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Excellent Work

Gustavo Velázquez, Regional Director of GNPI-Piedras Negras, Mexico

Our office is excited to share the release of two new Spanish plans on YouVersion.

Teachings of JesusLasEnsenanzas

Miracles from the Gospel of John


We also wanted to pass on these encouraging comments about our productions. You have helped us teach and build up the Hispanic culture with your prayers and your support. The productions mentioned below are all available on our website.

Promise of Love

“This is a very nice movie with a very nice message. Women should not be humiliated or mistreated. With God nothing is impossible.”

“God is faithful and loving. To Him we are precious jewels. We are invited to know Him through His beloved Son, Jesus. Thank you for this film. May God continue to bless people through it.”

“God brought me to a defining moment in my life due to this beautiful story. It is very good; I recommend it. I thank the people who created it.”

“God’s plan and purpose comes even amid afflictions. It’s a beautiful testimony. What an excellent movie!”

Addictions Documentary

“Greetings, my beloved brothers, thanks for the video of Adicciones. It is very useful to me. We are in Salamanca and Cortazar, Guanajuato. I’m in Cortazar as a family counselor at a Rehabilitation Center for alcoholism and drug addiction. We have connected with a church in Salamanca, Guanajuato also.”

Testimony of Raziel

“Raziel, may Jesus Christ our Lord bless your life and keep using you as a living tool to preach his Gospel among those most in need. This is an excellent video testimony!”

Jochy D & Band Music Videos

“Excellent job, Good News Productions, International! Thank you for your support of this ministry. Thank you for sharing these videos. They are very good, I recommend them. May God keep using them.”

Impressive Response

Stephen Muturi, Operations Manager of GNPI-Mbale, Uganda

_MG_5826 (1)

We had an opportunity to visit a local school for the two last days of July. A pastor and Christian ministry student at LivingStone International University (LIU) invited us. He is also a high school teacher involved in one of the biggest Christian Union fellowships in Mbale.

For two days we showed Tough Choices, Promise of Love, and Unshackled, which are videos about drugs, peer pressure, and sexual purity. The response was impressive. Over 200 students came for both days. Two girls responded to a call to give their lives to Jesus. The pastor was so impressed by the videos that he asked us to work out a plan for similar partnerships in the future. We are praying God will use this opportunity to reach hundreds of youth.




In other ministry news, all our Solar Kits are in the field except for two. We are in contact with the evangelists who are using them. We are thankful to hear that a lot of people are learning about Christ through the videos. One interesting testimony came from a couple in Bulambuli, in northern Mbale. They said they learned a lot from the Swahili film, Ndume Halisi, about family leadership. It is exciting to receive this feedback from people whose marriages are being transformed by watching this project from our coworkers in Nairobi as we work to finalize our Marriage for Life series. Please keep us in your prayers as we work together for the glory of His name.

Fall 2016 Prayer Report

Join us as we praise God for our ministry partners and for His answers to our prayers season after season.

“Trust in him at all times, you people; pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge.”— Psalm 62:8 (NIV)



A Defining Moment: Gustavo Velázquez of GNPI-Piedras Negras, Mexico, writes, “Praise the Lord! We have received a lot of positive feedback on social networks regarding our various productions.


Here are some examples: “This [Promise of Love] film is a beautiful story. God brought me come to a defining moment in my life as I watched it.”

“Thanks for the Addictions documentary; it is very useful to me. I’m in Cortazar as a family counselor at a rehabilitation center for alcoholism and drug addiction.”

“Raziel, may Jesus Christ our Lord bless your life and keep using you as a living tool to preach His Gospel among those most in need. What an excellent video testimony!” Unleashed by Blood is a short film about the redemption and transformation of the life of an addict named Raziel.

“Excellent job, GNPI! Thank you for sharing these music videos of Jochy D & Band. They are very good; I recommend them. May God keep using them.”


I Will Not Be Silent: Isaac Masiga of GNPI-Nairobi, Kenya, writes, “Pray for wisdom in the initial stages of a new partnership with the Kenya Faith-Based Media Group. It consists of faith-based broadcasters including Islamic networks. The group identifies with the relevance of our Public Service Announcements (PSA) and wants to partner with us to produce content between September 2016 and Feb 2019. The focus is on a national security/cohesion campaign theme, Sinyamazi, or I will not be silent. We have already re-edited one of our PSAs to fit into their campaign strategy.”


Impressive Response: Stephen Muturi of GNPI-Mbale, Uganda, writes, “We were invited by a Christian high school teacher to visit one of the biggest Christian Union fellowships in Mbale. For two days we showed Tough Choices, Promise of Love, and Unshackled, which are videos about drugs, peer pressure, and sexual purity. The response was impressive. Over 200 students came for these two days. Two girls responded to a call to give their lives to Jesus. The pastor was so impressed by the videos that he asked us to work out a plan for similar partnerships in the future. We are praying God will use this opportunity to reach hundreds of youth.”










New Training Center: Praise the Lord for his faithfulness and the cooperation of several ministries to reach this goal. Timothy P. of GNPI-SE Asia helped dedicate a new training center this month. We look forward to watching how the Lord will use this facility to prepare many effective leaders to reach SE Asia with the Gospel.


Working, Brainstorming, and Praying: Nenette Pacoli of GNPI-Manila, Philippines, writes, “We are preparing for another taping of Say It Forward. We are also brainstorming about the best way to present the next episode of WWJD on respecting authority. It seems especially important now that we have a new president. Please pray God would refresh our minds with bright ideas for WWJD. Our board members are making initial preparations for a Nomad training event in our country as well.”

Click image to view the program.


Hard at Work: Gayle Silkwood of GNPI-Chiang Mai, Thailand says, “Please pray for the Thai team. While I’ve been visiting family and renewing my visa, they have been hard at work gathering testimonials, stories of God’s work, and Bible teachings from three different areas surrounding the northern Thailand office base. They traveled to the country of Laos to the east, a mountain tribal children’s home in the north, and the large metropolis of Bangkok to the south.”

FFP Staff photo


Daniel School: Sergei Golovin of GNPI-Eurasia writes, “We have joined a very exciting project called Daniel School. Its purpose is to train selected teenagers to be strong leaders. The program involves studies of Scripture, apologetics, logic, rhetoric, sports, camping, hiking, rafting, and teamwork. Our part is to provide academic content for the program. All sessions are broadcast online. I was especially touched by a group of seven young people who followed us online from the war zones in this region. May the Lord keep them safe and protected! Please pray for this project and for these devoted youth. They are the future of the Church and of this nation.”

Daniel Schoolsmall

Networking With A New Generation: Lena L. of GNPI-Eurasia writes, “This summer we are digitizing our resources and updating our website. This month we plan to help with two photo camps at the retreat center as we work alongside photo and video specialists. Join us in praying that we will be able to build ministry partnerships and network with the young people who are coming to the photo camps.”


Sharing the Message with New Voices: Manee Massey of GNPI-Damoh, India, writes, “Praise the Lord for giving us the chance to share the Gospel through new avenues. Our staff is editing several messages and songs by a former Hindu high priest. The staff is also meeting to discuss the scripts for a series on family since we’ve hired a professional scriptwriter. We hope to broadcast the series on several TV networks.”


Project Nomad Updates

Inspiring Visit: Mark Allen conducted Project Nomad training in two cities in Ukraine this month. Mark says, “It is inspiring to see how the country has come together after the sacrifices of those who died in the 2014 protests. The result has allowed the Gospel to be shared without being monitored or repressed for the last couple of years.”


Pressing On in Pachuca: The team in Pachuca has launched a new website and Facebook page. Both sites are gaining momentum as the team members work hard to create new videos. Team leader Sergio Alvarado attended an advanced Nomad training in Indianapolis, Indiana, with another Nomad team leader, Habacuc Diaz, from our team in Chile. The Lord worked it out for the two of them (and a couple others) to meet for training with Nomad Coordinator Mark Allen.


Thanks for praying with us about the electricity for the church building where the team has an office. Praise the Lord as the electricity issue has been resolved.

Overall Ministry

We praise the Lord for the 24 completed language versions of The Global Gospel, which can be viewed online. There are 18 additional versions in progress. We recently divided the 88 stories into 107, so some of the longer segments could be more easily adapted for various applications on mobile devices. To date, nearly 12,000 people have completed plans and tracks incorporating the videos from The Global Gospel on their favorite app. Click on the icons to view the discipleship plans.


An Amazing Help: Joshua V., a Christian worker in India, says, “Praise the Lord! The Solar Kit has been an amazing help in our ministry. It is hard to communicate the Message to the tribal people of India unless you visualize it. Visualization greatly increases the level of understanding for the audience. It makes a huge impact when people see video clips of the crucifixion and how Christ suffered for our sins.”

International Director: Please join us in praying that God would send the right person to serve as our international director and work closely with our growing network of regional centers and Project Nomad teams.


“The Global Gospel” in Indonesia

John Mulkey of the Christian Church Theological School of Indonesia (CCTSI)


I had the opportunity to stop by the GNPI Joplin office to meet the staff members several months ago. I showed them pictures and a video of our newly completed recording studio. I asked them to listen to some test recordings to check the quality as we prepared to record the audio for The Global Gospel.

Here are a few recent photos I took of the students working in the CCTSI studio.

IMG_5278x (2) IMG_5282 (1) IMG_5280 (1)

We are excited about our partnership with GNPI to produce The Global Gospel for Indonesia.


Making Disciples Who Make More Disciples

Timothy P., Regional Director of GNPI-SE Asia

We helped dedicate a new training center on August 17. We praise the Lord for his faithfulness and the cooperation of several ministries to reach this goal. We have asked you to pray with us over the last several years that we could train more people to share the Gospel all over this region. This is an important milestone for us.




We look forward to watching how the Lord will use this facility to train many effective leaders who can share the Good News with people like this military leader to reach SE Asia with the Gospel.

While we look forward to bringing people to the training center, we will continue to go out and teach about the true God using the resources GNPI-SE Asia has developed. One man shared his gripping testimony and his desire to pass the Good News on to others during a trip a ministry partner and I made. His story reminded me of the story of the centurion from the Bible.


I was a strong Buddhist. I practiced meditation and preached the precepts to others. I also used to tell palm astrology. Now I understand these are man-made things. I came to realize that Jesus is the true God, and I can choose to whom I shall adhere.  I am so glad to hear the Message today. I wish other people also could hear this Message, and surely they would come to Christ. Buddhists lose their way in the Samsara (life-cycle) and never escape from it. If they knew the way of liberation is in Jesus, they would accept Him.

I will tell them about this Message in my military troop. There are 500 soldiers in our regiment and about 400 soldiers under my control.  We Buddhists believe that any other religions, except our own beliefs, are false. I considered followers of Christianity, Hinduism, and Islam all false religions and took pity on them as people losing the way. Now I understand to be followers of the true way and the false way, and I feel regret. I will share about Jesus with my many relatives who have never heard about Him.

Praise the Lord for this new believer. Pray that he will allow the Lord to use his influence and help many others come to know Christ.


Behind the Scenes of Choices

Isaac Masiga, Regional Director of GNPI-Nairobi, Kenya

Our office reflects on the highlights and challenges of one of our most popular resources in this behind-the-scenes video.

The Choices short film encourages young people to choose purity in their relationships and reveals the dangers of abortion.

This topic churned up a lot of unplanned discussions. People kept asking what our stand was, if we were looking at the theme objectively by factoring in different elements of abortion, and if we were going to address all those scenarios.

In a nutshell, it was an interesting production to shoot. It seemed to bring out a lot of silent, but heavy sentiments, worth addressing. We rewrote the script twice and changed the script writer. We decided, we would stick by the overarching message that there’s hope in God in every situation if we put our trust in Him. Life is important, and so is its sanctity. Deciding not to stay pure has consequences, and it’s all about life’s choices.

We are planning to shoot a feature length film or a series to address these important issues from every angle as much as possible.


Kids Helping Other Kids Learn About Jesus

The Good News is meant to be shared.

It’s been a blessing for GNPI to see kids using our Liam & Ruby missions moments. The next generation is excited about helping others around the world to learn about Jesus. These young people give generously to help Christian workers get tools like Solar Kits for places where there is no electricity.

Liam & Ruby Screen Shot

Click on the photo to see the programs.

Their gifts are also helping us to prepare a new interactive project for children and parents to experience stories from the Bible in a new firsthand perspective told by the people who were part of the story. For example, Jairus tells his granddaughters about the time Jesus raised their mother from the dead, and how it changed his life forever!

This new project includes 20 interactive stories with 10 from the New Testament and 10 from the Old Testament.
IMG_8336 NAM Jairus CU NAM Jesus CU NAM Daughter of Jairus cu

We pray this project results in children of all ages and cultures coming to Jesus!

Building the Ministry

Nenette shared her perspective in Accomplishing God’s Work and introduced Our Latest Productions in Manila during her visit to the U.S. last spring.

Nenette Pacoli, Regional Director of GNPI-Manila, Philippines

God has grown and developed this ministry, even when I was reluctant to change.

My family has been a wonderful help and support to me. Each family member found ways to serve GNPI through the years. Our biggest reward comes in seeing how the media created at our office draws people closer to Christ.

I Stand in Awe at What God Has Accomplished

Dr. Garland Bare has a long history with GNPI. He went to medical school, so he could provide for the physical needs of the people of Thailand as well as their spiritual needs. Later he and his wife helped start a campus ministry at the University of Nebraska. God has used Dr. Bare to inspire our Founder Ziden Nutt and to encourage the staff at GNPI.

Dr. Garland Bare, Guest Blogger

I first met Ziden Nutt at summer camp at Cedar Lake, Indiana. I was 19 years old and a student at Lincoln Bible Institute (now Lincoln Christian University). Ziden was 11 or 12. Having spent 11 years with my missionary parents in Tibet, it was my intention to return as a missionary to that country.

I was a reluctant missionary speaker because the campers from the Chicago area were more rowdy and defiant than those from rural areas. I tried to challenge the campers to commit their lives to service in the remote regions of the world. The only student to come forward with a lifetime commitment was Ziden.

I never returned to Tibet. My wife, Dorothy, and I became missionaries to Thailand, some 3,000 miles downstream from Tibet.

It was a time of poor communication with no transcontinental telephone lines, no computers, and no cell phones. Yet we learned through letters that Ziden did not wait for graduation to begin his ministry of soul-winning and church planting.

Transportation was also a challenge. Ziden and Helen travelled to eastern Africa where they hoped to begin their life work as missionaries. Dorothy and I spent 49 days on a cargo boat from New York to Bangkok. After years on the field, both families had to return to the United States due to the special needs of their youngest daughters. Spring River Christian Village played a unique role in the lives of both girls.

God led both families to new ministries that surpassed our expectations. Dorothy and I helped start a campus ministry at the University of Nebraska, which produced church leaders throughout the United States and missionaries to countries as remote as Japan and Ethiopia.

Who could have imagined the worldwide impact of Good News Productions, International? I stand in awe at what God has accomplished through the lives of Ziden and Helen.

While at the University of Nebraska, I was frequently invited to speak at Ozark Christian College. Boyce Mouton had a radio program and interviewed me several times. I shared with him my research on the crucifixion and resurrection and was honored to be invited to record videos on A Doctor Looks at the Crucifixion and Resurrection by GNPI.

On one of my trips to Joplin I was invited to speak at dorm devotions in Williamson Hall. A young student named Mike Schrage told the dorm dad my talk had convinced him to dedicate his life to the foreign mission field. After we moved to Joplin, Mike and I tried to meet monthly for prayer and mutual encouragement from 2012 through 2014. I am committed to intercede for his leadership of ICOM this year.

Tom Nutt has always impressed me with his capable and unassuming leadership of GNPI, and I have been blessed by many other respected friends on the staff of GNPI.

I would encourage my Christian friends to give generously to the worldwide ministry of Good News Productions, International and also to pray for the courage to never compromise in matters of biblical doctrine.