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God’s Love Invading Thailand

More than once over the last few months, Tom Silkwood, regional director for GNPI-Thailand, has said, “God is on the move in Thailand like I’ve never seen before.”

Thai Christians are excited to share how they are experiencing God, and Tom and his staff are becoming more and more passionate about telling “His” story by producing true-story videos of how God is moving.

Along with continual production of BEC (Biblical Extension Courses), GNPI-Thailand is hard at work on two additional series, Movement Everywhere and Testimony. Testimony reveals how God is moving and working in the lives of individuals, and Movement Everywhere shows God’s active involvement in churches and organizations.

As you read, keep in mind that in Thailand:

Christians make up only 1.2% of the population
Buddhists make up 93.6%
Muslims make up almost 4.9%


God is honoring the faithfulness of GNPI-Thailand. A request came from The Christian University of Thailand, which was looking for Christian video resources for a five-day conference on campus. GNPI-Thailand was thrilled to provide the needed materials, which included some of the Movement Everywhere and Testimony series.

Tom said, “The university used our Testimony programs every morning for their staff. During the morning sessions, our Testimony programs were seen on Facebook and were broadcast by the university’s television station. Overall, they were seen by over 2,000 students, professors, and staff. It is a Christian university, but many of the students aren’t Christians. Praise the Lord!”

Thailand2 500

Will you pray with us for Thailand and our regional center staff there, especially in the light of the recent riots in Bangkok? Pray that Christians in Thailand will stand boldly for Christ and be the door through which his radical, irresistible love invades that nation.



Prayers & Praises

“Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord.” — Romans 12:11

Oceans of Thanks!
TP of GNPI-SE Asia writes, “Oceans of thanks for your unceasing prayers. I am sending you the names of 10 new believers who accepted Jesus Christ as the true God and were baptized. They range from ages 16-65. Please pray for them to be faithful in Christ.”

An Extra Push!
Gustavo Velázquez of GNPI-Mexico asked for prayer as they edit and record all their projects. Pray for creativity and an extra push from God to make them relevant and usable. Gus says, “Lord willing, we will show the third short film, which is about suicide, in Monterrey, Mexico, this month.”

Reaching Out to the Neglected!
Isaac Masiga of GNPI-Kenya says, “We are praying for wisdom on how to reach the neglected and forgotten Ogiek community of central Kenya. One of the biggest challenges is communication. Most of them do not know Swahili, English, or any other indigenous language apart from their own Ogiek mother tongue. We already have a contact person who is a local missionary among them. We want to start to reach them using Solar Kits. Thanks for your continual support and prayers.”

WWJD is going places!”
Nenette Pacoli of GNPI-Philippines shares, “WWJD is going places, even without me or the team! One church recently used the Courtship and Purity programs. Now another church is planning to show the videos in their services this month. Thanks for all your prayers. They are being answered in ways that are amazing and awesome, in ways we didn’t even pray for!”

Powerful Prayers!
One ministry partner writes, “I pray for all of you mightily. I pray for God’s strength, wisdom, discernment, and patience as you serve him. I pray also for God to meet your needs. May God’s armor protect you!”

Prayers & Praises

“I waited patiently for the Lord; he turned to me and heard my cry.” – Psalm 40:1

God Strengthened Us!
Simmi Dhingra of GNPI-Chandigarh, India, writes, “Thank you all for praying for me and for the ministry here. I am so blessed to have a family like you that is praying, supporting, and keeping faith in us. Last week as our team met and shared about the work they did in the fields, there was a lot of joy as a result of the ways God is using our tools as a powerful means of evangelism. We have sent The Global Gospel in Punjabi to the team in Damoh. Thank God for this. God strengthened us to complete our part of the project.”

The Effective Spread of Biblical Truth!
Sergei Golovin of GNPI-Ukraine shares, “Despite weather and political troubles, our trainings are still going well, and our team has returned after a presentation in Orel, Russia, on using media for the effective spread of Biblical truth in modern society. For a week, ten students ranging in age from 13-30 mastered their production skills, discussed the best ways of developing media ministries in the area, and had a lot of fun producing their final projects. All of them are looking forward to initiating media production teams in their regions for effective evangelism as well as to help local ministries like foster families and orphan care, rehabilitation centers, and helping the homeless. Please join our prayers for these brothers and sisters to be able to pass on the momentum they gained at the course!”

An Exciting Season!
Nenette Pacoli of GNPI-Philippines shares, “I think it’s the season for ‘sowing and harvesting’ (showing and bringing people to Christ) while the previous years were for plowing and preparing (doing production work). Please pray for all the places where we are supposed to go and for wisdom and creativity as we prepare for the next cycle of materials that we need to do. I feel we need to be ready for the harvests and for strengthening and equipping new believers for mission work too. I don’t know, really, what the Lord has in store for all of us, but it is exciting.”

A New Ministry Partner from France!
Jeff Frazee of the NOMaD team in Mali writes, “Benjamin is a missionary from France, and he has been preparing to work among the Dioula people like we have. Benjamin and I really understand each other, and it was comforting and encouraging to talk with him. One result of our time together is that our team will be producing media materials (mostly radio and video dramas) that Benjamin can use to reach these Muslim people.”

The Final Stage!
Jeff Silkwood of GNPI-Thailand says, “My family and I are in the final stage before we take off for Thailand this week. There are a couple of things that deserve mention. First, we sold our second car. Praise God! Second, our three-month visas have arrived, so we can get into Thailand. Thanks you so much for your prayers and support.” Jeff is the son of Regional Director Tom Silkwood. Jeff will serve as communication coordinator in Chiang Mai as well as being involved in Solar Kit assembly and distribution.

Prayers & Praises

“. . . I was pouring out my soul to the Lord.”– 1 Samuel 1:15

It’s Time!
GNPI Vision Nights begin this week! Events take place on March 13 in Joplin, March 18 in Indianapolis, and on March 28 in Phoenix. Please pray for God to be glorified as we share about our newest opportunities for accelerating global evangelism through media and technology.

A Movie and a Meal!
Nenette Pacoli of GNPI-Philippines asks, “Please pray for the showing this week of All Things New to approximately 50 street kids. A local youth group is also providing a free meal with the movie. The street kids are under the government’s social welfare program, and the youth group volunteers to feed them once a month. In addition, please pray for me as I write the script for the Sexual Identity episode of WWJD in the next few days. It is a touchy, sensitive topic with a lot of potholes to navigate.”

“Thank you for The Global Gospel in Malayalam!”
My name is Cindy from Kerala in south India. I am working with Kerala Christian Mission. This is to thank GNPl for opening doors for us to produce The Global Gospel in our regional language, Malayalam. We are truly blessed to be a part of this great ministry.”

Convincing the Hearts of People!
TP of GNPI-SE Asia writes, “The president of Kyaukdaw Bible School (KBS) just came to my office and told me that the Christian media tools, which we have produced, were very helpful in convincing the hearts of people. He is very excited about our tools, and he desires to use these materials to teach the students at KBS. I donated 10 sets each of The Handbook for Evangelism and Who Is the True God?”

Talking Through Transitions!
Vince Vigil of GNPI-Uganda writes, “You can be praying for Joy and me as we transition back into the culture and to work after our furlough. Also be praying for my staff as we continue to talk about God’s direction for the studio.”

Kids on Streets

Guy on Street

by Pa See Vang, Creative Team Assistant, GNPI

When I first saw this photo, the guy reminded me of a boy I once knew and a place I once lived.

At eleven, I was newly exposed to a world I didn’t know. My parents moved us from a small town to a big city. We didn’t know it at the time, but the neighborhood we moved into was known for its crime. We were in an odd situation where the houses across the street from us were newly built, small, beautiful, suburban-like homes with green grass and fenced backyards. On our side of the street were old, run down duplexes. We quickly learned why so many homes had fences around them. Our car plates were stolen, and in another situation a random stranger took a baseball bat to my mother’s car, leaving shattered glass on our driveway. Soon we built a fence around our home.

By the time, we left the city I knew more about the tough life of the kids I met. They were kids who had to grow up quickly. I remember the eleven year old girl who had two miscarriages and was pregnant for the third time, believing that a baby would love her.

A boy who lived three blocks down from my house was part of a group of young boys who beat a man to death. A different boy in my class shot and killed a man and was charged as an adult. So many incidents happened in our brief two and a half years in that city.

The fences we built kept us safe, but they also created a barrier between us and the world. I have wondered about the life of the guy in this photo. I imagine maybe he has to sell items on the street for a living. I wonder what his neighborhood is like and what struggles he has to deal with. Will you pray today for neighbors on your streets?

For me, this photo is a nice reminder for me to remember to pray for others even if I do not know their story.


Pray for Ukraine

Praying for an entire country or an entire people group can seem daunting. Maybe you would like to pray for the country of Ukraine, but you aren’t really sure how to voice a prayer for such a seemingly hopeless situation.

If you have 2 minutes and 34 seconds, this video will lead you to the Father’s throne on behalf of that country.

God is never too busy.

He is always listening.

And nothing is too big for him – not even your prayer for an entire country.

By the way, the Prayercast Website has tons of prayer videos for countries. It’s really a great resource.

Group 516

O Lord, truly, I am your servant.” – Psalm 116:16

Forty People Accepted Christ!
TP of GNPI-SE Asia writes, “The president of Kyaukdaw Bible School (KBS) just came to my office. We had a wonderful visit. He told me that in 2013, 40 people accepted Christ with the help of the tools we have produced, and many are still being touched through these tools. The president said that young people most easily accept the true God with the help of these materials. Thank you very much for your prayers.”

Anticipating a Full Recovery!
Our coworker David Lall of GNPI-Damoh, India, was recently hospitalized after a fall that injured his ribs and taking medicine that damaged his kidneys. Thank you for praying! David’s son-in-law writes, “David is improving every hour! The doctors believe there won’t be any permanent damage to his kidneys. They anticipate a full recovery! On behalf of David and our entire family, THANK YOU for standing with us during this time!”

New Projects and Opportunities!
Isaac Masiga of GNPI-Kenya says there is a new television station in Nairobi. Those operating the new station told Isaac, “We want everything you have.” Isaac is gathering material for them to use. Isaac reports they also had the opportunity to help Global Media Outreach by recording the testimony of a Tanzanian man with a Muslim background who had been suicidal and then became a Christian.

On the Move!
Tom Silkwood of GNPI-Thailand writes, “Our coworkers are heading out to shoot another Movement Everywhere segment. It is wonderful the response we are getting through these programs. We would also like to purchase a truck for the ministry, so please keep that in prayer.”

God’s Powerful Truth!
Sergio Alvarado of the NOMaD team in Pachuca, Mexico, shares, “We are working hard to develop a series of teachings about how pornography affects lives and to raise awareness of the dangers of sin involved in all of it. We are also developing a series of videos directed towards youth in Mexico. These videos deal with many social problems and the need for the Gospel. Please pray for God’s truth to change lives.”

Prayers & Praises

“Therefore, since through God’s mercy we have this ministry, we do not lose heart.”—2 Corinthians 4:1

It Is Finished!
Thank you for your prayers for the staff at GNPI-Damoh, India! We praise God for helping them complete the Malayalam version of The Global Gospel in time for a leadership conference. We appreciate their diligent work to meet this deadline. Our coworker David Lall says, “There are approximately 40 million Malayalam-speaking people in the world, and we hope this version will be a great tool to further the Gospel.”

Headed for a Closed Country!
Tom Silkwood of GNPI-Thailand writes, “Last night I received a phone call from a Christian worker who needed Biblical Extension Courses (BEC) before noon the next day. A friend of his was headed for a closed country and wanted to carry these Bible programs to the Lisu people there. We were so excited for this opportunity, but we were out of some of the DVD programs. We fired up our duplicator and disk-printing machine and finished them quickly. By now these 32 programs should be in a closed country near Thailand. Please pray that these materials will change lives.”

Back on Home Turf!
Vince Vigil of GNPI-Uganda and his family are back in Uganda safely after a furlough to the US. Vince says that The Global Gospel in the Luganda language is nearly complete.

NOMaD Expressions!
The audio studio in Chennai, India, is now finished. The Chennai NOMaD team calls their studio Expressions. They are working on the Tamil and Telugu languages of The Global Gospel. We praise God for this progress!

Phone Call From Pakistan!
A Christian businessman from Pakistan called GNPI last week to say that he wants to broadcast The Global Gospel in Urdu on national television. Please pray for us to work out the details to provide a version that will be most effective to share Christ throughout this country.

Give God Your “Little” Dreams

GNPI-Philippines has always had dreams. Sometimes, though, big dreams start out small, literally. For seventeen years, Nenette Pacoli and her team in the Philippines worked out of the basement of Nenette’s home. This small space, however, did not keep them from dreaming big for God. He truly honors simple obedience in the “little things.”

For 17 years they produced Asin at Ilaw (Salt and Light) from that basement space and it was broadcasted on cable TV. Then, God brought new office space and it seemed like the perfect time to revamp Asin at Ilaw. Much thought and prayer went into both transitions: new office space and a retooled show. Both would help them stay culturally relevant.

After much prayer, a new show was born. WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) was the next dream that Nenette wanted to make into reality.

WWJD has been in production barely 2 years, but God is taking it places no one could have dreamed. The show unabashedly tackles hot-button topics such as purity, homosexuality, integrity, and dignity. Carlos, the host, begins each episode of WWJD with “man on the street” interviews. As viewers begin to think, the focus is narrowed to guests who talk about the issue from a spiritual perspective.


The main viewing platform for WWJD is online, through Facebook and YouTube. The show has also been broadcasted on ETN, which reaches a potential audience of 91 million viewers in the Philippines. And while scores of people have the ability to see these thought-provoking episodes, we wanted to bring you this story that shows WWJD’s impact involving a local professor.

 Last summer, for an episode on dignity, WWJD interviewed Professor Rowel, a sociology professor. When the show was ready for broadcast, out of appreciation for his participation in the episode, they gave him a copy. A few months ago, Nenette learned how the professor is using his copy of Dignity. We think you’ll be surprised what happened.

 We asked Nenette to give you some more insight into WWJD and the surprise of finding out what God has done with their little dream.

Professor Rowell has made WWJD a “must watch,” then his classes discuss the episode. And, he has downloaded the Purity episode and is using it the same way. He said the response from the students borders on shock because no one else teaches them the right values about sex in such an open manner. To top it off, the college library has asked for their own copies so they can recommend WWJD to other professors.

Whatever your “little” dream is, give it to God and see what He will do. Will you join us in praying that young lives will be impacted for Christ through these WWJD episodes?



Prayers & Praises

“You too, be patient and stand firm, because the Lord’s coming is near.” — James 5:8

“The Church Can Stand Strong!”
Tom Silkwood of GNPI-Thailand writes, “My prayer request is about Thailand. The north is calm and without incident, but the south is a real concern. Please pray that the Lord will lay his Spirit on the hearts of the people and that the church can stand strong for what is good and right. Thailand’s hope isn’t political, it’s Jesus.”

Almost 20 Villages!”
Simmi Dhingra of GNPI-Chandigarh, India, shares,“During the Christmas time we showed almost 20 villages and thousands of people the Gospel stories through our Solar Kits that were provided by GNPI. Thank you, GNPI. This was really helpful since most villages do not have electricity, and we were able to use the Solar Kits to visualize the Gospel for the people into areas that are harder to access.”

Outreach to Intellectuals! App has reached 9,616 total downloads. Upgrades two and three are being prepared. An App to reach out to Muslim women is also being considered. Praise God for new opportunities to share the truth all over the world.

A Challenge to the African Church!
On Field Media and GNPI-Kenya partnered to produce A Distant Boat, a movie that invites the African Church to embrace their unique opportunity to reach Africa’s unreached people. Isaac Masiga of GNPI-Kenya explains, “We have about 900 people groups in Africa who still don’t know about Jesus. For this reason, we needed to be very strategic. We needed extensive research because we wanted to reach not just Kenya where the movie was shot, but the entire African continent. We premiered the movie in October 2013. The movie was well received in the theaters and is continuing to get a lot of attention. It is very popular in churches especially, based on its quality and content. For now we are planning to translate the movie into other languages starting with Swahili and French. It is our prayer that this movie will continue to impact the African Church and challenge them to become a major force in the future by sending people to the mission field; for the harvest is plenty and the laborers are few.”

A Reason to Celebrate!
Director of Operations Tom Nutt has enjoyed visiting the young, creative team in GNPI-SE Asia. Tom says, “They have created an excellent music video and want to produce more as soon as possible.” International Director Bob Sartoris says there is a strong Business as Missions model here. Bob says, “Many see having media training as very practical here for young people. There have been lots of government changes. Books are no longer censored. There is still some censuring over media, but it is getting better.” May God bless their next 10 years of ministry!