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Out of the Darkness

  • Posted On November 20, 2013
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I love the LORD, for he heard my voice;
he heard my cry for mercy.
– Psalm 116.1

He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire;
he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand.
– Psalm 40.2

Raziel’s story is shared by many. Since childhood, the strain of a dysfunctional family embroiled constantly in conflict had led him to a life of drugs and alcohol. Immersed for so long in this dark world, Raziel felt like he had lost all hope. In fact, he was hopeless.

In the midst of his despair, Raziel cried out to God. He wanted to finally be lifted out of the pit he’d fallen into, and he wanted God to show him that He was real.

Raziel’s cry was heard. God met Raziel in the darkness with a transforming Light.

Drugs and alcohol no longer have a hold on Raziel. What grips him now is the powerful, personal testimony given him by the redeeming and transforming power of Christ.

GNPI-Mexico is producing a short film to tell this amazing story. Raziel’s testimony, the second in a series of short dramas (La Red was the first), shows how God answers our cries for help.

Perhaps as much an evidence of God’s power in Raziel’s life is the story of how the film came about. Click here to read Trading His Pain, the “story behind this story.”

Stories like Raziel’s and La Red are essential to today’s Latin culture. Because so many struggle with addiction, culturally relevant productions like these from GNPI-Mexico address everyday needs in powerful ways.

Thank God for willing hearts like Raziel. The LORD didn’t just lift Raziel out of a dark pit. He has placed him firmly on The Rock as a light for many to see.

The Global Gospel in India

GNPI’s regional center in Damoh, India, is like a machine when it comes to cranking out new language productions of The Global Gospel! They have finished five languages in a little more than a year!

The thing is, after a new language is produced, it has to be duplicated and distributed before it reaches anyone, which costs about two dollars per copy.


Here is a quick look at how many DVDs have recently been distributed by GNPI-Damoh. And, these numbers only represent three of five completed languages that are available right now for distribution:

1,460 copies in Hindi. These were given to Christian preachers, individuals, families, children’s homes, other ministries in India, NGOs, schools, and village leaders near Damoh.

800 copies in Urdu. One interesting piece of information about the Urdu language is that many Indian Muslims speak this language. Five hundred copies have gone to individuals including many Muslim leaders and families. Mr. B.—the Muslim narrator of The Global Gospel in Urdu–took 200 copies to give to his circle of friends!

1,050 copies of the Marathi language. A government employee who is a friend of the ministry asked for 1,000 copies! He also works with many Indian radio studios and reaches out to many Indian fishermen.

On top of this amazing success, the Bengali and Gujarati languages are ready for duplication. With five more languages in various stages of production, duplication means multiplication!

Go Damoh!

Trading His Pain

  • Posted On October 29, 2013
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Pain is never wasted when given to the Lord. God is so creative—you never know how He will use the pain we experience to bring Glory to Himself, and powerful testimony to others.

This type of useful pain is appearing in Mexico as a result to GNPI’s response to the growing drug culture. God is orchestrating redemption and the acceleration of his Message through the intersection of our work and people’s lives.


Several years ago GNPI-Mexico produced a documentary about the effect of alcohol and drugs in Latin culture called Adicciones. As part of the production they interviewed law enforcement, families of addicts, families who had lost loved ones to addiction, and addicts themselves.

Raziel was in a rehab facility at the time and he agreed to be interviewed for Adicciones. Time passed, and no one at GNPI-Mexico knew Raziel eventually finished his rehab and successfully left the life of addiction to become a youth minister.

After he became a youth minister, Raziel was invited to speak at an event organized by Pastor Estrada. Pastor Estrada had previously attended a GNPI-Mexico sponsored event, and received a copy of the Adicciones DVD.

While Raziel was in town, Pastor Estrada invited him and two unbelievers to his home for a meal. Afterwards, they decided to watch the documentary. Imagine the surprise of everyone in the room when Raziel’s interview came on the screen.

The two unbelievers and Pastor Estrada turned to Raziel and in one voice said, “Is that you?”

Raziel replied, “Yes! I did not know the project was finished!”

The rest of the video, and seeing first-hand how Raziel’s life had changed, so impacted the two unbelievers they made the decision that evening to surrender their lives to the Lord.

God is Sovereign, and he brings together special people in specific places to do purposeful things. Every week GNPI productions like this are distributed around the world. And every week we receive affirmation that people who are thirsting for the Living Water are finding it in these productions!

Without you, though, GNPI-Mexico couldn’t reach people like Raziel. Thank you for being part of that story. We believe it will help many more people trade their pain for a powerful testimony!

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

  • Posted On October 22, 2013
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SlowSteady_01Much of the evangelism done by GNPI in Southeast Asia takes place through one-on-one conversations, visits to small villages, or in house churches.

The work is vital, but it could be compared to the tortoise—slow and steady.

Many people come to TP’s (our co-worker) office with questions about “the one true God.” The conversations they have lead to additional opportunities. The Southeast Asia team receives constant invitations to come to a village or someone’s home and teach.

Many times the invitations aren’t close to home. Sometimes, taking advantage of an opportunity to share the Gospel means traveling by bus or riding on the back of a motorbike. It may mean hiring a tuk tuk or a boat. It almost always includes walking many miles.

One thing is consistent—it’s never easy.

But, time and again, God has answered prayers and given us evidence of the fruit of our labors. Here are some of the results from a GNPI production in that area – designed specifically for the people in that region.

• One family was convinced after spending two days reviewing the GNPI production. They have decided to be baptized.

• In another village, a family was given a GNPI resource and after one week asked for a visit to share that they understood Christ and wanted to accept him as the true and living God. They asked for someone to teach their son.

• In yet another village, a family asked to have the difference in Jesus Christ and Gautama, the local god worshiped by many in the region.

There are even more stories about people who are choosing to abandon false gods for the one true God. This last quote truly emphasizes the impact TP and his team are making for Christ in Southeast Asia. The English isn’t perfect, but the Message is:

“I has been worshiping Gautama for more than 50 years, but I did not know the way of Gautama. I became to know about the history and reality of Gautama after you explained about him to me. And I also became to know about the reality of Jesus Christ by reading the (one of your resources).”

– Py, “L” village

Isn’t it interesting to see the hunger so evident in many for “the one true God.” They know they haven’t yet heard about him, and they know where to go to get it!

The tortoise worked slowly, but he eventually won the race. One by one, sometimes slowly, but surely, we’re winning people for Christ is Southeast Asia.

Reputation: It Matters.

  • Posted On October 17, 2013
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We often talk about Protus Sibukule and the NOMaD team in Eldoret, Kenya, so you may be familiar with the work being done among the Pokot people. God is changing that tribe through these men, and their reputation is becoming known!

The principal of a high school in the Pokot district heard about the impact they have made with media evangelism, and how incidents of cattle rustling are declining.
The principal invited the Eldoret team to his school for a one day rally featuring their productions including Tough Choices, and two episodes of Tumaini Hotel.”

Protus and the Eldoret team took advantage of the invitation.

“We thought it wise to begin by reaching to the students and youth, many of whom have been involved in cattle rustling,” Protus said. “(Our goal) was to help teach them the word of God so that they can know God, believe in Him, and make Him known to their neighbors.”

The messages to the high schoolers were so well received that after watching the videos, many students repented!

We are so encouraged at how the work this NOMaD team does changes lives. We hope you are too! They are producing such excellent content that they are garnering invitations to share it with others.

Reputation matters. That reputation is being developed in Eldoret, Kenya through biblically accurate, culturally relevant media made possible by you!

The Power of Ten

  • Posted On October 3, 2013
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by Mike Schrage, Executive Director

In September, I visited our regional center in Damoh, India. These friends have been working diligently to make ten versions of The Global Gospel available throughout the entire nation—a billion people!

The 88 stories of Jesus presented through The Global Gospel are simply illustrated and straight from the New Testament.


Guess what?

The simplicity and purity of these timeless stories are transforming lives even while in production. Numerous non-Christian actors, hired for their professional voice skills, have been so impressed after reading and speaking for hours about the life and teachings of Jesus that they wanted to study more!

That’s the impact God is making through your support of this effort!

What an amazing effort it is. Hundreds of hours are spent by these actors reading, line by line, from the Bible. They tirelessly record the audio so it has just the right inflection. When finished, their voices are masterfully mixed with music tracks to create a final arrangement for each story. Then, the entire work is prepared for distribution.

Is all of this work worth it? Without a doubt! Let me tell you why.

During my India visit I attended a conference with more than 1,000 Christians from around the nation. More than 1,460 copies of the Hindi language alone were distributed at this event. I wish you could visualize the impact! To date, more than 3,300 copies of The Global Gospel are finding their way to villages, house churches, ministries, and so many other people and places!

In a very short time, The Global Gospel has been produced in five Indian languages, and five more are in progress. Very soon, ten different languages will reach throughout India and even beyond the borders into Pakistan and Bangladesh.


The Word is moving, and it’s moving through you.

The story of Christ is actively permeating the lives of thousands in India. Even as I write this we received a request from our regional center for funds to distribute thousands more copies.

Hindu and Muslim actors asking more questions about Jesus. Evangelists sharing copies with village neighbors…YES! It’s worth it, and it’s the eternal difference YOU are making when you support GNPI.