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Learning New Truths

The Project Nomad-Johannesburg, South Africa, team recently produced a promotional video for Kids Gospel Ministry (KGM), a local children’s ministry working with several public schools.

KGM’s vision is that the Holy Spirit will enable African children to delight in God’s saving grace, so they can glorify Him in all things and exalt Jesus in the world.

This Nomad team continues to work to sharpen their skills in media production. Project Nomad Coordinator Mark Allen says “Thank you for praying for the trip to South Africa. It went really well. Mark and Lynette Johnson from the Avalon Church of Christ in Virginia were a great asset and made a good connection to the team in Johannesburg. We were able to go through some advanced training as well as review basic areas of production to clarify and streamline the process.”

SA 4

Mark Allen and Mark and Lynette Johnson are pictured with the Project Nomad team members.

God showed His presence during these training events by allowing teaching moments to appear during the visits. Mark and the team encountered a group making a movie at a local mall. The team had a chance to ask production questions and learn from the professionals.



Mike Schrage

I recently watched via video the implosion of an old stock yard building near St. Louis. I have lots of memories of that building from my days as a farmer. Although there was no way to bring the dilapidated building back, I was sorry to see it destroyed.

I’m thankful God sees each person as someone worth restoring! His grace and mercy are always available to give new life and to sustain even those who are the farthest from Him.

This is exactly the type of work our Project Nomad team in Johannesburg, South Africa, is doing with your support. I was in Virginia Beach, Virginia, a few weeks ago visiting a church that supports the team. They recently sent a couple who are trained in media with Project Nomad Coordinator Mark Allen to provide additional training for them. The personal interaction and encouragement empowered the team and sharpened their skills for ministry.

We pray God will use their renewed energy to result in the spiritual renovation of many lives that may have otherwise been destroyed. Our prayer for you is the same. May you sense God’s empowerment in your life as you bring restoration to the people in your path.


Multiplying Our Efforts

Patrick Kenee, Christian Worker in South Africa

Project Nomad-Johannesburg, South Africa, is an essential part of our ministry growth. God is working to help us multiply our efforts in the last six years.

Project Nomad helps us provide leadership training conferences and resources to send home with those who attend. We have plans to add three more training centers, so more people can hear the Gospel of Christ .

New Productions in Chile

Project Nomad-Santiago, Chile, has produced several new music videos. Worship the Lord with them as they sing Because He Lives.

The team has recorded half of their 12 song plan, which have been put on a CD along with the lyrics to the songs. They’re also working to create music videos for each of the songs; four of them are complete and accessible on their YouTube page.

Their prayer is that this worship CD will be used throughout churches in Chile (and other countries) to aid in their worship services or to be used in small home groups. The initial response to their CD has been phenomenal.

Habacuc Diaz, team leader, traveled to Nicaragua in February to join the people from several nations to discuss what God has been doing through media in Central and South America. Habacuc recorded a tutorial about lighting as a follow-up to help others who attended the meeting in Nicaragua.

Please join us in seeking God’s wisdom for the future outcomes of this meeting.

New Releases from Rwanda

The Project Nomad-Kigali, Rwanda, team wants people to know that Jesus can be found in everything they do, in every culture, and in all areas of life. This video captures the vision of the Africa Transformation Network (ATN) and reveals the hearts of those associated with these Project Nomad team members.

Another recent video reminds us of how much Jesus loves children and how precious they are to Him.

Significant Dates from the Ministry of GNPI

This is a special year for us to reflect on 40 years of ministry and God’s faithfulness. Enjoy this video from our archives as GNPI Founder Ziden Nutt explains what led him to start making filmstrips when he was in Africa.

1947 – Ziden Nutt dedicates his life to missions in Africa at Christian camp.

P10A LRCA copy

1956 – Ziden is ordained into ministry.

1961 – The Nutt family arrives in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe).


1967 – Ziden is challenged to make culturally relevant audio visual resources.

1969 – Good News Productions begins in Rhodesia.


1975 – The Nutts return to the U.S. for the medical care of their daughter, Lynda.

1975 – Directors are chosen and Good News Productions becomes GNPI.


1976 – The facility in Joplin is dedicated.


1981 – The first Solar Kit is sent to Thailand.


1987 – ABLE Satellite System broadcasts the first program.


1989 – The regional center in Damoh, India is dedicated.


1993 – GNPI signs an affiliation agreement with Freedom Films, which later results in a regional center in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


1995 – The regional center in Nairobi, Kenya, is dedicated.

P96B Kenya Center copy

1997 – GNPI signs an agreement with Colegio Biblico for office space. This leads a regional center for Spanish speakers in Texas; it later relocates to Piedras Negras, Mexico.

P98A PN copy

1998 – The regional center in the Philippines is established.


1999 – GNPI signs an affiliation agreement with Sergei Golovin, which later results in the regional center in Ukraine.

page-136-only copy

2001 – The Don DeWelt Prayer Center is dedicated on GNPI property in Joplin.


2003 – The regional center is dedicated in Chandigarh, India.

P84 Chandigarh copy

2004 – The regional center is dedicated in SE Asia.


2009 – The regional center is established in Mbale, Uganda.


2009 – The first Project Nomad team is established in Eldoret, Kenya.


2011 – GNPI completes The Global Gospel in English as the first language.

TGG Globe

2012 – First mobile app content is distributed to help seekers become disciples of Christ.

2015 – GNPI works to complete the world’s top 25 languages of The Global Gospel


2016 – Today, the GNPI network includes nine regional centers and eight Nomad teams with more than 500 Solar Kits mobilized in close to 50 countries.


Which Choice Will You Make?

Project Nomad-Pachuca, Mexico, has released a new project about the two choices we have in this life.

These team members have an office in a newly constructed church, but electricity is not consistent. Local government authorities assure them the problem will be resolved soon. For now the team works from a nearby English institute. Please pray for the team to be able to effectively accomplish their ministry despite the challenges.

Cassandra’s Talent and Testimony

Our Project Nomad-Johannesburg, South Africa, team has released an inspiring new project. Cassandra Faye Lee shares how the Lord has worked in her life in the Talents and Testimonies series.

This team has also completed six more episodes (7-12) in the 42-Day Discipleship Guide for New Believers available on their YouTube page.


Project Nomad Explained

Project Nomad Coordinator Mark Allen offers an overview of what his role involves, why GNPI created Project Nomad, and how the key initiatives are supported.

Trained media disciples are able to identify cultural trends and create faith-based projects that have a lasting impact on the unreached in their areas.

Visit for more information about the Training, Teams, and Tools of Project Nomad.