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Prayers & Praises

“Those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion, which cannot be shaken but endures forever. – Psalm 125:1


A Small Box of Great Wonders!
Isaac Masiga of GNPI-Kenya shares feedback from a trip where they used Solar Kits to share the Gospel. A church leader from West Pokot County said, “It was a small box. One could not tell it could do great wonders. When they opened it and did the set up, I realized it was something important, mostly for our pastors, but also for our county government leaders to use at church and to teach our children.” We praise God for opening doors in new areas of Kenya. Click here to watch the video.

Keeping Focus!
Sergei Golovin of GNPI-Ukraine writes, “We are not losing focus on the main goal of our ministry. We keep working on preparation for opening a School of Christian Apologetics and starting a Reliable Foundations Club in the fall. Nevertheless, we would like also to go on with the FD-222 approach – to search for young, gifted, potential leaders who need training, support, and encouragement, and to mentor them in small groups or individually. The first attempt of a group meeting was pretty successful. Please pray for God’s guidance in this direction and for God to send the right people to work with us.”

A Brewing Interest!
Tom Silkwood of GNPI-Thailand reports that our partners at Freedom Films have completed another episode of Movement Everywhere. Tom says, “The episode brings to light the fascinating art of coffee production and how Pastor Nattapong is using it to influence people for Christ in his area. It can be viewed at Ffpthailand.”

Expanding Influence!
One of our church partners, Fairview Christian Church in Missouri, shared that they felt they were missing opportunities to share spiritual food at their food pantry. They are making plans to have The Global Gospel playing as people shop for groceries. Praise God for new ways to partner and to expand the influence of this local ministry.

The Kingdom Impact of A Small Projector!
Christian worker Kpowbie Daniel writes from Ghana, “We did a lot of evangelism this past month with a visiting mission team, and two new churches were started in two different locations. Three weeks later, we went back to the two new churches and found they have grown. In one of them there were 111 attendants and in the second 102. The Solar Kit was so useful in achieving this. My partners, to whom I gave one Solar Kit, are very busy working among the Muslims in the Central Region. Director of Operations Tom Nutt responded to Kpowbie, “Thank you for the report. What a blessing to hear and what a blessing to know that a small projector provided by friends in the US has helped make a kingdom impact in your beautiful part of the world. May God continue to use you to help his kingdom grow!”

Pray for Rwanda

It has been 15 years since the genocide in Rwanda.

There are five million Rwandans under the age of 18. Many are hungry, homeless orphans who are victims of disease and exploitation.

Kigali, the capitol, was at the center of the horrible tragedy that took place in 1994. The genocide took the lives of 800,000 people and displaced many more within the span of a few months. Since 1994, Kigali has slowly been rebuilt. Tourism and numerous aid workers have revitalized the capital’s economy.

GNPI’s NOMaD team in Rwanda has produced a couple of documentaries about how the love of Christ has lead to forgiveness and healing in this country.

Please watch this video and pray for God’s healing to continue for the many still hurting there.

video used with permission from

Prayers & Praises

“From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets, the name of the Lord is to be praised.” — Psalm 113:3

Praying for New Believers!
Jesca of GNPI-Uganda writes, “For the last three months, 1,479 people watched the Proverbs series, Promise of Love, and Tough Choices on the new Solar Kits, and 102 people gave their lives to Christ! These people are from different areas of Mbale. We are so grateful, and we pray that those people remain strong in the Lord.”

A Reliable Foundation!
Sergei Golovin of GNPI-Ukraine writes, “A new developing project is the Reliable Foundation Club, an apologetics and creation evangelism club. The club would be a place where people from various churches can share their insights and ask their questions, a place where they can be better rooted in the truth of the Scripture and encouraged to share it with others, and a place where they can bring friends who seek truth but hesitate coming to church. The idea was met with enthusiasm. We keep working on the details, and have already decided on the time and location. We plan to start weekly meetings in mid-September. Please pray with us about this new project! I believe it should be very fruitful!”

Eager to Work!
TP of GNPI-SE Asia writes, “We have replaced a transformer and made arrangements for other requirements in the studio. The power is in good condition now. We called a Burmese speaker for audio recording and tested his voice for The Global Gospel. Please pray for us. We are eager to work on this project in one of our languages.”

Practical Needs!
Jeff Silkwood of GNPI-Thailand writes, “My family has now been in Thailand for about four months. Things are beginning to get a little more normal here. However, we have had a couple set backs. Please keep the health of our family in your prayers. Also, please be in prayer that we can get a new computer. We thank you for you continued prayers and interest.”

Increasing in India!
Manee Massey of GNPI-Damoh, India, writes, “The Chennai NOMaD team called us for direction in producing The Global Gospel in the Tamil language. We developed a step-by-step plan to help them finish this project. Our technical team is very happy to assist and see the progress of the Tamil and Telugu languages.” Praise the Lord for these opportunities to share his word in India!

Pray for Chile

Chile’s population is nearly 17 million.

Chile claims to have Latin America’s fastest growing economy, despite the financial crisis of 2008.

Catholic influence is still strong in Chile, and 70 percent of people identify with the faith. Yet only 13 percent of Catholics regularly attend mass, and the society is moving further from traditions of the past. One out of seven women are mothers by the age of 14. During the political unrest under Pinochet, the churches in Chile earned a stigma by ignoring the people in their time of need. While many, especially the wealthy, are identifying with Pentecostals, the movement is full of disunity.

Please watch this video and pray for unity and discipleship for this nation. Pray that GNPI’s NOMaD team (grassroots media production team) can show Chileans how to live out their faith in practical ways.

video used with permission from



Prayers & Praises

“He will be the sure foundation for your times, a rich store of salvation and wisdom and knowledge; the fear of the Lord is the key to this treasure.” — Isaiah 33:6 (NIV)

GNPI Praises and Prayer Requests for July 15, 2014

Greater Impact!
Isaac Masiga of GNPI-Kenya shares an answered prayer. He says, “We did go to the Ogiek community several weeks ago, and we were received warmly with the Solar Kit. The Solar Kit empowers ministers who go to remote areas to have greater impact. One church leader told us that the Solar Kit had very important information. This leader said that by watching the film on the Solar Kit, the girls have learned how they can avoid being tricked into immoral habits and spoiling their futures.”

Privileged to See Lives Changing!
Nenette Pacoli of GNPI-Philippines says, “We have such an awesome God! Although I know of stories of video materials touching people, I am still amazed at how God uses this medium to get the message across. Hannah came to our church three years ago, and I actually saw the transformation in her! We showed All Things New in March, but she didn’t tell me her reaction until the following day. She had been considering forgiving her father. It was All Things New that gave her the necessary push. There were tears in her eyes as she recalled parts of the movie that touched her deeply. We are all privileged to see people’s lives changing in our midst.”

A Hospitality Ministry!
Sergei Golovin of GNPI-Ukraine writes, “With all the events and our new location, our family has become extremely blessed by involvement with a hospitality ministry in a special way. We did have many visitors while we were in Crimea, but that was a joy of fellowship mostly. These days, many people from Crimea we know, both believers and nonbelievers, have left their homes and are going through our area to other places as refugees. Since we were in their shoes recently, it is with great joy that we share with them a room at the apartment we rent, meals, compassion, comfort, encouragement, support, and prayers. We are blessed so much through your care about us, and it is a great joy for us to share that blessing with others!”

“And the Winner Is!”
Two awards were given for GNPI-Uganda’s Proverbs series at the International Christian Visual Media (ICVM)! We appreciate this encouragement for the hard work of our staff in Mbale and give God the glory. 

New NOMaD Training!
NOMaD Coordinator Jason Miller is offering an 8-day training in Joplin, Missouri, on July 15-18 and 21-24. Please pray this training will equip local churches and individuals to produce good quality video for kingdom purposes and also benefit all those who watch the recording of these trainings in the future development of NOMaD teams overseas.

Pray for DR Congo

The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DR Congo) was known as Zaire until 1997.

Nearly five million people have lost their lives to war, famine, and disease over the past 14 years, and the nation’s economy has been left in shambles.

DR Congo is 95 percent Christian, two percent traditional/ethnic beliefs, one percent Muslim.

The church is the one institution that has survived as a source of stability and hope amidst the devastation and is vital in the rebuilding of a nation scarred by emotional and physical wounds.

Please watch this video and pray for healing and hope for this nation. Pray that GNPI’s NOMaD team (grassroots media production team) can take a strong lead in pointing people to Jesus Christ.

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Prayers & Praises

“This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.” — 1 John 5:14


GNPI Praises and Prayer Requests for July 8, 2014

Introducing Ignite Video Training!
Manee Massey of GNPI-Damoh, India, writes, “Pray for the team as we develop new production material to address the needs of families. Another exciting project, which is almost finished, is the Ignite series. It will be translated into about five languages and will be a 3-DVD set. IgniteVideo Training is a series of videos with the purpose of making disciples for Christ. The video series came as a result of the need for a greater number of disciples of Christ, rather than just followers, in the regions of southern and SE Asia. The focus of the Ignite video program is to empower, educate, encourage, and mobilize Christians to spread the Word of God.”

Answered Prayers!
Nenette Pacoli of GNPI-Philippines writes, “Thanks for your prayers. Pastor Carlos, host of WWJD, is doing much better after his illness. We also had a safe mission trip with our church group. We were able to show All Things New in three communities. The movie gave us a springboard to share the message of salvation with these groups. Please continue to pray for the seeds planted in those hearts.”

God Is Moving!
Tom Silkwood, regional director of GNPI-Thailand shares, “God is moving! I met a man named Liahey at a meeting here in Chiang Mai, and he asked what we did. He lit up when I mentioned the Lisu BEC (Biblical Extension Courses) program. He knows of many Lisu in India and requested materials. I mailed Liahey a box of DVDs and gave him permission to duplicate them. Liahey responded, ‘Thank you so much for the 30 DVDs! The topical teachings will be really great ones to introduce to our church leaders here in India. I am very happy that you are working hard to make these resources available in our language.’ ”

Happy to Help!
One ministry partner writes, “The people here at the Fifth Street Church of Christ in Beverly, OH, are happy to help you in spreading the Gospel to the many nations who are hungry for the truth of the Word. May the Lord continue to bless you in spreading God’s Word to all nations.” Praise God for these opportunities to work together to fulfill The Great Commission.

The True Opportunity!
Sergei Golovin of GNPI-Ukraine writes, “Our team from Crimea came for seminars at a big central Russian youth conference at Orel. The team also produced a training course on using media in ministry. Afterwards, Yelena, a participant, wrote, ‘The course was so practical and useful! Our assignment was directly related to the daily life of our ministry. Thank you so much!’ Veronika, another participant, said, ‘Before taking the course I thought media production with all the software and equipment was too complicated for me. Now as I know how to work with all the tools, I found the true opportunity to use my creativity for ministry!’ ”

Pray for Mali

Mali is one of the 25 poorest countries in the world.

Mali has one of the world’s highest rates of infant mortality with 106 deaths per 1,000 births. Almost half of the population is under the age of 15.

Mali allows freedom of religion. Approximately 90% of the population in Mali is Muslim, followed by Christian (5%), and other indigenous beliefs (5%).

French is the official language of the country. The literacy rate in Mali is very low. It is significantly lower among women than men. The total literacy rate is estimated to be 46.4%.

Because of the needs of Mali, GNPI has been working with a NOMaD team (grassroots media production team) to produce The Global Gospel in the French language. The Global Gospel is designed to be a simple presentation of the life and story of Christ. It features 88 separate stories, beautifully illustrated with striking watercolor images.

Please watch this video and intercede for this nation to come to know Jesus Christ and the truth of his Word.

video used with permission from



Prayers & Praises

“. . . I am your shield, your very great reward.” — Genesis 15:1

 GNPI Praises and Prayer Requests for July 1, 2014

Not in Vain!
Vince Vigil of GNPI-Uganda says, “Today was a reminder that your labor in the Lord is not in vain. Click here to watch the video of these three ministries working together. The ladies from our local sewing ministry have been working hard to make clothes and cloth diapers for babies over the past few months. The sewing ladies delivered what they made to another local ministry called Cure Hospital, a neurosurgery hospital treating children with spina bifida and hydrocephalus. In the background of this scene, two guys from GNPI were also serving with their specific skill set by taking video footage. Individually, the ministries make a positive impact, but when the skills are used together, the impact is huge. I pray that God continues to encourage each of these people to share their skills to help each other.”

Eddie, a Christian worker in Sudan says, “Media ministry is still going well. I am really excited about the future of this work. I recorded an interview with a man, Innocent, regarding media. Innocent does a lot of media stuff on the radio and distributes media in the area. He said the most effective media he has are the audio Bibles and the GNPI films called Tough Choices and What Can I Do? Please pray for this media ministry to continue to evolve into something effective and God honoring.”

Tools for Sowing Seed!
A Christian worker in eastern Europe anticipates using a new version of The Global Gospel soon. He writes, “Pray for ongoing translation and development projects. Keep praying as resources come in and deadlines are met! We should have several more tools for sowing seed very soon, and we are pleased to see our development projects helping families in our community!”

Breath of Heaven!
Gustavo Velázquez of GNPI-Mexico writes, “We’ve done several live shows of Breath of Heaven. We thank God that it is going well. It is a program of reflection on the Psalms. The audience liked it so much, and we are very happy about that. We are also working on audio and music composition of the short film Sin Devolución (No Return). We hope to have it ready this month.”

Starting Swahili!
Isaac Masiga of GNPI-Kenya reports, “I have just returned from a workshop/film festival in Zanzibar for The Distant Boat, which received many nominations. We plan to start recording The Global Gospel in Swahili this week. Thanks for your continual support and prayers.”