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Last Piece of the Puzzle

Mark Allen, Project Nomad Coordinator

Every Project Nomad training has been interesting and challenging. The regional training in Togo was especially memorable as we worked through several cultural differences with 24 Christian workers who participated. They represented the nations of Togo, Benin, Côte d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso, Niger, Mali, and Guinea.

Kpowbie Daniel, a ministry partner from Community Health Education (CHE) and organizer of the event said, “I think this training is going to bring a tremendous change in the way we have been working for the Lord. I think everyone was waiting for this. It was like the last piece of the puzzle.”

Remote Access

Solar KitBob and Pam Hudson of Mexico Medical Missions

We work with a mission hospital in the Sierra Madres of Mexico, and last year we met two GNPI team members. While we were talking about our ministry in very remote villages to the Tarahumara Indians, the GNPI staff offered to give us the Solar Kit they had with them. We took it with us and gave it to a missionary friend who lives in a village off the main road two hours by car (traveling at a speed about 8 mph) and then another two hours on foot. Obviously, there is no electricity or any other kind of convenience. This friend loves the Solar Kit and is able to tell Bible stories like never before. Thank you so much for you help.

It is our joy to pass on this message of appreciation from Mexico. Thank you for your partnership to help Christian workers in remote places have access to helpful tools for their ministries. Visit to apply for a Solar Kit or to supply funds for others in need of a Solar Kit.


From Angry Outbursts to Joyful Chords

Gayle Silkwood of GNPI-Chiang Mai, Thailand

In our newest Changed program, Akkarin Puri shares how his sister’s steady influence and God’s love has transformed him from an angry prisoner to a joyful guitar maker.

Akkarin says as a teen he was in and out of detention centers where he developed even more bad habits and a drug addiction, then he went to prison.

Akkarin’s sister was desperate to help her brother and turned to the Lord. She prayed for her brother and told him about Christ. Akkarin surrendered to Christ and prayed to be released from prison for a new start. The Lord answered Akkarin’s prayer in a miraculous way.

The Christian Prison Ministry Foundation provided vocational and biblical training for Akkarin during a critical time in his life. He developed new habits and received training as a guitar technician.

Akkarin wants to help others who are seeking God. He says, “I assure you that God is 100% true and real. I can’t keep it to myself. I have to tell everyone and give hope to all who are searching for Him.”

Are you praying for the transformation of a loved one who is incarcerated? Let us know and our staff will join you in prayer.

An Important Part of Our Work

Eric Duggins of Impacto Latino


We’re excited that GNPI has been part of our ministry with Impacto Latino in Pachuca, Mexico, for the last five years. GNPI’s Project Nomad has been a very effective way for us to share some of our teaching. The video production for special events and conferences has been an important part of the Impacto church planting project.











One of the things we anticipate is the budding of another Project Nomad relationship in the city of Queretaro. We are planning to create a studio there within our Impacto center there to record leadership training materials.

A wonderful partnership has developed between GNPI and the Impacto New Missions Systems ministries.

For more details on how valuable Project Nomad has been to our work in Mexico, see My Recommendation.



My Recommendation

Sergio Alvarado of Impacto Latino and Project Nomad-Pachuca, Mexico

Project Nomad has helped us accomplish our goal to plant churches in Pachuca. Media has been one of our most valuable tools in reaching out to people to begin relationships. Now as our family relocates, I look forward to helping with Nomad training in the city of Queretaro.

Above It All

Isaac Masiga, Regional Director of GNPI-Nairobi, Kenya

Our team has produced a new music video with Rigga. He is a Christian rapper, singer, songwriter, and recording artist from Nairobi, Kenya.

God over everything,
My God is the God over everything.
My God is the God over everything.

For You are Eternal King.
It’s in you that we live and have our being.

I want everyone to hear, don’t care what they think of me.
If you know that you know that you know that He reigns,
Join the heavenly symphony.

You are, You are.
Yes, You are, Papa, Father,
Papa, You are, Papa, Father,
Papa, You are.

God over everything,
My God is the God over everything.
Everything seen, everything not,
My God is the God over everything.
All of the money, the power, the fame in the world,
He still would remain the King.

He created it all.
So what could I ever bring to show my appreciation?
Who am I to even have this conversation?

I’m thankful that I can give this to you,
Praise that is true.
My heart was just glad that You are the most high.

You are, You are.
Yes, You are Papa, Father,
Papa, You are, Papa, Father,
Papa, You are.

My God is the God over everything.
My God is the God over everything.

You are, You are.
Yes, You are Papa, Father,
Papa, You are, Papa, Father,
Papa, You are.

Yes, You are Lord!

A Wonderful Partnership

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

I met Dr. Micheal Curtice recently when I was speaking at Central Christian College of the Bible (CCCB) in Moberly, Missouri.

There I learned that Dr. Curtice has been to Chennai, India, at least ten times! It was surprising to discover that our GNPI Nomad team leader, Timothy Jai Kumar, was a student of Dr. Curtice in several classes when he taught as a visiting professor.

I was excited to show the updated Nomad Production Kit to Dr. Curtice and his class. What a wonderful partnership God has once again put together by sending a faculty member from a regional Bible College multiple times to provide biblical training for a person of Timothy’s caliber.

Timothy was later trained by Project Nomad Coordinator Mark Allen and others from GNPI on how to use media as a specific method of outreach. The outcome is a strong Christian man who is mentoring others in India to accelerate global evangelism through media and technology with biblically based and culturally relevant media.

We believe nationals know best, and Timothy is another great example of someone who embodies that truth. Yet, it would not have happened without the partnership of men like Dr.  Curtice from CCCB, Mark Allen from GNPI, or without you!

Thanks for your partnership as a means to enable GNPI in sharing the Gospel with people throughout the world.


Young Evangelists in Training

Timothy P., Regional Director of GNPI-SE Asia

Our ministry partner traveled to the central part of our region for leadership training with GNPI materials over the summer. Two young people who attended the meeting responded with these testimonies.


I am seventeen and a student in my first year of college. This summer I had the great privilege to attend Bible training. I now have a strong faith in Jesus through the lesson of the true God which the evangelist taught, and I also have a strong commitment to serve in His ministry.

After attending the training, I wanted to stop my college education and go to Bible college instead. I asked permission from my parents. They suggested I finish the secular education first and then go to Bible college. Though I am not studying in Bible college yet, I am sharing about the true God with my friends. As I share the Gospel with them, they also accept Jesus as the true God whom every nation should worship. I will continue to share this Message as much as I can.

kyaw-htet-linI am a 9th grade student. After I pass the matriculation exam, I will go to Bible college and serve the Lord in His ministry. In the past, I had no thought of becoming a minister of the Lord. However, after hearing the lesson of the true God whom every nation must worship, my mind was changed. My faith in God has also increased. In the past, I didn’t think about sharing the Message of God with my friends. I did not know how to explain my faith to them even if I had wanted to talk to them. Now I am talking to my friends and elders, and I try to share about the true God at every opportunity I have.

When I talk about God, some are very interested and some are not. For those who do not want to listen to my Message, I wish they could meet the evangelist who taught me over the summer. When the evangelist came, I asked him more about God. When I told him of my desire to go to Bible college, he affirmed me. I will continue to study and to share about God with new confidence. I would like to acknowledge that I have a strong desire to serve in ministry as the outcome of this training.

Please join us in praying for these young people and others like them as we try to encourage and equip them to make disciples for Christ of the next generation in SE Asia.

Facing the Dangers of Pornography

Protus Sibukule of Project Nomad-Eldoret, Kenya

It was a blessing to travel to Nairobi during the summer for the Project Nomad regional training.

We are excited to produce more videos for the people of the Pokot tribe in their own language, so biblical teaching is easier for them to understand. The videos we’ve produced for this people group are not only watched, but the Lord uses the videos to inspire change in the hearts of those who watch them.

Our newest project is a 25-minute video on the dangers of pornography.

We are also working on a series for youth based on 1 Timothy 4:12 to address the issues of faith, love, purity, and speech. Pray these resources will challenge people to walk more closely with the Lord.