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Arkansas Volunteers

It was a blessing to have Mel Briley from New Life Christian Church in Bella Vista and his friends, Jerry and Kathy Stukey from Prairie Grove Christian Church in Prairie Grove, come to help assemble Solar Kits one day this fall.


Melvin Briley is pictured on the left with Jerry Stukey.

Mel says, “I can’t help but wonder where is this one going as I pack the Solar Kit. They go all over the world. I first heard Ziden talk about this ministry in the mid 1970s. It’s amazing to see all that’s transpired 40 years later. It’s great to come and be part of that now.”

Mel’s advice to others who are considering volunteering at GNPI is, “Bring it on! I would come anytime to help. I think three people is a pretty good bunch for packing Solar Kits. It’s fun, and we like to help. I can’t see taking the time of an executive to be in here doing this.”

The Shadow of Flowers

Gustavo Velázquez, Regional Director of GNPI-Piedras Negras, Mexico

We are pleased to announce the release of our newest short film! It’s the story of two families dealing with eating disorders and how their paths intersect. 

Forty area pastors and church leaders are using it in their churches. Our office is preparing copies of this film to take to schools in an effort to help young people with these issues. We have also visited some local television stations to publicize the short film.



Our team experienced some serious setbacks in completing this project, but we praise the Lord for helping us to overcome each one.

Winter 2016 Prayer Report

Join us as we praise God for our ministry partners and for His answers to our prayers 
season after season.

“Trust in him at all times, you people; pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge.”— Psalm 62:8 (NIV)



Sharing the Gospel in Sign Language: Gustavo Velázquez of GNPI-Piedras Negras, Mexico, says, “Pablo and I travelled to the city of Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico, along the border of Brownsville, Texas, to begin production on three projects with the cooperation of With My Hands ministry led by Jesus and Michelle Zuniga. God is using this couple to give hope in Christ and a better way of life to the deaf people in Matamoros. We started with recordings of 15 lessons from The Global Gospel in sign language. It is impressive to see how excited the deaf people were to participate in this project. One of them told us she was very happy because she wants to help other deaf people to know God’s love through these videos.”


Moved to Action: Gustavo Velázquez of GNPI-Piedras Negras, Mexico, writes, “We finished a new video about a ministry partner in Nicaragua who works with women who have survived human trafficking. It is an inspirational video to motivate action in service to our God, and it is the first video in our new series From Words to Deeds.


National Security: Isaac Masiga of GNPI-Nairobi, Kenya, writes, “Praise the Lord! The Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government and the Kenya Faith-Based Media Group, which is comprised of 42 broadcasters nationwide, had three successful live broadcasts from our studio during the month of September. We had a panel of reputable leaders in the government and clergy, as well as other faiths, speak about issues dealing with security of the nation from a faith-based perspective. An article about the broadcasts was published in one of the leading newspapers in the country.”


Fifty Decisions for Christ: Stephen Muturi of GNPI-Mbale, Uganda, writes, “Thank you for sending the two Solar Kits and spare pieces of equipment we requested. We tested them, and the new speakers are very good. These will greatly improve our efforts in the field where evangelists report at least 50 people have accepted Christ in the last two months.”



Understanding the Gospel Clearly: Timothy P. of GNPI-SE Asia shares the testimony of a man who was helped by GNPI resources. The villager said, “I am thirty-nine years old. I am a Buddhist. I regarded Christianity as a false religion until this evangelist visited our village and shared about the true and living God. After I heard the Message from this evangelist, I realized what I have heard about Christianity was totally wrong. I came to understand clearly that the only true God is Jesus Christ, and Jesus gave His own life in order to pay for our sins and rose again.”


Producing New Lessons: Nenette Pacoli of GNPI-Manila, Philippines, writes, “We are excited to release our latest Say It Forward lessons. In this new episode Dr. Joanne Gallardo continues her amazing love story. Pray these lessons will greatly impact godly relationships in our culture.”

Improving Distribution: Gayle Silkwood of GNPI-Chiang Mai, Thailand, says, “Pray we know how to distribute all of the wonderful materials our team has created. They are available on a YouTube page. We may try a Facebook page. Pray for me as I readjust to life in Thailand. Thank you for your prayers.”


A joyful retreat: Sergei Golovin of GNPI-Eurasia writes, “We took a trip and held a retreat with a couple of displaced families. We visited other displaced families on our way sharing books, clothing, love, comfort, hope, and encouragement. Please pray with us for those in Ukraine who left their homes, as well as for the end of the war and restored justice! Pray for us as we share the Message of the Lord’s ultimate justice! We believe the Lord will use every situation for His glory. We just have to keep listening to Him with faith and patience.”



A Passion for Evangelism: Manee Massey of GNPI-Damoh, India, writes, “Our staff has been busy recording a sermon series from a preacher who is working in the small house churches of Jabalpur villages with nearly 1,400 people. He has a passion for evangelism and requested our help. We have also been working on a cable TV program with several other preachers. Pray that God will use these messages to strengthen believers to share the Truth with others.”


Creativity: Manee Massey of GNPI-Damoh, India, writes, “We are busy working on assembling about 40 Solar Kits. Please pray for our staff to have creativity for all our projects.”


Project Nomad Updates

Last Piece of the Puzzle: Praise the Lord! Project Nomad Coordinator Mark Allen reports that 24 Christian workers participated in the regional training in Togo. Kpowbie Daniel, a ministry partner from Community Health Education and organizer of the event said, “I think this training is going to bring a tremendous change in the way we have been working for the Lord. I think everyone was waiting for this. It was like the last piece of the puzzle.”


Home from Hong Kong: Project Nomad Coordinator Mark Allen provided a regional training in Hong Kong this fall. Please pray for the Lord to help these Christian workers to communicate clearly and to multiply their efforts to share the Gospel as they use what they learned.

Overall Ministry

International Director: Please join us in praying that God would send the right person to serve as our international director and work closely with our growing network of regional centers and Project Nomad teams.

Communicating Well: A Christian worker in South Sudan writes, “I lead a team of 10 adults working to plant churches among the unreached Laarim people of South Sudan. This is a relatively small people group of approximately 11,000. Currently, there are only a handful of Laarim believers, most of whom live elsewhere, and no churches. We use the Solar Kit with adults and children. It communicates well with our Laarim audience. Thanks for your support in spreading the Gospel in South Sudan!”


Remote Access: Bob and Pam Hudson of Mexico Medical Missions write, “We work with a mission hospital in the Sierra Madres of Mexico. Last year, we met two GNPI team members. While we were talking about our ministry in very remote villages to the Tarahumara Indians, the GNPI staff offered to give us the Solar Kit they had with them. We took it with us and gave it to a missionary friend who lives in a village off the main road two hours by car (traveling at a speed of about 8 mph) and then another two hours on foot. Obviously, there is no electricity or any other kind of convenience. This friend loves the Solar Kit and is able to tell Bible stories like never before. Thank you so much for you help.”



The GNPI App: Praise the Lord for new resources to help believers tell the Gospel story effectively! Download The GNPI App to see how the Good News is shared throughout the world. It is available from The Apple Store or Google Play Store.

The Global Gospel Update: We praise the Lord for the 27 completed language versions of The Global Gospel, which can be viewed online. There are 10 additional versions in progress. We recently divided the 88 stories into 107, so some of the longer segments could be more easily adapted for various applications on mobile devices. To date, nearly 17,500 people have completed plans and tracks incorporating the videos from The Global Gospel on their favorite app.

Fitting into God’s Plan

Founder Ziden Nutt expresses thankfulness for God’s provision for GNPI in the first 40 years. Ziden recalls special highlights of how the Lord has worked to make the dream of reaching all people with Bible based, Christ centered media a reality.

How were you reached with the Gospel of Christ? Write your comments below.

An Eye Opening Trip

Isaac Masiga, Regional Director of GNPI-Nairobi, Kenya

A couple of our coworkers made a seven hour trip to survey the Endorois, a Kenyan minority group. Their goal was to learn about the needs, culture, and social interactions of those in the area.

Our staff in Kenya created this video about their trip using a Nomad Production Kit.

According to Kenyan law when you visit a new area, your first task is to notify the local authority. The next task is to talk to the elders to get their blessings. Finally, our co-workers were permitted to visit some of the villages.

The area is hot, dry, and mosquito infested, with a few thickets of thorny acacia trees. The people live in small, unfinished grass huts, and they get their water from the hills. It is directed down to the villages through dykes and furrows. The Endorois people are goat herders and beekeepers by default.

The people welcomed us despite their level of poverty. Our staff met with a number of young people and shared the Word of God. The Endorois people asked our coworkers to expedite the next visit, so they can watch our films. There are only two main churches in the whole area, and our staff concluded the survey by visiting with the pastor of one of the churches.

The recommendation of our coworkers is to return quickly as promised, in order to keep the trust of the Endorois.

You Never Know When

Mark Allen, Project Nomad Coordinator

My father isn’t a believer. He’s described himself as agnostic my whole life because of misconceptions of “organized religion” that formed when he was a kid.  He was the first person in his family to get a college degree. He became a mathematician due to his love of science and math, two things I never excelled at in school, and his involvement in the science world reaffirmed his thoughts about the Church.

The only time he’s ever come close to praying is when he’s told me, “I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts.” This is usually followed up with “don’t get yourself killed in one of those developing countries.”

I’ve tried to explain the whole “if it’s my time to go, then it’s my time go” thing, which is usually followed by my father muttering something about organized religion taking his child. I’m sure many of us have heard this before from other non-believers in our lives.

I recently had the privilege of teaching our basic Project Nomad training at the GNPI regional center in Nairobi.






We had a great time learning, sharing, and fellowship together. They realized the importance of using media to share the Gospel with others. It’s not only to fulfill the Great Commission; it gives those who have not been reached the chance to learn about what it means to give their lives to Christ and enter heaven when “it’s their time to go.”

As we took photos of the class and said our goodbyes, we heard a commotion outside the regional center.


We saw a traffic jam of cars, people, and matatus (taxis). A closer look revealed a terrible tragedy: a man on a moto had been hit by a matatu driver, and we could tell by the extent of his injuries he would not survive. A longtime member of the staff told us he knew the man, and his wife had just delivered their second child. The staff member wasn’t sure if the young father was a believer.

This reminded me of what my father had said about keeping me in his thoughts. I knew I would be doing the same for this man’s family while I wondering about his salvation. As I’d answered my dad “when it’s my time to go,” I knew I’d see Jesus when it happened.

Not everyone who leaves this earth has learned about Him or the reward of heaven. That’s why GNPI helps make media disciples around the world who create programs that will have the maximum impact on their communities by sharing this Good News. I’m thankful for the chance to help, and I hope the impact of teaching media production will help to save others before “their time.”

Hello from Hong Kong

Mark Allen, Project Nomad Coordinator

Fourteen attendees participated in our Hong Kong regional training in October.

Pastor Wing Wong, the training event sponsor, says, “Media is a good way to present the Gospel, especially to those who have no understanding of Christianity or church background.”

Timothy Jai Kumar, team leader of Project Nomad-Chennai, India, helped Mark with the training. He enjoyed being part of an international training and seeing that Project Nomad is bigger than he realized.

Do you know any Christian workers in East Asia who could benefit from Project Nomad training?

A Relevant Visit

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

I recently visited Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas, where I reconnected with two missionary colleagues from my days in Kenya. I also met a student, the child of a third missionary colleague, and a father whose son was part of the original Nomad team in Rwanda. It was a blessing to see these friends.

The best part of the university visit came after making a class presentation about the ministry of GNPI and the need to be culturally relevant and sensitive. I had just met the lecturer hours before. He stopped me after class and said, “You know, Mike, I use a GNPI production every semester in this very class to illustrate the need to be culturally relevant. I sure appreciate hearing more about GNPI because as a former missionary to China, cultural relevancy is so important!”

Praise the Lord for the ways He encourages and affirms us as we seek to do His will!