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“Around The Network” – Easter in a Hindu Nation

Timing is everything! That’s true all over the world. Ephesians 5:16 (NKJV) challenges believers about redeeming the time. Easter is one of those important times because people are open to Christian programming as they gather to celebrate the holiday with loved ones. You are helping our coworkers in India share the love of Christ with 40 million viewers.

Manee Massey of GNPI-India writes, “Thanks to all the GNPI partners and donors who made this Easter program possible. It aired on three national television stations during the day on Easter weekend. In the past, 600 people contacted us from all over the country, and we are praying even more people will be connected with us through the follow-up this time.”

P.S. – Please download this video on Vimeo to encourage your congregation or missions committee.

Leaving the Past Behind

Everyone deals with anger and resentment at some point. Our team in Kenya loves to be creative in encouraging young people to work through their troubles, forgive each other, and live with the joy of Christ. The team has received feedback from nearly 6,000 college students about this film they created several months ago.

Isaac Masiga of GNPI-Nairobi, Kenya, writes, “The video is based on a real life story of a lady who has had issues with her family members. They have been harboring a lot of unforgiveness for many years. Many people, especially in our community, can resonate with this story.”

The team is developing a study guide on the topic of forgiveness in Swahili and English. These guides will be uploaded to YouVersion. At the students’ request, we are also planning to make a longer version of this 10-minute video.”

“Around The Network” – Wambi’s Transformation

Wambi George’s life was miserable, but his wife was praying for her husband. Christian workers showed a video which gave this Ugandan a new perspective on his life and marriage. Wambi turned his life over to the Lord and began helping others in his community.

Thank you for making an impact on nearly 58 million viewers with your gifts to the global ministry of GNPI.

House Churches Multiply in Thailand

Some tasks are overwhelming for one person working alone. Maybe that’s why Jesus told his disciples to keep meeting together, prayed for them to be one, and promised to be with them always.

Angela Morse of GNPI-Chiang Mai, Thailand, shares the encouraging story of Movement Everywhere #14. The program highlights one of the pastors who joined together in 2010 with a common goal to fulfill the Great Commission. They returned to their churches and taught their members a practical way to bring people to Christ through loving their neighbors. The members each found ten people within the community to pray for daily. They looked for opportunities to serve, build relationships, and present the Gospel to the people in the community. Their current vision is to have a believer in every village who would start a home church and eventually plant a church in every district.”

Gayle Silkwood, interim regional director of GNPI-Chiang Mai, Thailand, adds this update. “Since 2010, this vision has currently produced nearly 188 houses churches meeting for weekly worship and Bible study in Petchaboon. Whenever several houses churches in the same area grow large enough in numbers and funds, they build a place for fellowship. They now have 17 buildings for special meals, weddings, and large gatherings.”


“Around The Network” – Bloopers

A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones (Proverbs 17:22).

You hear lots of negative news each day. On a lighter note, we have some bloopers from our new series, Around The Network.

We hope you are enjoying this new series. Some churches are using the episodes as updates in their worship services or offering meditations. Director of Development Matt Brock does a great job introducing our new projects. However, sometimes more editing is needed than others! We thought you might like a look behind the scenes. Stay tuned for a new episode in two weeks.

Click here or on the links below if you would like to catch up on earlier episodes or share them with your friends.

“Around The Network” – Thanks, Rhoda!

“Around The Network” – Building Stronger Marriages

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“Around The Network” – 40 Million

Enriching Marriages in Mexico

Marriages require attention to keep them strong and healthy. That’s why our coworkers in Mexico wanted to offer practical and biblical teaching from mentors with a relatable teaching style. These coworkers are excited to offer a new teaching series on marriage with Lynda and Pecos Inchaustegui as a blessing for Mexico and all of the Spanish-speaking world. They have wanted to produce this series for several years, but they were finally able to move forward with the project now that ministry partners with Nomad training are settled in Querétaro.

Gustavo Velázquez of GNPI-Piedras Negras, Mexico, says, “We are grateful to our ministry partners at the Universidad Cristiana de México (UCM) who opened their campus to record the project. We are finalizing this 10-part series and praying these lessons will help many people to build solid marriages.”


Marrying My Family’s Murderer

You want to help bring the peace of Christ to this troubled world, but you don’t always know how much your donations are helping those in other countries. This encouraging feedback is for you. It reveals that your giving is really going to projects that change lives. A young lady named Cristine shares this remarkable testimony of how the Lord worked in her life through an audio program. GNPI-Mbale, Uganda, is working with ministry partners on the OneTribe Peace Project. It’s already making a great impact.

My name is Cristine. I am originally from Rwanda. I want to thank you and testify of your great work through the OneTribe radio programs.

My parents and my six siblings were slaughtered by a machete by one young man in 1994 when I was only four years old. I went to sell some goods at the market only to come back and find the whole family was dead. I had to run for my life. I passed through a lot until I reached Malawi. I stayed in an orphanage until I was 20 years old. Then I became independent and lived on my own. Life has been so hard for me without my family around.

Six months ago I started dating a certain guy. He proposed marriage to me, and I decided I must tell him everything about me before we got married. I told him about my family tragedy. He immediately started crying and ran away. After 14 sleepless nights, he decided to confess to me that he was the killer of my family. I was shocked; I fainted and lost consciousness for three weeks. After I regained my memory, I went out and bought a gun. I wanted to finish off his whole family. Before doing that, I contacted my friend Julia about what was going on. She advised me not to seek revenge but to forgive. She sent me some of the OneTribe radio recordings. The programs were about peace and forgiveness. The words in the recordings are very powerful and gave me the courage to forgive the killer of my family. It was really hard, but I made peace with him.

We got married last Saturday, and we are one big happy family. I am so thankful for Julia and this wonderful radio program. Please keep it going.

Julia fled DR Congo during the war and settled in another country where she met her friend Cristine. Julia then moved to the U.S. and serves as one of the voice actresses of the OneTribe Peace Project.

Our coworkers in Uganda are making progress on recording the 52 audio programs for the OneTribe Peace Project.

Their ministry partners are distributing some of the programs in the refugee communities. The programs are also being adapted for youth in secondary schools.

Thank you for helping GNPI ministry partners share the Gospel in creative ways in 191 nations around the world.

Celebrating Jesus

Have you made plans for Easter? Manee Massey of GNPI-Damoh, India, and his team are preparing to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus with another national television broadcast.

They’ve continued celebrating the birth of Jesus for several weeks as they diligently followed up with viewers who contacted them after their national broadcast to over 40 million people on Christmas Day.

The following video is a sample of their program.

Manee says the team really enjoyed preparing for their Christmas program this year. The two Christmas songs were written by Dr Ajai Lall as well as the message. They filmed one of the music videos outside and included some  children with special needs.

The team was surprised again this year to receive calls from mostly Hindus or other religions. With the help of several local ministers, the team followed up with 200 people after the broadcast. They were blessed to hear the callers asking for prayer for themselves, various family needs, difficulties, and health issues. They also felt honored to hear how much these callers appreciated the songs and the Christian message. Thirty-two people requested The Global Gospel series in one of the Indian languages they have available.

Please pray for new opportunities to offer the hope of Christ as they prepare for their Easter broadcast and let us know about open doors you have as well.






Thanks, Rhoda!

How many times have you seen God bless your efforts after you stepped out in faith? Rhoda saw this happen in the Philippines recently. She felt apprehensive to share her testimony on the Say It Forward devotional series, but the Lord used her to make an eternal difference for someone else.

P.S. – Please download this video on Vimeo to encourage your congregation or missions committee.


Behind Bars in Kenya

Do you know anyone who wants to break free and be transformed? The topic of transformation often resonates with those behind bars. Your partnership with GNPI is taking the hope of God’s Word into the lives of people in despair.

Isaac Masiga of GNPI-Nairobi, Kenya, writes, “Christian workers with a prison ministry used one of our productions, Dume Halisi, to minister to nearly 2,000 officers in the Prisons Staff Training College (PSTC). They were able to have some good discussions about what it means to change courses in life. Dume Halisi is a film about how some men mistreat women and neglect their children, but the men make significant changes through counseling and training sessions.

Our ministry partner also showed this same video to 125 juvenile inmates from the Youth Correctional Training Center and the juvenile remand in Kamiti Command Prison. The film led to helpful conversations with the youth about the role of fathers in their lives.

Thank you for sending Christian media into all kinds of places, even restricted areas.