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A Peaceful Vacation

  • Posted On May 29, 2014
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by guest blogger David Duncan, The Steward Partnership

It’s 2 out of 3! That’s how many adults generally plan to make a leisure trip between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

How about you? Will you be heading to the beach? The mountains? The lake? The cabin? The city? To see friends and relatives? Or to take a break from friends and relatives?

Before you go, you may want to change the oil, check the tires, the brakes, the fluids – and update your will.


What was that?

That’s right! Before you go on vacation is a great time to make sure your estate desires are reflected in your documents, property titles, and beneficiary arrangements.

Having these stewardship tools up to date makes that vacation more peaceful knowing your Christian values are reflected in your plans.

Let us know if we can help. Our services are without cost or obligation (won’t cut into the vacation fund) but can be very valuable. Call us at 417.782.0060, email, or begin your research at

Have a great vacation!


A Lump in My Throat

  • Posted On May 27, 2014
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by Tom Nutt, Director of Operations

Thailand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Seeing the diversity and beauty that God has created is often breathtaking and part of what makes traveling so fun. Even more beautiful than the landscape and countryside in these vast and diverse countries are the people who live there. All very different, but all made in his image.


As I traveled to several of the different temples and observed the various ways in which people were worshiping, I was drawn to the sights and sounds of those praying.  Why are they here? What are they praying? Who is listening to their prayers? What hope do they have? How do we reach these people with the Truth as we know it? As an observer, I could jump to many conclusions. Many of my conclusions would probably be wrong, but my mind was put at ease knowing that I didn’t need to have all of the answers to my questions. There are others who work and live there who do know. “Nationals know best,” as we at GNPI always say, and there is a group of nationals and missionaries whom I was there to visit. They do know these answers, and they have a well-thought-out plan on how to reach and teach their people.


Chiang Mai is home to one of the nine GNPI regional centers and home to a team of innovative thinkers and media savvy evangelists. I went there to encourage them in their work and to look for other ways that we could assist them, but I was the one who walked away encouraged! This creative team is involved in the ongoing process of producing several different series. One series is called BEC. This stands for Bible Extension Courses, which covers a variety of topics to teach people how to be effective Christians. This series is produced in both English and Lisu and distributed on DVD and via the Internet. Another series is People Everywhere, which is a testimonial program of individuals talking about how their lives changed after becoming believers. It demonstrates how they use their beliefs in everyday life. It is an interesting look into the lives of some pretty intriguing people.


While there in Chiang Mai, I also had the opportunity to demonstrate the Solar Kit to a group of missionaries who had gathered for some fellowship. One young lady waited her turn and then asked, “How can I get one of these?” I am not supposed to use her real name, so I will call her Ruth. Ruth was visiting from across the border in a large neighboring country. She couldn’t tell me many of the details of her work, but it was easy to see her compassion. Ruth works among some of the tribal groups living in mountains in this enormous country. She told me about a certain group of men she knows who focus their efforts on those with physical handicaps and those suffering with an array of mental illnesses and diseases.  My ears perked up when Ruth started talking about those with special needs because of my younger sister, Lynda. Lynda lived her short life full of mental and physical challenges. Lynda had the best care that money can buy and kind, loving Christian parents to attend to her every need.


What Ruth said next still causes a lump in my throat and a tear to my eye every time I think of it. Many of the people in these villages, living with these challenges, have been abandoned. There is little or no help to enable them to have any quality of life as we know it. No one really knows or understands how to help, so most of them have very little interaction with others. Some of the more severe cases of those afflicted with mental illnesses are kept in handmade, wooden cages to try and protect them from hurting themselves or others. Can you imagine what that must be like? Ruth said, “I can’t wait to see the looks on their faces when they are able to see The Global Gospel in their language for the first time.” I was at a loss for words! Wow!

As we study the Scriptures we read about people having an innate knowledge of Christ, even though they may have never had the opportunity to read or even be taught about the Messiah coming to earth. Somehow, they just know. I can’t help but pray that these people in wooden cages will have a knowledge that surpasses all understanding when they see the Message of Christ in their language on one of these simple Solar Kits. Your support and generosity has made The Global Gospel and these Solar Kits possible.

Thanks for allowing me to work for you and travel to these spectacular places and witness first hand what God is doing through you!

Expand Regional Center Impact!

Since 1989, GNPI has strategically positioned nine regional centers throughout the world. Like a large family, where each child is unique, the same could be said for each regional center. Some have a staff of ten, others a staff of three. Some work only in video; others work in a host of media formats. Some produce media for youth, while others target science and apologetics as their “sweet spot” topic.

Each regional center director wants to grow by adding more staff and better production equipment to take on projects like:

  • A five-part video series over oppressive social issues in the Spanish youth culture

  • Books and video clips addressing the existence of God in Russia

  • Indigenous worship music for new believers with Buddhist backgrounds

All GNPI productions consider the needs of the culture, community, city, country, and the local churches serving them! We maintain that nationals know best, and that our work needs to reflect the heart language and understanding of those it touches.

Not only do local people know the language and customs, they’re connected to preachers, distribution networks, and broadcasting contacts. In addition, local people help us finish productions faster and with less expense.

Completing projects like those mentioned above will require increased budget support. Over the next few years, our regional centers will work hard to be more strategically and financially effective than ever before. We’ll provide training on new equipment. We’ll hire additional staff who can share impact stories created as a result of what God is using them to accomplish. With your help, these centers of production will impact the growth of God’s kingdom like never before!

With the emergence of project NOMaD as a training ground throughout the world for new men and women of media, there may soon be other “children” added to our regional center family.  Thanks for being part of our growth and vision for the future!

Identify, Train, and Equip NOMaD Teams

By definition, a nomad is someone who wanders from place to place, usually in search of food or water to provide for their livestock. At GNPI, our version of a nomad is a bit different.

The vision for project NOMaD was sparked about five years ago. NOMaD is an acronym for National Outreach using Media and Discipleship. As the world goes digital, there is increasing demand and opportunity to use media as a digital classroom and even as a digital pulpit!

In addition to the increased demand for digital content, producing material this way has never been more of a reality for ministries throughout the world. Today’s video equipment is more advanced, lightweight, cheaper, and easier to use. In other words, more people than ever are in a prime position to use media and technology to accelerate global evangelism!  

At our regional office in Damoh, India, we recently taught a group of young motorcyclists how to create a safety video about the importance of wearing helmets. The result: they learned to write the script, shoot the video, and edit for a finished product – all on their cell phones!

NOMaD exemplifies one of GNPI’s core values, being culturally relevant. What better way to remain sensitive and open to a specific culture than to train nationals to use the latest equipment for evangelism, whether in India or another part of the world. For example, it’s expensive to send Americans to Africa. It’s far better to train and equip African nationals to use today’s equipment for their needs. Of the people, for the people, and by the people — that’s project NOMaD!

 God has put the pieces into place in the five years since the vision was cast. NOMaD Coordinator Jason Miller works with GNPI’s nine regional centers throughout the world to train potential “people of media,” individuals who are passionate about using technology to accelerate global evangelism.

Various levels of training and equipping are taking place. Currently, seven NOMaD teams function in places like Pachuca, Mexico; Johannesburg, South Africa; and Kigali, Rwanda. More opportunities and possibilities emerge all the time.

The world needs Christian content to address current issues in Biblical ways. NOMaD team members are trained and equipped to do just that around the ever-expanding global network of GNPI.


Followers of Christ

  • Posted On May 17, 2014
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by Pa See Vang, Creative Team Assistant, GNPI

It’s wonderful to see people make the decision to walk with Christ. Here are some baptism photos from around the world.Baptism

Technology Multiplies Ministry!

  • Posted On May 15, 2014
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by guest blogger Nick Parsons, GNPI Board Member

If you care about The Great Commission, you should care about technology. Let me explain:

A few years back, I was a member of a church planting team in Nagoya, Japan. We were attempting to share Christ and make disciples among the 2nd largest unreached people group in the world, and we quickly realized how important technology was to our task. After studying Japanese for two years, we launched a new church in the heart of urban Nagoya. One year into our church plant, we had 30-40 people attending regularly. It was modest but exciting growth.

Around that time we realized a couple important things. One was that over 75% of the people connected to our church were people we first “met” on social media networks. While we were actively reaching out to neighbors and friends, the people who were “sticking” to our church were people that we connect with online. We didn’t have a good answer to why this was, but it was an important thing to realize. Second, we learned that resources we posted online to our church’s website (sermons, video testimonies, etc.) were being watched by thousands of people across Japan. The content being produced by our tiny new church plant was being consumed by a larger number of people than could have imagined. Again, we did not understand why this was happening, but it seemed too important to ignore. Our team set out to understand how God was using technology to establish his church in Japan, and it is a journey we continue on today.

It was the question, “How can we use technology to advance church planting?” that led me to GNPI.

It was the question, “How can we use technology to advance church planting?” that led me to GNPI. I had heard of GNPI during my time as a student at Ozark, but I did not fully appreciate the ministry until I began to see how technology can be used to multiply our ministry efforts. I have loved learning about the rich history of GNPI and deeply resonate with the mission of the organization: to accelerate global evangelism through media and technology.

Recently, I was privileged to join the Board of Directors for GNPI. I am honored and excited to join the amazing work of this ministry and to continue to partner with churches, much like the church plant I helped start in Japan to help them better utilize technology for mission. As someone who cares deeply about The Great Commission and has seen technology accelerate evangelism, discipleship, and church planting–I love this organization!

Producing The Global Gospel in the World’s Top 25 Languages

Of the billions who are potential disciples of Jesus Christ, millions cannot read. Millions cannot afford a Bible in their own language. Millions do not have access to a Bible. Either it still needs to be translated into their dialect, or they live in a country antagonistic to the causes of Christ.

The Global Gospel is a potential solution.

A digital survey of the life and teachings of Jesus synthesized from the Gospels, these 88 visual stories are being produced in languages they can understand. The short stories are free to download from the Internet on any desktop computer or mobile device. The visual stories can be used to teach children, engage Sunday school classes, or illustrate sermons on the life of Jesus every week for over a year! The Global Gospel is currently available for download in seven languages, with many more to be released soon. GNPI’s phase one goal is to produce The Global Gospel in the world’s 25 most widely spoken languages by the end of 2015. Meanwhile, more than 50 other languages are at various phases of the production process.

The vision is becoming reality. To learn more go to

New Delivery Possibilities for the Gospel

  • Posted On May 5, 2014
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Portio Research estimates that at the end of 2012, about 17% of the 1.2 billion people worldwide who owned mobile phones were using Apps. A big number, but one forecasted to grow by 29.8 % each year. That equates to 4.4 billion App users by the end of 2017, about half of whom will live in Asia. The App world has experienced an explosion that will send shock waves far into the future!

The exciting thing is that millions who live in Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist regions of the world are downloading Apps. Many are not in close proximity to Christians and are looking to answer spiritual questions like:

Does God value me, a Muslim woman?
Does God have a plan for me as a member of the low caste system in India?

Having culturally relevant answers available in one’s heart language, accessible by a free mobile App, may just be what the Holy Spirit uses to foster relationships between disciples and seekers. This is why GNPI continues to explore mobile Apps as a delivery platform.

Almost 3 billion people live in the worlds of Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism. Each one of them deserves to hear the Good News that Jesus saves!


  • Posted On May 1, 2014
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It’s interesting how God makes connections, and then sits back to watch us figure our what He’s done. Don’t you think he’s delighted when we are thrilled by what he does with our offerings?

KMT1Back in January we posted a blog about a recording session in our regional center in SE Asia, which lasted into the night because of a power outage. The man who had come to record the audio for that project has been an evangelist for many years. He recently sent TP this story about a village he was invited to, and upon his arrival, he found that some of the tracts and booklets that the regional center in SE Asia had produced had found their way into the hands of the people there.

We will call him KKM for security.

KKM said that he had been traveling and preaching the Gospel for many years. When TP asked him to come and record, he was honored. He said that through his participation in that recording, he learned something very important:

“It’s not that people don’t know God. It is that they do not know the right way to approach the One True God.” he shared with TP.

Connections2Last December KKM was invited by one of the neighboring countries to come and preach about the One True God. There are hundreds of people groups (tribes) in SE Asia, so KKM was excited that the tribe he was invited to speak to were his own people group! When he arrived, he saw that they were reading resources that had been produced by GNPI-SE Asia. They were very happy that KKM had come to explain more about “the God” they were reading about.

KKM described the rest of his visit like this: “We had a meeting. I spoke to them and explained to them who the living God is and why we should worship him. I explained what he did for us and what he is doing for us now in heaven.

Connections2Many people accepted Christ that day. We baptized 140 people in a swimming pool. They said, ‘Finding the living God is like finding a large pile of treasure.’”

How thrilling to find these resources have crossed a country border and are being used by a people group KKM belonged to. And how wonderful for KKM to see the connection God made between himself and this group of people in another country…and to get to baptize 140 of his own people into Christ!

The New Roman Road

  • Posted On April 28, 2014
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“Of Issachar, men who had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do, 200 chiefs, and all their kinsmen under their command.” 1 Chronicles 12.32

This scripture reminds me of the importance of having a plan for what’s next. Late last year, GNPI completed a new strategic plan. Over the next several weeks, I want to walk you through the major points of that plan, so you’ll know exactly where the ministry is headed.

Our first stop: continuing GNPI’s rich heritage of utilizing technology tools to spread the Gospel. GNPI is no stranger to using innovative technology to share the Good News. Remember our significant use of satellite uplink technology in the past?

Understanding the times means knowing how to use relevant technology to advance God’s Kingdom.

Because of the realities above I’ve shared with you, GNPI is looking at the next “new thing” as delivery of content over mobile devices. Mobile Apps allow for the viral spread of Christian media content.

We’re going to explore new ways to use mobile Apps to deliver the message of Christ to a world that needs him more than anything else.

Why mobile Apps? Mobile Apps have now spread across almost every culture. Look at these facts:


This year, the total number of mobile phones ever produced will exceed the world’s population, which is slightly over 7 billion. The number of mobile accounts in existence is around 6.7 billion. While every minute there are 71 births, 406 people get a new mobile phone account.

In 2004, there were 100 million cameras of any type sold worldwide. In 2012, there were 1.5 billion phones with cameras inside.

There are more mobile phones in the world than toilets, and more people use a mobile phone than use a toothbrush. Additionally, by the end of 2014, the majority of Internet usage will be through mobile devices.

Is your head spinning yet?

While it can be overwhelming to think of the proliferation of mobile technology, look at some of the opportunities and reasons we must act now.

  • The percentage of Internet users accessing the Internet through mobile devices is greatest in developing countries. In developing countries, early adoption of mobile Apps is available to the Church, but those opportunities are disappearing quickly as commercial usage and government control increase.
  • Mobile Apps provide one of the most economically viable means for creation and distribution of Christian content.
  • Many times, mobile devices are present when believers come in contact with the lost, and these devices can be leveraged in those encounters.
  • Mobile devices provide a powerful way to reach vast numbers of those who are most difficult to reach (hidden, oral learners, women, and children).
  • Mobile devices provide one of the most powerful media platforms for 2-way communication and for the development of face-to-face relationships.
  • The mobile App is an individual’s most personal/intimate media device. When the Gospel is shared via this device, it is shared in one of the person’s most personal/intimate spaces. As a grandpa, I FaceTime with my grandchildren. When we say goodbye, we sometimes kiss each other goodbye on the phone. What other devices are we willing to kiss?

Jesus came “at just the right time” when language was common, and Roman roads were working to spread culture, education, and commerce. Today, the Gospel has yet another chance to spread like never before, because “at just the right time” the church seized the opportunity of technology – a new Roman road through Apps!