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Water Flows

  • Posted On April 14, 2014
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by Mike Schrage, Executive Director, GNPI

I was blessed with the opportunity to tour the Holy Land last year. One of the things that struck me was the importance of water in the country of Israel. In King Hezekiah’s day he designed a tunnel to divert water to his city. Today, drip irrigation is a trademark of farmers in Israel because of the scarcity of water. Water sustains life in a walled fortress and brings life to a desert land.

We all know that water is vital, but another thing about water is that it flows.

Water Flows Color

Think about it. Pour water on an inclined table and it will run off the edge. Pour water on a sidewalk and it will follow the cracks. Pour water in a muffin pan; it fills one hole and then seeks another hole until all the holes are filled and overflowing.

Jesus said He is the Living Water! He sustains us like a walled city drinks from a diverted stream. He brings life to our lives like drip irrigation in a desert.

This isn’t a new thought to me, but when I related flowing water to Jesus, THIS was new to me!

You see, Jesus as “Living Water”’ naturally flows to the edges of society. He naturally flows to the people who are cracked and hurting. He flows to the dark places, the uninviting holes in society, if you will. He leans toward those who are inclined and are leaning, struggling to stand.

Yes, Jesus is the Living Water and He wants to flow to the poor, the marginalized, the socially inept, the places that lack justice, and the sin-ravaged areas of humanity. More importantly, He wants us to flow into those areas, bringing life to others!

But most importantly, because Jesus is love, mercy, forgiveness, and grace, He will flow to those areas: the widowed and orphaned in our neighborhoods, the abused and forgotten in our society, whether we go or not! He’d love to use us and have us on the journey, but nothing will stop Him because water just flows. Just as we cannot stop water from flowing down an incline, following a crack, or filling a hole, we cannot stop Jesus from going to the least of these.

How about me? Where am I flowing?



Planting Seeds in Taiwan

  • Posted On April 9, 2014
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by guest blogger, Bryan S. Lawler, Motion & Still Photographer and Social Media Coordinator for GNPI

Therefore in the east give glory to the Lord; exalt the name of the Lord,
the God of Israel, in the islands of the sea. (Isaiah 24:15 NIV)

I recently had the great honor to travel to Taichung, Taiwan, to use my passion for video and photography to help train the missionary team in different aspects of video production. The team (Chad Edwards, Jon Ralls, and Allen Messimer of Team Expansion) have been using video in their ministry outreach and have been given a couple of huge possibilities for outreach using media. Because of that they want to focus on improving their productions. With help from a supporting church they were able to purchase new equipment and are eager to learn.


Once arriving in Taiwan, I hit the ground running, as they had many things on their agenda to accomplish while I was there. We dove right in on finalizing their first script in a new video series called Questions. This is a six-part series that will address some serious life questions that we sometimes won’t stop to ask. Once we ironed out the script, we were ready to begin filming and do on-location training with their new equipment. As we filmed, it was very exciting to hear the possibilities and potential that this new video project has along with another video series, Discovery English Studio.


Discovery English Studios, is a series that the team has already been producing. They have been invited into the local public schools to teach English and reinforce it with videos. They have been given the opportunity to use their own material in the videos. The videos focus on character development using Biblical parables and Old Testament stories. Currently, they are involved in 3 English clubs on 3 different school campuses. And, with a partnership with HTC these Discovery English videos are accessed by 50,000 high school student through HTC tablets.


Both videos series have been requested to be a part of the newest fastest growing network in Taiwan, It will be amazing to see what God will do with these videos as they have a potential of planting seeds in the heart of 23 million people in Taiwan.

Celebrating Your Impact

  • Posted On April 8, 2014
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We’re standing in awe of what God has done in response to recent Vision Night events. Hundreds of GNPI friends and supporters gathered at our venues in Joplin, Indianapolis, and Phoenix.

They saw up close our new look and branding changes, heard highlights of our new strategic plan, and experienced our work in India through the eyes of GNPI-Damoh, India’s regional director, Manee Massey. And, in a wonderful show of generosity, those in attendance at all three events donated or pledged a total of $150,000 to help us progress more rapidly toward the accomplishment of our ambitious plans.


For those of you who came and saw first-hand the people, plans, and potential for sharing Christ with the world through media and technology, we thank you and celebrate the impact you made.

If you weren’t able to attend, we are producing a four-part series of short videos called GNPI Living Room Sessions. Executive Director Mike Schrage invites you into his living room to share some of what we unveiled at Vision Night.

GNPI Living Room Sessions Part 1 and GNPI Living Room Sessions Part 2 are available now.

Watch for two more this month in our weekly e-communication or check back next Monday and Thursday (April 7th and 10th.)

Scripture makes it clear that nothing good comes without vision. Thank you for joining us to catch the vision for the future of GNPI!

God of All

  • Posted On April 5, 2014
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by Pa See Vang, Creative Team Assistant, GNPI

There is much hope knowing that from rice fields, to urban cities, to slums, God cannot be contained. He will always make a way for his children. Here are a few photos of the different places that God has used GNPI to reach.



Set the Bar High

  • Posted On April 1, 2014
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by Nenette Pacoli, regional director in the Philippines

Setting the Bar High4It was an exciting day—the day we showed the Courtship episode of WWJD to over 60 college students at a public university near our church.

Part of our plan this year is to go to Christian organizations, schools, etc. to offer our materials, and it seems the Lord is showing the way to go; he is definitely ahead of us!

One of our church members met one of the students from the university and introduced her to Pastor Geoff. I was there when she told us of how the students meet every Tuesday, and she helped with those activities: Bible Studies, etc.

Together we made arrangements to show the WWJD, Courtship episode at the university. We were expecting only about 30 students, but the area they gave us was packed, and with a lot of boys to boot! Before we started, we passed out paper so they could (anonymously) write their questions about courtship. They were the usual, “How would I know if he’s/she’s the right one?” and “When is the right time to enter into a relationship?” etc.

Setting the Bar High2

They gave their full attention to the video, and many were reacting at the “right” places. After the video, Pastor Geoff and I answered the questions they asked. I also asked them what they learned from the video, and praise God, they remembered all the right things!!!

Setting the Bar High3I emphasized to them the lesson that “no man or woman can complete you; only God can.” Pastor Geoff closed the session with, “You can only know what true love is if you know God….” We can’t go beyond making those statements; we would be breaking the law if we asked them to pray for salvation.

Pastor Geoff had to leave early, but after the event, many students came up to me to thank me for the video. Two boys even said, “that segment about being prepared physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially really spoke to me….”

We were invited back, so next time we will show Purity. Please help us pray for that time!

I Am Not Afraid to Preach the Gospel Now…

  • Posted On March 28, 2014
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This story comes from SE Asia about a man we call U Tun. You may have read it in our last newsletter, but we thought it was so remarkable, we wanted to share it as a blog too!

Since 89% of the people in U Tun’s SE Asian village are born into Buddhist families, it was unusual that he was born into one that was Christian. Even with that heritage, though, early in his life U Tun chose a path that enslaved him to alcohol and violence. In fact, he did whatever he had to do to get liquor.

U TunHis choices became criminal, and eventually led him to prison. Even as he found himself at a low point, things got worse. While in prison, U Tun’s wife passed away. When he was finally was released from prison, U Tun found himself at an important fork in the road. He described the situation.

“After I got out of jail I had nothing to do. I got throat cancer. I went to a monastery and the monk gave me medicine for my throat. I did not even remember to pray to God. My previous boss knew my weaknesses: that I had no money, I had cancer, nowhere to live, and my wife’s death. He offered me a large sum of money to kill his rival. I felt that I had no choice.”

Having decided to follow through with the unthinkable, on the night he entered the home of this man to murder him, U Tun heard him praying. He listened for a while; then he put his knife away. Surprisingly, instead of calling the police, the man welcomed U Tun, and they talked about God.

U Tun didn’t use his knife, but his heart was pierced. He began attending church with this man he had planned to kill! A desire to tell others about God was growing in his heart, but he was fearful because he didn’t know how. TP, director of GNPI-SE Asia, came to his church one Sunday and taught about how to evangelize the unreached. TP gave U Tun one of the booklets produced by GNPI in SE Asia. After reading it, U Tun felt empowered to speak about Christ. Since then, he has brought 40 people to the church and 10 of them have been baptized.

“I am not afraid to preach the Gospel now,” U Tun said. “When the Holy Spirit works inside you, you do not want to be just quiet. You want to speak. I will be preaching the Gospel of Jesus until I die.”

Shopping on Amazon

  • Posted On March 26, 2014
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Do you ever wish you could do more to financially support global missions but just can’t find any more space in your budget?

Now, of all companies, online retailer Amazon can make giving more to GNPI possible on any budget!

Through a Website called AmazonSmile, when you shop online, a portion of your purchases are donated to GNPI. Operated by Amazon, the site offers the same selection of products and convenient shopping features as What’s different though, is that through, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of your eligible purchases to GNPI!

Shop Amazon Smile4Here’s how to get started:

  • Log in with the same information you would use for your regular Amazon account.

  • When you’ve registered correctly, the top of the page should read, “Supporting: Good News Productions, International.”

Shop Amazon


Yep.  It’s that easy. Using this link once also allows future purchases on the Website to go to GNPI – you only have to register once, and the Website remembers your selected organization!

Take your Amazon shopping experience to a whole new level, knowing part of your purchase helped accelerate global evangelism through media and technology!

Thanks, and happy shopping!

A Party Beyond Description

  • Posted On March 24, 2014
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by Mike Schrage, Executive Director, GNPI

Last year I attended the wedding reception of a good friend’s son. It was an evening of reconnecting with long-time friends and memory making. It reminded me of the party in Luke 15 that Jesus told, regarding the famous Prodigal Son. When explaining the party plans to the envious older son, the father of the wayward boy said to his eldest son, “But we had to celebrate and be glad…” I like the imperative in that statement, don’t you? It’s a command to be happy and party!

As I looked back to the stories of the lost coin and lost sheep, also found in Luke 15, the same theme reverberates, “Rejoice with me!” Jesus tells three stories about the Holy Spirit and Dr. Luke lines these up back to back to make sure we get the point!

If I may coin a couple of new words, in the “leastness” and the “lostness” of the sheep, the coin, and the prodigal son, we hear Jesus revealing and proclaiming the heart of his Father. His is a heart that spontaneously rejoices and it is also a heart that must celebrate!


So the next time we think we are insignificant, remember God has been preparing to throw quite a party for you, and not only you, but for anyone you help to find and follow Jesus. And that’s why I am all in with GNPI to work at exactly that, helping people find Jesus.

Heaven is going to be many things. One of them is a feast, a party beyond description with celebrating and singing so loud, so harmonious, so spectacular, and so lengthy that it will go for what will seem like….well, like eternity!



The Greatest Among Them

  • Posted On March 22, 2014
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by Pa See Vang, Creative Team Assistant, GNPI


Luke 9:46-48

An argument started among the disciples as to which of them would be the greatest. Jesus, knowing their thoughts, took a little child and had him stand beside him. Then he said to them, “Whoever welcomes this little child in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me welcomes the one who sent me. For he who is least among you all he is the greatest. ”

Children have such a wonderful way of looking at the world. When I see how they respond to the world it reminds me of seeing a new place for the first time. There is so much that we as adult can learn from them. Today I want to share some of the the beautiful children I have seen in photos taken around the world.


A Cup of Cold Water

  • Posted On March 18, 2014
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by Dee Ann Miller, Administrative Assistant at GNPI

cool water


This photo was sent to us from one of the regional centers. It was so beautiful, Dee Ann immediately had an idea for something she wanted to share. Dee Ann helps at GNPI in so many ways, including opening the mail. This means if you send a note or card, she is one of the first to see it. Many times during our staff prayer times in the mornings, Dee Ann shares encouragement and prayer requests from GNPI supporters throughout the nation and world! A picture truly is worth a thousand words. Here are Dee Ann’s thoughts:


“And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones who is my disciple, truly I tell you, that person will certainly not lose their reward.” —Matthew 10:42

The generous, faithful gifts of churches and individuals to GNPI provide hope and refreshment that accelerates global evangelism. These are just some of the encouraging messages we have recently received from GNPI partners.

Russell insists, “Another year has gone into history for our troubled world. In that chaos, GNPI seems to bring light and hope. Continue the mission!”

Cheryl sends funds on behalf of her church and says, “Please accept our monthly support gift for your work in serving others. Your work does not go unnoticed. Know that you are remembered in our prayers. This support is sent out with our love of the Lord, and of you, and your work for Him.”

Elly writes, “We do appreciate your labors for the Master and are always thrilled to hear of new outreach.”

Thelma shares, “When I know more of what to thank God for and what to pray for, I feel so encouraged knowing God is being proclaimed throughout the world. Global Evangelism is a BIG job and God is certainly using your people in a big way to help get the job done for Him.”

Ruth writes, “I pray for all of you mightily. I pray for God’s strength, wisdom, discernment, and patience as you serve him. I pray also for God to meet your needs. May God’s armor protect you!”

Thank you for your support to allow us to share Living Water by producing culturally relevant, Biblically based materials for people in their heart language from nine regional centers, six NOMaD teams, and through nearly 400 Solar Kits in more than 40 countries.