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Fitting into God’s Plan

Founder Ziden Nutt expresses thankfulness for God’s provision for GNPI in the first 40 years. Ziden recalls special highlights of how the Lord has worked to make the dream of reaching all people with Bible based, Christ centered media a reality.

How were you reached with the Gospel of Christ? Write your comments below.

An Eye Opening Trip

Isaac Masiga, Regional Director of GNPI-Nairobi, Kenya

A couple of our coworkers made a seven hour trip to survey the Endorois, a Kenyan minority group. Their goal was to learn about the needs, culture, and social interactions of those in the area.

Our staff in Kenya created this video about their trip using a Nomad Production Kit.

According to Kenyan law when you visit a new area, your first task is to notify the local authority. The next task is to talk to the elders to get their blessings. Finally, our co-workers were permitted to visit some of the villages.

The area is hot, dry, and mosquito infested, with a few thickets of thorny acacia trees. The people live in small, unfinished grass huts, and they get their water from the hills. It is directed down to the villages through dykes and furrows. The Endorois people are goat herders and beekeepers by default.

The people welcomed us despite their level of poverty. Our staff met with a number of young people and shared the Word of God. The Endorois people asked our coworkers to expedite the next visit, so they can watch our films. There are only two main churches in the whole area, and our staff concluded the survey by visiting with the pastor of one of the churches.

The recommendation of our coworkers is to return quickly as promised, in order to keep the trust of the Endorois.

Download “The GNPI App” Today!

Sian Vines, administrative assistant at GNPI, explains how The GNPI App works and why it is useful as an evangelistic resource. This app is the best way to stay connected to our global network of teams, training, and tools.

Meet Anay

GNPI wants all people, like Anay and his family, to hear and respond to the Good News.

GNPI equips Christian workers in India with culturally relevant materials and tools to help spread the Gospel in places where there is a great need, but it’s not just India. Our vast global network is committed to accelerating evangelism through media and technology.

How about you? Think about the first time you heard about Jesus. Now think about someone, near or far, who needs to hear the Gospel for the first time.

Visit to help share Jesus with people who need him and to make tools, like Solar Kits and the stories of Jesus, available throughout the world.


From Angry Outbursts to Joyful Chords

Gayle Silkwood of GNPI-Chiang Mai, Thailand

In our newest Changed program, Akkarin Puri shares how his sister’s steady influence and God’s love has transformed him from an angry prisoner to a joyful guitar maker.

Akkarin says as a teen he was in and out of detention centers where he developed even more bad habits and a drug addiction, then he went to prison.

Akkarin’s sister was desperate to help her brother and turned to the Lord. She prayed for her brother and told him about Christ. Akkarin surrendered to Christ and prayed to be released from prison for a new start. The Lord answered Akkarin’s prayer in a miraculous way.

The Christian Prison Ministry Foundation provided vocational and biblical training for Akkarin during a critical time in his life. He developed new habits and received training as a guitar technician.

Akkarin wants to help others who are seeking God. He says, “I assure you that God is 100% true and real. I can’t keep it to myself. I have to tell everyone and give hope to all who are searching for Him.”

Are you praying for the transformation of a loved one who is incarcerated? Let us know and our staff will join you in prayer.

An Important Part of Our Work

Eric Duggins of Impacto Latino


We’re excited that GNPI has been part of our ministry with Impacto Latino in Pachuca, Mexico, for the last five years. GNPI’s Project Nomad has been a very effective way for us to share some of our teaching. The video production for special events and conferences has been an important part of the Impacto church planting project.











One of the things we anticipate is the budding of another Project Nomad relationship in the city of Queretaro. We are planning to create a studio there within our Impacto center there to record leadership training materials.

A wonderful partnership has developed between GNPI and the Impacto New Missions Systems ministries.

For more details on how valuable Project Nomad has been to our work in Mexico, see My Recommendation.



Above It All

Isaac Masiga, Regional Director of GNPI-Nairobi, Kenya

Our team has produced a new music video with Rigga. He is a Christian rapper, singer, songwriter, and recording artist from Nairobi, Kenya.

God over everything,
My God is the God over everything.
My God is the God over everything.

For You are Eternal King.
It’s in you that we live and have our being.

I want everyone to hear, don’t care what they think of me.
If you know that you know that you know that He reigns,
Join the heavenly symphony.

You are, You are.
Yes, You are, Papa, Father,
Papa, You are, Papa, Father,
Papa, You are.

God over everything,
My God is the God over everything.
Everything seen, everything not,
My God is the God over everything.
All of the money, the power, the fame in the world,
He still would remain the King.

He created it all.
So what could I ever bring to show my appreciation?
Who am I to even have this conversation?

I’m thankful that I can give this to you,
Praise that is true.
My heart was just glad that You are the most high.

You are, You are.
Yes, You are Papa, Father,
Papa, You are, Papa, Father,
Papa, You are.

My God is the God over everything.
My God is the God over everything.

You are, You are.
Yes, You are Papa, Father,
Papa, You are, Papa, Father,
Papa, You are.

Yes, You are Lord!

Making a Difference

Isaac Masiga, Regional Director of GNPI-Nairobi, Kenya

Our government is asking for more public service announcements (PSAs) for a 3-year campaign on family, health, and security concerns. We have about 58 broadcasters involved. I was invited to the office of our nation’s president to discuss this new partnership with the Kenya Faith-Based Media Group.

The group identifies with the relevance of the PSAs we were already working on and wants to partner with us to produce content between September 2016 and Feb 2019. The focus is on a national security/cohesion campaign theme, Sitanyamaza, I will not be silent.

We pray for God’s grace. We want to use this opportunity strategically. We need wisdom, power, and creativity. It’s an opportunity to speak to people of all faiths.

One of the PSAs we completed was about the detriments of electronic gadgets on family time. A PSA on the sanctity of life will be launched in two weeks. The next one we have planned cautions against being too busy for God. The strategy was already part of the Make A Difference campaign ( Please pray that God will lead us to make an impact in Africa.

Our other PSAs are on cleanliness, drug abuse, and perseverance. Pray for us to have wisdom in writing more scripts.


Coach Pao: A Modern-Day Paul

Gayle Silkwood of GNPI-Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Thai media team was surprised they were actually admitted into the Chiang Mai Prison even after all the paperwork and letters had been approved. Other organizations, like CBN, who requested permission to interview this particular prisoner were declined. Coach Pao had been an inmate for the past three years, and his story of conversion and obedience was worth all the red-tape!

Coach Pao has been an avid soccer player all his life and knew many high-profile people in the sports industry. He admits he was self-confident and stubborn, which is what got him into trouble. Money and drugs led him down the wrong path.

In 2003, he was arrested and then released on bail to await his trial. During this time something happened that changed his life forever. He met Jesus Christ. As a new Christian, he became convinced he could help young teens learn discipline and life skills through playing soccer that could also potentially save them from a life of drugs. He established the Christ Football Club (CFC) for underprivileged teens. Ten years passed before his trial for the crime from his previous life. After being sentenced to prison, he saw an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of his fellow inmates. He coached a soccer league, preached at church services, and encouraged others who were also incarcerated.

As for the CFC, another pastor picked up Coach Pao’s work with the young teens continuing to teach them on the soccer field and influence them for Christ.

Recently, after our team had visited him in prison, Coach Pao was granted pardon on the King’s birthday (an annual Thai tradition for well-behaved prisoners). Whether inside the prison walls or outside in the world, Coach Pao knows his calling is to follow Jesus and change lives.

Introducing Our Brand New App

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Are you looking for resources to help Christian workers tell the Gospel story effectively? Download The GNPI App to see how the Good News is shared throughout the world.


The GNPI App will keep you connected to the exciting ways media and technology accelerate global evangelism. You will find:

  • Releases of Evangelistic Media Tools
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  • Global Media Team Developments
  • Ministry Announcements
  • Project Updates
  • Prayer Requests
  • Special Events and More!

At GNPI we believe God’s Church, equipped with culturally relevant media strategies, can move seekers to become disciples of Jesus.

We want more people to have an opportunity to know Christ in a way they can easily understand. Call us at 417-782-0060, or visit to learn more.

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