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Behind the Scenes of Mapping Out GNPI

GNPI staff members welcomed David Velázquez, our summer intern from Mexico. David brought a fresh perspective to the ministry and he worked with Creative Media Designer Greg Fish and Creative Team Assistant Jubilee Mehrens to create this new video.

We look forward to seeing how the Lord will work through GNPI to reach and strengthen His Church in the next generation.


Building Bridges

Irene Nyagah of GNPI-Nairobi, Kenya

Our office is cooperating with another ministry to reach out to Muslims with the i2 Ministries project. It is a series of teachings on Christian apologetics. The series currently has 19 episodes, and we plan to make more. Joshua Lingel, the speaker, highlights key issues found in Islam.

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 8.55.56 AM copy

The target audience for this series is preachers, pastors, teachers, evangelists, and missionaries who have a passion to share Christ with the Islamic world.

Our office is dubbing these lessons into Swahili. We are finalizing our plans for the launch and distribution, including a conference for pastors. Pray for our newest project to be an effective bridge for sharing the Gospel of Christ.

Music, Meetings, and Mentoring in Mexico

Gustavo Velázquez, Regional Director of GNPI-Piedras Negras, Mexico

Our staff completed two new music videos. The first is Tu Voluntad (Your Will)


and the second is Laberinto (Labyrinth).

These videos were recorded in Chicago by Jochy D. & Band. They can be viewed on Vimeo, YouTube, and our main website at

We have also been involved in several significant meetings and mentoring opportunities. First, our coworker, Pablo, made a short tutorial on How to Create a Production with Mobile Equipment. We have shared this tutorial with our network created after a regional meeting in Nicaragua and on social media. 



Next I’ll be doing a video tutorial about basic graphic design, and my son also created a tutorial on camera angles during his internship in Joplin this summer.






We are moving forward with plans for a sign language version of
The Global Gospel (TGG) in cooperation with a local ministry to deaf people. The audio for TGG is available on our website, so the audience can listen and download it. We have also created a channel exclusively for TGG videos on YouTube, and the audio is accessible to download from this channel as well. 

A few weeks ago I was invited to participate in a Youth Summit in Monterrey, Mexico, and had the chance to talk about the + Vida app with more than 300 young people. I shared the benefits of the app and how it can help them in their spiritual growth. We made a promotional video of the app to share at the event and on social networks. 

Another project we are working on is a series of lessons on marriage with Pecos and Linda Inchaustegui.

We pray our work will reach more people for Christ and encourage others in their faith.


Our Latest Productions in Manila

Nenette Pacoli, Regional Director of GNPI-Manila, Philippines

Our office is currently working on the series WWJD and Say It Forward.

WWJD is now in the third season of looking at the biblical view of current issues in our culture. The series is popular with young adults. We are brainstorming about how to do the next episode of WWJD on respecting authority. It seems especially important now that we have a new president.  

This episode is about Voter Education.

I received a note recently from a 14 year old girl who watched one of the WWJD programs about dating, “I really liked the video; it made me understand more about courtship and the opinions of other people on courtship. Thanks for making that documentary!”

That gladdens the heart, doesn’t it?

Say It Forward is a series of short programs hosted by different Christian professionals who relate their experiences and perspectives from the tough situations they’ve encountered. It is patterned after Ted-Talks. We are working on another taping of Say It Forward this month. We hope to become the source of good talks and topics, the “go-to” website for inspirational and educational videos.

The speakers themselves are using these for their own Bible studies or small groups. I am excited that we are consistently increasing likes to our pages, and shares of the videos. From less than 20 shares early in our series, we’ve increased to 40+. One episode has gone up to 64 shares and counting. That may seem puny if we consider a million shares or views on YouTube, but great things come from small beginnings.  We will just continue doing our very best and let God do the rest.  Say It Forward’s time will come.

This episode shows how the Lord is working in the life of this dentist and how He is shaping her faith!

Finally, our Board members are working hard to prepare for our first Project Nomad training. We see so many opportunities to use media to share the Gospel and to inject godly principles into the lives of Filipino people who are seeking answers to the social issues they encounter every day.

A Great Joy

GNPI has a behind the scenes story about the making of our Psalm 117: Global Music Video. Besides the background of the overall video, you can see The Accordion Man in Mexico story here.

Lena L. of GNPI-Eurasia

Lena is pictured on the right in the photo at the top of the collage.


Our team loved the idea of being part of the Psalm 117 music video from the first time we heard about it. I wrote to our coworkers in Joplin, “The idea is truly awesome, and we are definitely in!”

We chose to include the domra, our national instrument, to praise the Lord from our region of the world. It’s a four stringed, mandolin type of instrument which we played in the studio and on a scenic overlook.

Unfortunately, I had to ask for extra time to complete the project. We didn’t get started on time due to problems with the power supply, but we really did want to participate! We found a musician for the national instrument, and we knew we could complete at least a simple part of the project. Then I had another delay because I had to take medical treatments on my throat. I told my coworkers in Joplin, “The day I can sing again, we will record the voice part. I am so sorry to ask for an extension like this, but we would highly appreciate it if you granted it to us.”

Despite the challenges, we met the deadline without the extension. I felt like the Lord gave me my voice for a two day window. My throat is much better now. Overall, we are very happy with how our part turned out. It is always a great joy for us to take part in projects that need creativity!


Bringing More People to Christ

Timothy P., Regional Director of GNPI-SE Asia

God continually brings more people to Christ because of your prayers.

IMG_2380 (1)

Last week, an evangelist who is one of our ministry partners told me that in one place 12 people accepted Christ, in another location there were nine decisions for Christ, and in three other places 40 people followed Christ. People are able understand who the true God is with the help of the tools we have produced.

We are happy to share these pictures of new believers in Christ. They chose to be baptized in a water tank because the new converts wanted to obey God’s Word urgently.  In the future they may find a better place for baptisms.

IMG_2303 IMG_2335 IMG_2298 IMG_2306 (2) IMG_2310 IMG_2322

A new church was established along our country’s eastern border as well. Thank you very much for your prayers.

IMG_2291 (1)

Prayer Bicycling

Tom Silkwood of GNPI-Chiang Mai, Thailand, sent this message shortly before his sudden death on March 26, 2016. Tom was proud of his Thai coworkers who wanted to produce Movement Everywhere. It’s a series about Thai people finding unique ways to share their faith. Tom said their idea turned out to be an outstanding one. The program Tom writes about is the sixth one in this series.

Tom Silkwood, former Regional Director of GNPI-Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thai bicyclist, Mr. Tui, (pictured on the far right), his family, and a team of partners set out to encourage Thai churches as they pedaled through eastern Thailand emphasizing unity, reconciliation, and peace.

They rode their bicycles for 513 miles through mountains and villages praying for people along the way on this trek of inspiration. Our team went along as a support team and video crew.

IMG_1700You can watch the complete 31 minute video with English subtitles.

Thailand has experienced political turmoil for some time and is under a military government, yet God is working here.

Keeping Pace in Kenya

Isaac Masiga, Regional Director of GNPI-Nairobi, Kenya

We are delighted that the Tumaini Hotel project is done and has taken off well. The following trailers are being used by the Sayare and Daystar TV stations. We are still pursuing our request to the Kenya Institute of Education Curriculum Development to consider using the project and books as well.

The Sayare and Daystar TV stations requested additional episodes, which would be continuous and made into a daily TV show. The request from the TV stations was for us to shoot a Nairobi version of the whole Tumaini Hotel series. Our hope is that even if we don’t get the funds to do full 30 minute episodes, we can still address all the issues in the public service announcements (PSAs) we are doing.

We are progressing well with the PSAs. Currently there is additional work needed for the project about abortion alternatives, since it is longer than the other PSAs we’ve done.

We pretested our Solar Kit prototype in Eldoret during the launch of Tumaini Hotel.

sharing at tendwo church of christ (1)
We have received a lot of feedback regarding the Solar Kit, and we’re considering all of it. We are already modifying our prototype to be less bulky and to incorporate a smaller projector imported from Hong Kong. It will replace the current LCD screen.

demonstrating how the solar kit works

Our trip to use the Solar Kit in the Mathare slum was also successful, and we are thanking God for it. This ministry work will be continuous and is not limited to production within the community.

We’ve been uploading our content on our custom app, Yunami, on a daily basis.


The content is formatted to suit the app, and it’s multi-lingual. So far we’re using English and Swahili versions of everything we are uploading. We plan to add French as well as other languages some time later based on the feedback we receive and to serve francophone countries. We are waiting for our app to be available at the Apple Store and the Google Play Store.

We are excited about all of the outreach opportunities we have in Africa.


A Youth Summit in Monterrey, Mexico

Gustavo Velázquez, Regional Director of GNPI-Piedras Negras, Mexico


A few weeks ago I was invited to participate at the Youth Summit in Monterrey, Mexico.

12973256_980734935343530_2717151601316973043_o (1)

I had the opportunity to talk about the + Vida app with more than 300 young people.

12909461_10153571520062194_531238649640696782_o (1)

My coworker, Abi, and I explained the benefits of the app and how it can help them in their spiritual growth.


We also made a promotional video of the app to share at the event, on social networks, and on our website.

The Accordion Man

Gustavo Velázquez, Regional Director of GNPI-Piedras Negras, Mexico


GNPI’s Pablo Perales and Gustavo Velázquez are pictured with Josue Morales.

I want to share the testimony of the man who played the accordion in the Psalm 117 Music Video. Josue Morales, the accordion player, said one of our films made a significant impact on him and many other people.

Josue came by our office one day, and I offered to give him some of the materials we have produced. When Josue saw the films, he was surprised to learn we had produced the film La Ultima Oracion (The Last Prayer). He had seen this film in an evangelistic campaign where he was singing with his band. Josue said many people accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior on the day they saw the film. He asked the pastor leading the meeting to show this film to other people because it helped win many souls to Christ.

Josue was very excited and thanked us for inviting him to be part of the Psalm 117 project.


He said he wants to continue working with us. He plans to help us in the upcoming musical project with Pastor Gonzalo Garcia by recording two songs on the accordion.


We praise God for new friends like Josue who helps us see our projects from a new perspective.