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Taking Spiritual Weapons to Prisoners in SE Asia

PD of GNPI-SE Asia shares this testimony of an evangelist they met at their office recently. The evangelist has a prison ministry in the southern part of the region. PD says, “We gave him some of the tools that we have produced. The following is his heartfelt testimony.”

Pungshin's Testimony-1

My name is PY. I am an evangelist working in SE Asia. I am very thankful to you for preparing these spiritual weapons. The tools you have produced are really useful. In this state there are different ethnic groups even among this people group. They worship different religions. When we go to their people, we can see some of them are Christians, some of them are Buddhists, and others call themselves Le Ge, or the Ariyah religion, which is mixed with Buddhism and the spirit worship system. We are going to four different places on every Saturday. The Ariyah followers can take the whole day discussing and studying about God on Saturdays, so we can talk to them on that day.

Pungshin explain-1

When we started sharing the Gospel with them, we used the tools, such as charts and A Handbook of Evangelism. If we share with them solely the Scriptures, they don’t show us any sign of understanding. However, if we use these materials along with the Scriptures, they can’t reject our words and are very much interested in listening. Therefore, I am very sure that if all Christians used these tools when they evangelize, Buddhists would be convinced and accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.


The tools that you produced are very helpful and effective in sharing the Message. I would like to request that you produce more and more products so that the Gospel may be spread everywhere. Another thing I want to request you is that you give us training on how to use them effectively for spreading the Gospel among non-believers. We pray for you always. Please do remember us in your daily prayers for our ministry.


A Windfall

Nenette Pacoli recently travelled to a new area to share GNPI resources with a group of pastors. She was delighted by their response.

By Nenette Pacoli, Regional Director of GNPI-Philippines

My husband, Bert, and I travelled (along with our friends, Pastor Geoff and his wife, Gina) to Sariaya, Quezon Province​, about 80 miles from our GNPI office. After more than four hours on both good and terrible roads, we were welcomed by Pastor Gerry Villenia, whom we had featured eons ago on the Changed Lives episode of Asin at Ilaw (Salt and Light). Pastor Gerry is a friend of Pastor Geoff.

There were 14 churches represented. They were a bit “wary” as Bert started his presentation on GNPI’s world-wide ministry. When Bert said we were giving them Bible Study materials, their faces really lit up! They were hungry for materials, and they felt they just received a windfall.


One pastor even came to us to say that they were praying for something to share for their gift-giving mission in April, and the All Things New movie just dropped in his lap. Another pastor said he would look through the Asin at Ilaw (Salt and Light) lessons, and that would give him a break from researching new lessons. Another couple said their youth group was very active and they were running out of ideas for them. They said that the WWJD series came just in time. I pointed out our most popular topics on Courtship, Homosexuality, and Finding the Right One. The pastor said, “We have a hard time discussing those topics with the youth group.”


We pray that the seeds we’ve scattered would bear fruit in due time. Thanks so much for being with us in prayer.

One True God

One True God is the synopsis of a 12-minute video produced by GNPI-SE Asia. It is used as a tool for training Christians on how to share the Gospel effectively among Buddhists. It was a special blessing to have Angela, the daughter of our regional director, TP, help us with the narration on this synopsis.


In SE-Asia there are so many people who have no concept of the One True God. Our team at GNPI-SE Asia is on a mission to teach people the Truth by producing tools that are culturally relevant: printed materials, charts, audio recordings, and videos. Our coworkers in SE-Asia believe that if Christians can learn how to share the Truth, the country will surely change!

Please help us by praying that God will be glorified.


Presentation at La Presa!

Abi Flores of GNPI-Mexico shares about the joy of providing some materials to a group of young people for their evangelistic efforts.



By Abi Flores of GNPI-Mexico




About 60 young people from the northern area of Coahuila, Mexico, held an activity of evangelism, where they visited a place called “La Presa.” They visited many homes, sharing the Gospel of Jesus and praying for the families. The young people invited the families to gather in the main square where they sang some praises and heard the Message of salvation preached. By God’s grace, three people gave their lives to Jesus Christ. During this activity, the young people gave out materials produced by GNPI-Mexico, and we were delighted to hear how the children enjoyed the materials.

201503_MEX_Evangelism-Books-Gathering_0003 3



















GNPI is very grateful to all our ministry partners who all help us work together to share Christ with people of all ages.

NOMaD Training in Haiti

Todd Beaverson shares this report after being trained in Joplin and then conducting NOMaD training in Haiti. He offers encouraging insight about the impact of project NOMaD!

By guest blogger Todd Beaverson,

member of Timber Lake Christian Church

in Moberly, Missouri


The Haiti trip went well, and I survived the driving of the Haitian version of Mario Andretti.

My class consisted of six students, one woman and five men. The students ranged in age from 16 to 34. Most of them had superior computer skills already, particularly the 16-year-old.


The oldest of the students, Rosemond Francois, is the tech expert there at the church and school. He had done some video work before, but on a very basic program. It made it much easier to teach the actual editing, since he had some basic knowledge of how a timeline works. It was just a matter of showing him where to find the various functions of the program, and he and the others took to it very quickly.


The Solar Kit with the lessons already loaded on it in French and Creole will be used quite a lot, even before the class is able to complete their own productions. The lessons have already been copied to several other computers and are being distributed and watched.


One of the things about the NOMaD program that I began to realize during my class time is the fact that the impact of this program will never be known in this lifetime. How many videos will be produced? What will they be about? Who will see them? How will their lives be changed? These are some of the questions I realized I would never have answered, but I also realized that’s okay. One person plants, another waters, but ultimately, it is God who gives the increase. All I can hope for is that the tools and knowledge that I left there can produce fruit.


A Missourian You Should Know

Everett Forkner is one of the original trustees of GNPI. He has served on our board for 39 years and is going strong. We are blessed to have his spiritual maturity and business experience. I thought it would be appropriate to brag on someone who has meant so much to us.

Everett Forkner

Everett was recently listed as one of the Fifty Missourians You Should Know in Ingram’s online publication.

Everett Forkner Forkner Farms, Richards

If Missouri’s multi-billion-dollar livestock industry had a face—a human face—it might look a lot like Everett Forkner’s. A longtime figure in both beef and pork production, he’s a widely recognized expert in techniques to improve the quality of farm-raised hogs, as well as in boar testing, carcass and genetic evaluation, and he’s no stranger to the winners’ circle at various livestock competitions.

An animal-sciences graduate of MU, he’s the patriarch of a small family conglomerate that raises half a dozen swine breeds as well as cattle. He also has a statewide and national reputation, having served as chairman of the National Pork Board (2011-2012), and he’s been a member of the Missouri Pork Association and winner of the MPA’s annual Chairman’s Award.

With four of his children, he has established four family enterprises—a 2,000-acre spread devoted to grain crops and grass farming for feedstocks, a trademarked swine-breeding business, a natural premium pork production and marketing business, and a cattle-breeding family partnership.

Congratulations on this honor, Everett! I am so thankful that the people who lead our efforts to accelerate global evangelism through media and technology are also active and making an impact in their communities!

The Good News Was Proclaimed (Thanks to You)

This is a special note of appreciation sent to Director of Operations Tom Nutt, who coordinates all the requests and assembles all the Solar Kits at GNPI in the Joplin office. Tom Nutt wanted to share it with all of you who make this ministry possible.

By Tom Brane, of Christian Missionary Fellowship serving in Burkina Faso, West Africa


It’s been several months since we received the Solar Kit from you all at GNPI. The kit was first used to help project worship songs for a monthly worship service for other missionary families here in Burkina Faso. However, there has been much more of an interest as of late to show Jesus films, and other films like this, as a means of evangelism. One of my friends started a church in their courtyard. He had heard through another friend that we had a way to project the Jesus film, so he approached me about it.  Last night I went out to his neighborhood, and we set up the Solar Kit.

When it became dark there were about 30 kids present, and Mark, my African friend, started singing songs with the kids. Then we started the film and people started coming out of the woodwork, from everywhere in the neighborhood. My friend said to me, “I believe there are 100-150 people here.” After thirty minutes into the film, he said, “I believe there are more than 250 people here now.” Most of them stood for over two hours with their eyes glued to the movie, projected on a white sheet, nailed to the mud-bricked wall.  When the part came where Jesus had risen, everyone cheered.

Sitting on a bench near me was a Muslim lady, with her head covered. As I looked up at the stars, while the movie was playing, I couldn’t help but rejoice that the Good News was being proclaimed (thanks to you) here in Bobo-Dioulasso. The God of the universe is at work in people’s hearts and minds, and who knows the impact? Who knows whose hearts will turn towards him? Whose minds will begin to ask questions, based on what they saw last night?

I want you to know how privileged I felt last night to be able to set up the Solar Kit for showing the film, and how grateful I was for GNPI as well. Thank you again.

Solar Kit Milestone

Coworkers at GNPI have been developing the Solar Kit for more than 30 years. GNPI currently has two workshops where the Solar Kits are assembled, in Joplin and in Damoh. A third workshop is underway in Chiang Mai, which was made possible by a generous grant.

For each region of the world, the Solar Kit is configured in the way that best serves the people of the area and is most affordable. Jeff Silkwood has been working to make sure all the components are accessible in Thailand. We recently received this report about his progress with the Thai Solar Kit.

By Jeff Silkwood of GNPI-Thailand


The Thai version of the Solar Kit has reached a new milestone. The first system designed for this region is up and running and includes the solar panel, junction board, battery, and television. The next step is finding a better lithium battery (if it is cost effective) and replacing the wooden junction board with a lighter plastic or PVC board. The new system should be in the field within the next couple of months.

There are a number of local and regional evangelists available to start testing the system. My biggest concern is good communication with the people using the new system. Feedback is difficult because geography hampers communication, but it is important for us to know how to refine the system for the future.

We are very excited to adapt the Solar Kit for this region of the world, so we can begin to assemble the Solar Kits in our own workshop. We want to provide these ministry tools in the most economical and efficient way.


Produce. Partner. Train.

By Nenette Pacoli, Regional Director of GNPI-Philippines 


GNPI-Philippines’ mission is to produce excellent, culturally relevant materials and to partner with Christ-centered churches and organizations. Part of that partnership is to share our materials with them or train people in production. Produce. Partner. Train. These past two months, we got to do all three!

Recently, we went to Christ’s Church in Malolos (about 20 miles away) to present the ministry to six ministers and their wives, who came from different towns within a five-mile radius of Malolos.  Four of the six pastors signed an on-the-spot partnership agreement to use our materials responsibly and to pray for GNPI-Philippines on a regular basis. They asked if we were asking for money or selling the materials. We told them that the materials were theirs to use free of charge, and they really couldn’t believe it at first. We left DVD copies of over 30 Asin at Ilaw lessons (grouped into topics), WWJD episodes, Worship series, and All Things New. A few days later, I got a note from one of the pastors that they are planning to use All Things New in an evangelistic event very soon. I hope to hear from the others too.



​Then, I did a video production workshop for 30 high school students, at the request of our long-time partner, Jesus’ Flock Academy.  I designed a one-week course for them, following the course outline for NOMaD, and I asked our former staff member, Nonie, to speak about camera techniques, lighting, and audio. It was both exciting and tiring work, but it was definitely fulfilling to see the kids on fire to tell their own stories on video.

201502_PHL_Video_Workshop_Academy_0006 2


Meanwhile, we have had shoots for two more episodes of WWJD too.



It’s been a hectic couple of months for us, and we are totally happy. Thanks again for this opportunity to be working hand in hand with you all.


A Newfound Hope

TP, regional director in SE Asia, has an evangelistic friend who loves to use GNPI resources to share the hope of Christ with many people. Here are the testimonies of a couple of the people he met on a recent trip who now have the hope of heaven.

No.1-kyaw thein-27

I praise God for his Word. My name is KT, and I am 28 years old. I was born and raised in a Buddhist family. My parents were elders in a Buddhist monastery. My wife is a believer. She always told me to believe in Jesus, but I didn’t care what she said.  A few months ago, all the believers from my tribe had a big celebration.The elders appointed me to help cook lunch, so I went there. I met many new friends and old friends. I met a relative who was an evangelist. He explained things to me so that I could have hope in Jesus.

Now I know that Jesus is the only One who can save me from sin. I also learned that Jesus is the One for whom we have been waiting. There is no one else after Jesus. Jesus said, “I am the First and the Last.” I appreciate very much the teacher who wrote this Handbook for Evangelism and the teacher who taught us about the True God. The teachings of this book are very clear. I hope more people would hear about the True God.


I thank God for something I have never heard in my life. My name is MM, and I am 24 years old. I worshipped the wrong god for many years. Because of the difficulties in my life, I went to live with my aunt’s family and help the family. My father died when I was away from home. I was very sad, angry, and confused.

At that time, a guest came to my aunt’s. He was an evangelist. He helped me understand the One True God. As a result, I have chosen to worship the God who has power to control everything, the God who made me. I am happy now that I know the True God. I lost my father before he knew God, but I want to be saved. I also want the rest of my family to be saved. I will serve God, who cares for me every minute of my life. I thank God that he loves me and cares for me since my physical father is gone. I love Jesus who made a way for me to go to heaven. I am happy that the great God whom we have waited for has already come and did all the great things, which no man can do. I am saved now.

Because of your partnership and prayers for GNPI, God is using people like TP and his team to share the Good News about Jesus.