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Shopping on Amazon

  • Posted On March 26, 2014
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Do you ever wish you could do more to financially support global missions but just can’t find any more space in your budget?

Now, of all companies, online retailer Amazon can make giving more to GNPI possible on any budget!

Through a Website called AmazonSmile, when you shop online, a portion of your purchases are donated to GNPI. Operated by Amazon, the site offers the same selection of products and convenient shopping features as What’s different though, is that through, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of your eligible purchases to GNPI!

Shop Amazon Smile4Here’s how to get started:

  • Log in with the same information you would use for your regular Amazon account.

  • When you’ve registered correctly, the top of the page should read, “Supporting: Good News Productions, International.”

Shop Amazon


Yep.  It’s that easy. Using this link once also allows future purchases on the Website to go to GNPI – you only have to register once, and the Website remembers your selected organization!

Take your Amazon shopping experience to a whole new level, knowing part of your purchase helped accelerate global evangelism through media and technology!

Thanks, and happy shopping!

A Party Beyond Description

  • Posted On March 24, 2014
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by Mike Schrage, Executive Director, GNPI

Last year I attended the wedding reception of a good friend’s son. It was an evening of reconnecting with long-time friends and memory making. It reminded me of the party in Luke 15 that Jesus told, regarding the famous Prodigal Son. When explaining the party plans to the envious older son, the father of the wayward boy said to his eldest son, “But we had to celebrate and be glad…” I like the imperative in that statement, don’t you? It’s a command to be happy and party!

As I looked back to the stories of the lost coin and lost sheep, also found in Luke 15, the same theme reverberates, “Rejoice with me!” Jesus tells three stories about the Holy Spirit and Dr. Luke lines these up back to back to make sure we get the point!

If I may coin a couple of new words, in the “leastness” and the “lostness” of the sheep, the coin, and the prodigal son, we hear Jesus revealing and proclaiming the heart of his Father. His is a heart that spontaneously rejoices and it is also a heart that must celebrate!


So the next time we think we are insignificant, remember God has been preparing to throw quite a party for you, and not only you, but for anyone you help to find and follow Jesus. And that’s why I am all in with GNPI to work at exactly that, helping people find Jesus.

Heaven is going to be many things. One of them is a feast, a party beyond description with celebrating and singing so loud, so harmonious, so spectacular, and so lengthy that it will go for what will seem like….well, like eternity!



The Greatest Among Them

  • Posted On March 22, 2014
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by Pa See Vang, Creative Team Assistant, GNPI


Luke 9:46-48

An argument started among the disciples as to which of them would be the greatest. Jesus, knowing their thoughts, took a little child and had him stand beside him. Then he said to them, “Whoever welcomes this little child in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me welcomes the one who sent me. For he who is least among you all he is the greatest. ”

Children have such a wonderful way of looking at the world. When I see how they respond to the world it reminds me of seeing a new place for the first time. There is so much that we as adult can learn from them. Today I want to share some of the the beautiful children I have seen in photos taken around the world.


A Cup of Cold Water

  • Posted On March 18, 2014
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by Dee Ann Miller, Administrative Assistant at GNPI

cool water


This photo was sent to us from one of the regional centers. It was so beautiful, Dee Ann immediately had an idea for something she wanted to share. Dee Ann helps at GNPI in so many ways, including opening the mail. This means if you send a note or card, she is one of the first to see it. Many times during our staff prayer times in the mornings, Dee Ann shares encouragement and prayer requests from GNPI supporters throughout the nation and world! A picture truly is worth a thousand words. Here are Dee Ann’s thoughts:


“And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones who is my disciple, truly I tell you, that person will certainly not lose their reward.” —Matthew 10:42

The generous, faithful gifts of churches and individuals to GNPI provide hope and refreshment that accelerates global evangelism. These are just some of the encouraging messages we have recently received from GNPI partners.

Russell insists, “Another year has gone into history for our troubled world. In that chaos, GNPI seems to bring light and hope. Continue the mission!”

Cheryl sends funds on behalf of her church and says, “Please accept our monthly support gift for your work in serving others. Your work does not go unnoticed. Know that you are remembered in our prayers. This support is sent out with our love of the Lord, and of you, and your work for Him.”

Elly writes, “We do appreciate your labors for the Master and are always thrilled to hear of new outreach.”

Thelma shares, “When I know more of what to thank God for and what to pray for, I feel so encouraged knowing God is being proclaimed throughout the world. Global Evangelism is a BIG job and God is certainly using your people in a big way to help get the job done for Him.”

Ruth writes, “I pray for all of you mightily. I pray for God’s strength, wisdom, discernment, and patience as you serve him. I pray also for God to meet your needs. May God’s armor protect you!”

Thank you for your support to allow us to share Living Water by producing culturally relevant, Biblically based materials for people in their heart language from nine regional centers, six NOMaD teams, and through nearly 400 Solar Kits in more than 40 countries.

Core Value: Integrity

  • Posted On March 17, 2014
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by Mike Schrage, Executive Director

You’ve likely heard these admonishments:

  • Integrity is what you are when the lights are off!
  • A man’s word is his bond.
  • Integrity has no need of rules

As a young boy on the farm, I remember a younger farmer asking our neighbor if he should have a contract drawn up regarding a recent livestock purchase from my father. The neighbor laughed and said something to the effect, “There’s not a piece of paper stronger than the word and handshake of Andy Schrage.”

Integrity is one of our core values because it builds trust, a crucial asset to evangelism. While missionaries in Kenya, we refused to pay a bribe to register with the government the property where the GNPI regional center was built. It took more than five years of monthly visits with city officials by our staff member, Tom, to get the necessary paperwork without paying a bribe.

As you look at the progress of GNPI-Kenya and what God is doing through that center, integrity produced not only the admiration of others, more importantly it ushered in blessings from God.

For every donor who makes an investment in GNPI, for every prayer partner who asks God to use us to reach one more person, for every national who takes the tools we provide and shares the Gospel, we strive for integrity. In what we produce and how we operate worldwide, we want our word to be our bond.

In a world where trust is hard to find, it’s beautiful when it shines through. Integrity is the tool that builds it.

Change is Good

  • Posted On March 11, 2014
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by Everett Forkner, current and founding GNPI Board Member

FORKNER_Everett2One of the challenges we all face in life is accepting and projecting the change that comes naturally or by design in order to grow. Although difficult at times I truly believe no organization can continue to grow without change.

The foundation of GNPI was established by a vision of change some 35 years ago by Ziden and Helen Nutt, as they saw a new way to more effectively present the Gospel to the lost people of Africa. From this beginning, the worldwide ministry of GNPI was born!

As a founding director of GNPI, I have had the opportunity to be a part of this exciting, unique, cutting-edge, global ministry. From its inception of presenting the Gospel to people groups in their cultural, native language and customs, it has continued to grow through change.

GNPI has continued to develop new media programs and adapt new technologies that have gained the attention and met the needs of various cultures and people groups around the world. Production centers have been established, cultural natives trained to lead, lives changed, and souls saved!

Today, GNPI is undergoing further change to reposition its relevance to its commitment of accelerating global evangelism through media and technology.

The board of directors at GNPI, along with the current leadership team (with input from staff and supporters), have completed an extensive “Long Range Strategic Plan”, to reposition and refresh the brand of the ministry. We believe this will allow GNPI to better meet today’s and tomorrow’s generation of supporters and partners to further accelerate global evangelism.

The founding generation of supporters and staff of GNPI have done a great job of growing and building a solid and cutting-edge, worldwide ministry. I believe that it is squarely upon the shoulders of these founders that we stand today. I also believe that with God’s blessing and help, the current and next generation of believers will have the opportunity to more effectively take the whole Gospel to the whole world before His return. Many times, God pushes and stretches us to take a step of faith so as to rely on him alone as we grow.

Change is sometimes uncomfortable, but change is a necessary part of growing.

Together, with God’s help and the prayerful support of God’s people, we can continue to move forward to fulfill the great commission of Matthew 28:19 – “to make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit!”

I am as excited today about the future of GNPI as I have ever been! It is a great blessing to be a part of this unique, worldwide ministry.


Striving for Excellence

  • Posted On March 10, 2014
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by Mike Schrage, Executive Director

Nobody’s perfect. But, I bet none of us want to fly in an airplane where the pilot is right only 90% of the time. You likely wouldn’t have much confidence in a surgeon who get’s it right even 95% of the time. To arrive safely and on time, and to live long without complications, we prefer 100% in these areas. Simply put, we want excellence when our lives are in someone else’s hands.

GNPI’s founder Ziden Nutt strived for excellence in everything he did and built the ministry on that principle. No, their lives aren’t in our hands – they’re in God’s. But, he’s using us to put before them an eternal life and death decision.

That’s why we network with missionaries and nationals. They know best what their people need. That’s part of producing excellent content and the reason our nine regional centers and growing numbers of NOMaD teams create media based on cultural insights from local people. It’s a test of endurance and patience but is always best.


We strive for excellence in every step of a GNPI production. Not because our pride demands it, but because the eternal destinies of billions of unreached people in the world hang in the balance.

We strive for excellence in all that we do because there actually was one perfect person. Jesus Christ. He deserves our best. When we give it, he’ll use it, and more people will know him.

Creating Beauty for the Eyes of the Beholder

  • Posted On March 3, 2014
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by Mike Schrage, Executive Director, GNPI

Of the six core values at GNPI, creativity is one of the things we do best and one of the ways we’re striving to imitate God.

Think about it. God spoke the world into existence!

That amazes me. Think of our expansive universe – just our solar system alone. Or, consider the intricacy of the human body. Equally incredible are the beauty of pink and orange sunsets, brilliantly arrayed flowers, or exotic tropical fish in crystal clear waters on planet earth!

I think about all these wonderful creations, and then I’m stopped in my tracks when I remember that he created us in his image. He put within us the power to create! Isn’t that exciting?

At GNPI, we seek to infuse creativity in each strategy designed to deliver Christ-centered, culturally relevant media. We are digital artists who use media to paint the stunning beauty found within the Truth.

A funny Russian public service announcement engages viewers then warns them of alcoholism. Music videos grab the attention of African teenagers and lead them into spiritual conversations. Thai dramas boldly address controversial issues like the sanctity of life. Spanish radio stations offer Christian music and live evangelistic DJ shows. Indian actors pour into productions of the parables giving hope to people caught in the grips of the caste system.


Culturally relevant creativity looks different, depending on the canvas.

  • Bright purple in Thailand is a great color, but probably not for the American pallet.
  • Dramatic, over-the-top acting in Kenya might seem cheesy to the American acting guild, but totally “African” and cool to the targeted Kenyan audience.
  • Music in the Punjabi language might actually be grating to the American ear, but engaging to Sikh parents in Chandigarh.
  • Christian chants on audio might be “so 1970s,” but in SE Asia they’re so popular even Buddhist monks listen in their monasteries!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. At GNPI we create media to reach Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists whom God created and wants to redeem! That’s beautiful in any culture!


Ron and Mary’s Giving Perspective

  • Posted On February 28, 2014
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We are so thankful for the faithful servants God has brought to GNPI through the years. It never has been about the size or the frequency of a gift. It has always been about the heart.

We love to get notes with those gifts, like this one from Ron and Mary:

“It is so encouraging to hear reports from you concerning what GNPI is doing. Out of the five mission projects that Ron and I do, I can’t think of one that gives us more bang for our buck! Although each of them is doing a marvelous work and all are varied in their outreach, we realize we have to manage our resources well, because we basically live on our Social Security and a small check each month from a small retirement fund. I wish it could be so much more! There is no check I write monthly that gives me more joy than our missionary checks and the check to the church. Our material assets are small, but our eternal assets are “out of this world”!”

In Malachi 1:11, God said, “My name will be great among the nations…” This was not a command, it was a promise. He doesn’t need us to make sure that happens, but he allows us to be a part of it if we choose to.

Personal messages from the heart of the giver are so precious to us, because they are precious to God. We want to say thanks to all of you, all the Rons and the Marys who give sacrificially so that the name of Jesus can be made famous. We are glad you choose to join God in making His name famous by partnering with GNPI!


(Ron and Mary granted us permission to use their note.)



Partnerships Are Crucial

by Mike Schrage, Executive Director, GNPI

PartnershipWhen you hear the words “Strategic Partnership,” it sounds very official, doesn’t it? As one of our core values, it’s not just an official sounding phrase, it’s part of the essence of who we are.  Here’s why: strategic partnerships are where synergy is forged.

Synergy is another one of those fancy words, but it’s an essential and Biblical concept. It’s defined as  “the interaction of multiple elements in a system of collaboration to produce an effect different from or greater than the sum of their individual effects.

From the start, GNPI has wanted to maximize the impact that national leaders, missionaries, and Christian organizations could make. How? We wanted to accelerate global evangelism through media and technology. Our heart was to come alongside existing ministries, adding Christ-centered content and delivery tools to multiply the effect their message had on people who heard, and with our help, saw it.

Do you see how synergy is created?

Without them, our content would be useless because it wouldn’t be shared with the millions who need to hear about Jesus.

Without our content and technology tools, like Solar Kits, opportunities to reach people who otherwise wouldn’t have heard about Jesus, might be missed.

Partnership is also a critical factor as we seek to have impact among diverse belief systems like Hinduism, Islam, and Buddhism. Creating relevant media that can speak into a worldview completely different than ours demands strategic partnerships with local ministries. The combination is like salt on an icy sidewalk. The barrier melts away and a clear, safe path emerges, Good News to a Truth seeker.

Read our newsletters and you will see one example after another of how GNPI partners with national workers. Here’s a few examples that come to mind as I write:

  • In West Africa we’re mobilizing Solar Kits to help produce better evangelists.
  • In South Africa we partnered with MNET TV to show relevant, music videos during commercial breaks of World Cup soccer events.
  • In Pachuca, Mexico, we’re training hand-picked church leaders to use media to mature new disciples of Jesus through project NOMaD.
  • GNPI is working with other Christian organizations like Key Media to fund apps ( to reach Muslim audiences that we had no prior access to.

 The list goes on and on and on. And guess what, you’re our strategic partner too!  God has used your gifts and prayers to help strengthen and expand GNPI’s growing network for nearly four decades.

Strategic Partnership, it’s how Jesus builds his church. I’m so glad God is into strategic partnerships, aren’t you?