors that would be attending the event. I was told that some 15 pastors from all over Thailand would be there. I thought, “What an opportunity to get people plugged into the resources produced by GNPI and Freedom Films Productions.”

Despite the caution that many people provided, I jumped on the scooter and began the five-hour trek to the village, which was located on the other side of the mountain called “Doi Intanon,” the tallest mountain in Thailand. The trip there was great, very scenic and pleasant temperatures. However, about half-way up the mountain, I started to realize just how cold the trip back home could be. It would be at night and much colder.

After arriving at the village, I had the privilege to meet the brothers and sisters of my friend and see the village where he grew up. I was able to spend only two hours with Prasan in the village, but while I was there, one of the pastors arrived. Prasan got so excited. He told me, “Jeff, the pastor you just met, his name is on one of the DVDs you are passing out.” It is amazing to see how God’s network of people comes into contact with each other. This “coincidence” also helped people understand the type of teaching that our BEC programs contain. Since they all knew this pastor, the teaching on the BEC program could be trusted. I had brought enough copies of both the Movement Everywhere program and the BEC program to provide each pastor with four DVD’s.

As I began my cold trek back down the mountain, I thought to myself just how fortunate I was to have been able to see some of the efforts being made by the local people to reach their own for Christ. I was cold, but I brought many warm memories back to the city with me.

My wife, Mary, and I are making the effort to travel to many nearby villages and towns. We set out to look for churches isolated around northern Thailand and supply them with the resources so they can be connected with the rest of the body of Christ. Programs like Movement Everywhere and the BEC programs offer means for people to be informed of God’s impact to the Thai people. We are continually amazed at what we find. We look forward to seeing how God will work in our lives and the lives of others in the days to come.


The Long Wait Blessing Program

Tom Silkwood shares about one of their recently released programs.

By Tom Silkwood, Regional Director of GNPI-Thailand and Freedom Films Productions

This program concerns happiness and the desire of people to be instantly gratified. Pastor Aree is teaching that God’s blessing isn’t always immediate, but many blessings come in God’s timing.

One of the Scriptures he uses in the program is Matthew 11:16. This passage illustrates that godly people, like John the Baptist, aren’t interested in earthly things. He says that we as Christians must eat the food of the Spirit of God. Earthly pleasures are not the supreme issue of life, but following and obeying God is. Although life in Christ isn’t always immediately gratifying it does, in fact, promise happiness beyond any earthly pleasure. We must be faithful, patient, and steadfast to the Lord through all things. If we are, God promises a peace and joy beyond anything we can experience here.

The work of the ministry continues, and we are thrilled to report many more Thai people are hearing the Message of salvation and grace through videos, DVDs, and testimonies we upload to the Internet. We are greatly encouraged by you, fellow believers, who share in this calling with us through prayer and support to make the ministry possible.”


Taking Spiritual Weapons to Prisoners in SE Asia

PD of GNPI-SE Asia shares this testimony of an evangelist they met at their office recently. The evangelist has a prison ministry in the southern part of the region. PD says, “We gave him some of the tools that we have produced. The following is his heartfelt testimony.”

Pungshin's Testimony-1

My name is PY. I am an evangelist working in SE Asia. I am very thankful to you for preparing these spiritual weapons. The tools you have produced are really useful. In this state there are different ethnic groups even among this people group. They worship different religions. When we go to their people, we can see some of them are Christians, some of them are Buddhists, and others call themselves Le Ge, or the Ariyah religion, which is mixed with Buddhism and the spirit worship system. We are going to four different places on every Saturday. The Ariyah followers can take the whole day discussing and studying about God on Saturdays, so we can talk to them on that day.

Pungshin explain-1

When we started sharing the Gospel with them, we used the tools, such as charts and A Handbook of Evangelism. If we share with them solely the Scriptures, they don’t show us any sign of understanding. However, if we use these materials along with the Scriptures, they can’t reject our words and are very much interested in listening. Therefore, I am very sure that if all Christians used these tools when they evangelize, Buddhists would be convinced and accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.


The tools that you produced are very helpful and effective in sharing the Message. I would like to request that you produce more and more products so that the Gospel may be spread everywhere. Another thing I want to request you is that you give us training on how to use them effectively for spreading the Gospel among non-believers. We pray for you always. Please do remember us in your daily prayers for our ministry.


A Windfall

Nenette Pacoli recently travelled to a new area to share GNPI resources with a group of pastors. She was delighted by their response.

By Nenette Pacoli, Regional Director of GNPI-Philippines

My husband, Bert, and I travelled (along with our friends, Pastor Geoff and his wife, Gina) to Sariaya, Quezon Province​, about 80 miles from our GNPI office. After more than four hours on both good and terrible roads, we were welcomed by Pastor Gerry Villenia, whom we had featured eons ago on the Changed Lives episode of Asin at Ilaw (Salt and Light). Pastor Gerry is a friend of Pastor Geoff.

There were 14 churches represented. They were a bit “wary” as Bert started his presentation on GNPI’s world-wide ministry. When Bert said we were giving them Bible Study materials, their faces really lit up! They were hungry for materials, and they felt they just received a windfall.


One pastor even came to us to say that they were praying for something to share for their gift-giving mission in April, and the All Things New movie just dropped in his lap. Another pastor said he would look through the Asin at Ilaw (Salt and Light) lessons, and that would give him a break from researching new lessons. Another couple said their youth group was very active and they were running out of ideas for them. They said that the WWJD series came just in time. I pointed out our most popular topics on Courtship, Homosexuality, and Finding the Right One. The pastor said, “We have a hard time discussing those topics with the youth group.”


We pray that the seeds we’ve scattered would bear fruit in due time. Thanks so much for being with us in prayer.

One True God

One True God is the synopsis of a 12-minute video produced by GNPI-SE Asia. It is used as a tool for training Christians on how to share the Gospel effectively among Buddhists. It was a special blessing to have Angela, the daughter of our regional director, TP, help us with the narration on this synopsis.


In SE-Asia there are so many people who have no concept of the One True God. Our team at GNPI-SE Asia is on a mission to teach people the Truth by producing tools that are culturally relevant: printed materials, charts, audio recordings, and videos. Our coworkers in SE-Asia believe that if Christians can learn how to share the Truth, the country will surely change!

Please help us by praying that God will be glorified.