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Jesus Story Broadcast

You know how exciting it is to reach a long-term goal. You have helped GNPI reach a milestone with one of our most ambitious projects. It’s a special series airing for children in the Middle East.

A ministry partner in Cyprus has produced The Global Gospel (TGG) as a new series called Jesus Story which is a televised program for kids and includes an introduction, several stories, and a closing about the main theme in 13 half-hour episodes.

The Arabic Jesus Story series began airing last month on SAT-7 KIDS with nearly five million youth from the ages of 6-13 viewing the programs in the Arabic language alone! The release date was close to the 10-year anniversary of the station. Viewers tune in from every country in the region, with the largest audience in Egypt, followed by Syria, Morocco, and Yemen. Christian workers are following up with Jesus Story viewers on two different Facebook groups and distributing children’s books as a supplement to the series. A SAT-7 program director says the project is the most biblically based content he’s ever aired. Additional production has moved quickly, and the Jesus Story will soon be released in Farsi and Turkish.

“Around The Network” – 90 Second Journey

Isn’t it encouraging to watch people who are learning to trust the Lord daily? For those not yet connected to a family of believers, media can be a vehicle to move people forward in faith. Learn how your gifts are touching individuals for Christ through GNPI coworkers in Mexico and Thailand.

Thank you for helping others to encounter Christ on this journey of life.

P.S. – You are welcome to download this video on Vimeo to encourage your congregation or missions committee.

Building Faith

Are you burdened for those who have no hope? Are looking for creative ways to share the Gospel with young people? The Lord is opening doors in areas where people are persecuted for their faith. Your partnership enables GNPI to make the most of a new opportunity for children in Muslim cultures to learn about Bible characters and to build their faith in Jesus at an early age.

The New Angle Media Project is currently being tested in Indonesia among their population of 95 million Muslims and includes interactive children’s stories from both the Old and New Testament. Once complete this project will be replicated within some of the hardest-to-reach nations on earth. Our ministry partners even designed a follow-up system which includes a button for app users to delete the programs if they sense danger.

Studies indicate the audience with the greatest potential for growth on Facebook is Muslim women. Imagine these women using their phones to share the animated stories with their children. The potential is amazing.

Thank you for helping to share the Gospel in meaningful ways with people of all ages!

God Multiplied It

Has the Lord ever taken one of your dreams for sharing the Gospel beyond all you expected? Consider how your gifts are bringing Christian workers together to make new disciples and to expand the Church.

Author Shawn Tyler explains how the New Angle Media Project began as a simple idea for children’s stories and grew into a strategic plan to reach more people by putting the stories on a free app, adding questions for interaction, and working with internationals to illustrate and animate the project for multicultural appeal.

Shawn says, “GNPI has taken it and expanded it many times over. It’s so much bigger than I ever dreamed! It reminds me of the little boy who offered the five loaves and two fish to Jesus.”

Seasonal Plans

Do you ever feel like you are neglecting God’s Word? We’ve all heard the sermon that challenged us. We promised ourselves that we would go back and look up the verses in our Bibles or on our phones to study more, but the busyness of life hindered our plans.

The same human dilemma occurs whether we live in America, China, or Myanmar. Yet God is helping His people get into His Word with the phones in our pockets and purses. It’s easier than ever to access Scripture, and the completion numbers are proving that people who sign up for Bible plans in their heart languages are able to learn more about God and His Word.

These GNPI plans which you helped to fund are finding their way into the hearts of seekers in languages we will never learn and in countries we will never be allowed to visit. The GNPI network has provided content for discipleship plans on YouVersion in ten languages making the practical studies of God’s Word available to nearly 2.4 billion people!

The following plans focus on the birth of our Savior.








Min Nan:













Other plans and language versions highlight the life and resurrection of Christ.

Because of your partnership, more people have an opportunity to know Jesus Christ in a way they can easily understand.

Our Faithful God

GNPI Founder Ziden Nutt recounts God’s provision over the last 40 years.

Your gifts have made a great impact this past year!

In dozens of places throughout Central and South America, Asia, Africa, and beyond, you are helping ministry partners to reach people with the Good News. Together we have:

• Partnered to start 47 churches.
• Rejoiced with our staff and associates over 336 decisions.           
• Accelerated global evangelism in 160 nations.
• Released 364 media productions.
• Distributed 218,073 Gospel presentations globally in multiple languages.  
• Touched 101,940,896 people worldwide with Christ-centered media.
• Impacted 43 people for each dollar donors invested.

Would you consider a gift to GNPI to make a difference in the year ahead?

Hey, Podcast Lovers!

Do you remember GNPI’s popular Venture in Faith series? These inspiring testimonies are now available for podcast listeners. The interviews were originally filmed in our Joplin studios over a span of 20 years starting in the 1980s. The stories from these individuals continue to show God’s power and relevance as they encourage a new generation.

Besides the GNPI website, you can also listen to the podcast on iTunes or Stitcher radio.  

Reflections on Prayer

  • Posted On October 31, 2017
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Mike Schrage, Executive Director

I visited Korntal, Germany, recently. Click here if you are interested in learning more about the deep Moravian history of this quaint village. This group of people prayed more effectively than most and sent more missionaries per capita than most. They knew how to ask! They proved through a century of practice that prayer and global evangelism are directly linked and can change the world.

Haven’t we all had this experience sometime in our lives? We prayed to God, but because we didn’t see any difference we thought He didn’t care or didn’t act. When we pray and nothing seems to happen, it causes us to lose desire and determination. We say to ourselves, “What’s the use?”

That’s not true, though, is it? Think about prayer with one of your children. When my son asks, I hear. Because he is my son, I pay close attention and have my mind fixed on what he’s asking. Though he may come back to me again with his request, he really doesn’t have to repeat it. I’ve got it.

Nor does he have to do anything special to make the request. If he’s dirty, he doesn’t need to get cleaned up. He doesn’t have to wait until I’m rested. No, he feels the freedom to ask when he wants.

Just as he feels the freedom to ask when he wants, as his father I choose to respond when it’s best. In my time. My time may not be the same as his. My answer may not be the one he would want. That doesn’t diminish the importance of the ask, though. I can’t read what’s in his mind; he has to make it known to me.

God’s not like that. He knows what’s in my heart. We don’t approach God in prayer for the purpose of informing Him of anything. We approach God with our heart’s desires because in asking, faith is exercised, love is shown, hope is expressed, and relationship is developed with the One who knows best.

Prayer exposes our desires and intentions. In response our Abba Father kindly shows how well our own intentions align with His own.

Amazing, isn’t it!

Jesus said it best in John 16:24, “Until now you have not asked for anything in my name. Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete.”

What do you think about this verse? What do you need? Have you taken the time to open your heart and directly ask the Father while remembering that He is God and the source of everything?

Prayer’s impact is not dependent on the piety or passion of the one praying but on the preference and power of the One listening.

That is good news!

A Changed Identity

Gayle Silkwood, Office Manager of GNPI-Chiang Mai, Thailand

Amp was abandoned by her parents at a young age. She became quiet and withdrawn with only a few friends. She grew up feeling unloved and unneeded. Watch the following testimony to see how Jesus changed her life.

As an adult Amp has an important position with Upland Holistic Development Project, a foundation in Southeast Asia. Her job is to reach out to hill tribe people in northern Thailand. She markets and provides a means for them to sell their handicrafts. In her free time, she visits orphanages, plays the guitar, and brings food to a Christian care group for people with disabilities. The Lord is using this woman who had never before known love to give her love to others.

How has the love of Christ changed your life?

A Dream and A Mission

Gayle Silkwood, Office Manager of GNPI-Chiang Mai, Thailand

Our team traveled to the northern border of Thailand to interview Pastor Uti-jack for our testimonial program. He had been a highly educated Buddhist monk when he met Jesus through a neighbor who invited him to a Bible study. Watch his story of conversion.

Years later, after his dramatic change from Buddhism to follow Jesus, he had a dream that further inspired him to step out in faith.

In his dream the Lord showed him a tiny house and made him aware that he was to build a large church behind this small house. After he woke up he drove around the area and found that tiny house. Behind it was a very large lot for sale. He prayed for funds to start this massive project, and in a short time, his bank account showed two large deposits that more than covered the cost. He still does not know who deposited this money.

It is pastor Uti-jack’s routine to wake up at 3:00 in his little home every morning to pray. Members of his congregation start arriving at 4:00 am to walk past his little house to the prayer room at the church. Every day people come to pray before they go to work and then stop by the pastor’s home to visit. Some bring him vegetables, fruit, and meat. Some need counsel and encouragement. Pastor Uti-jack says his church membership continues to grow, and all are very diligent prayer warriors. What an inspiration for us all to listen to God and step out in faith!