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Networking Synergy

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

GNPI loves the synergy that results from networking! Veteran missionaries to South Africa, Jeff and Patrick Kenee, stopped by the Joplin office to see our Solar Kit, which had been enhanced quite a bit since they had last seen it. We also visited about Project Nomad. Jeff and Patrick have partnered with us in training our Project Nomad-South Africa team.

While we were having these conversations, Sam and Nancy Shewmaker stopped by on their way from Columbia, Missouri, to their home in Dallas, Texas. Sam was born to missionary parents in Zambia more than 60 years ago, and the Shewmakers have ministered in Africa extensively. Sam served as a founding trustee in 1994 for GNPI’s regional center in Nairobi, Kenya.


Jeff and Patrick had heard of the Shewmakers but had never met them. It was a blessing to see their mutual admiration as they shared stories around our conference table. It was an added thrill to see all four of them gathered around the table as Director of Development Matt Brock showed them how the new Solar Kit worked!


It brought back great memories for the Shewmakers as they talked about productions created by Africans being shared by local evangelists. GNPI witnessed new friendships that day and had the privilege of watching as God worked through our ministry network once again.

Pray for Germany

One Way Ministries has created a powerful video to remind us to lift up the German people.

  • Pray for a second reformation to make the Church culturally relevant and biblically sound
  • Pray for a spiritual awakening among youth.
  • Pray for wisdom, compassion, and provision as the German people receive and try to assimilate historic numbers of refugees.

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 4.31.59 PM

A Man Transformed by the Good News

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

Dennis Okoth has a story to tell. He accepted Christ as a young adult and survived after his own parents poisoned him for following Christ. Today he works as a missionary in Uganda. He is a thrilling illustration of a man transformed by the Good News. In the picture below, Dennis is on the left and Kennedy Obura, a Christian worker in South Sudan, is on the right.


Dennis is a teacher, pastor, elder statesman, and director of Messiah Theological Institute. Thousands have attended his humble training program, and hundreds have graduated with basic and advanced certificates empowered for Christian service.

Dennis and his wife Mary have obeyed the call to leave behind comfortable lives in Kenya and endure challenges in Uganda. They have a lower salary and withstand mocking from local government leaders. They persevere despite threats and several robberies of their house.

With great resolve, Dennis stated that he is not going anywhere because God continues to protect his family and his ministry in Uganda. His work reaches throughout Uganda into parts of Rwanda, Kenya, and Sudan.

Dennis serves on the board of GNPI-Kenya. In addition to his current full-time job in Uganda, Dennis offers guidance and counsel to our staff at GNPI-Uganda, located next door to his training center in Mbale.

When I brought some guests to meet Dennis recently, he said, “I love GNPI and will always be a supporter because of what it is doing in Kenya, my home country, and for my ministry here in Uganda.”

To hear more about this remarkable man, make plans to attend ICOM 2016, November 17-20, in Lexington, Kentucky. He will share his testimony and present in several workshop sessions.

Colegio Bíblico Students Visit Buenas Nuevas Radio

Abi Flores, GNPI-Mexico


Students from Colegio Bíblico Piedras Negras campus visited Buenas Nuevas Radio during the Resplandece (Shine) Christian youth program. Resplandece is a Christian radio program which presents practical and simple solutions to some of the current issues affecting our youth. It is the first live program transmitted from the studios in Piedras Negras, Mexico, every Tuesday and Thursday at 9:00 a.m.

In an effort to integrate, interact, and involve more people in our radio ministry, the students were invited to participate during the radio program. They were able to share their experiences and speak on behalf of the school they represent, which gave our staff and the audience an opportunity to pray for them.

We hope this is the beginning of a relationship to create a segment in our radio programming for the students of Colegio Bíblico. We were encouraged by the great interest the students showed in such a possibility.

We look forward to what the future holds for both Producciones Buenas Nuevas and Colegio Bíblico as we partner together to accelerate global evangelism.

Happy New Year

TP, Regional Director of GNPI-SE Asia

Pa-Kan combined Christmas

The Christmas season provided many wonderful opportunities to share about Jesus who came to the world to save His people. We distributed many MP3 recordings, booklets, and DVDs to unbelievers.


Christmas is the best time to share the Gospel in SE Asia. It is almost impossible to preach openly during the rest of the year in suburb areas. Everyone in the region knows that December is a month of celebration for Christians. People expect to hear Christmas carols at worship services and home gatherings. In many places churches offer meals, and many new guests come for free food. We use this opportunity to tell them what Christmas means.

Oakkan Christmas

I preached in several places about the Messiah, the coming One. First, I point out things they are familiar with, like the creation of the world, the beginning of marriage, the head of the family, the one true God, and the virgin birth of Jesus. All of these are in the Buddhist scriptures, but no one ever explained them. Burmese people want to know about the Messiah. I try to help them to understand that Jesus Christ is the Messiah and has overcome death.


Burmese people view Christianity as a western deity for western people and anyone who accepts Christ is a betrayer. They do not connect Christ from the New Testament with God, but if I explain the Messiah is the coming one from the Old Testament, they understand right away.

On Christmas morning a believer brought a young man to me. After telling him about Jesus, I took him along to our worship service. After one hour told me that he had decided to accept Jesus as his personal Savior, and the preacher baptized him.


Others said, “Teacher, I am so happy to hear that Jesus is the Messiah. I understand now and want to know more about the true God. Religion is not that important. We should get along and live as a community. Please do the same thing next Christmas.”

Praise God for the way He worked in the hearts of the people during this time of giving and preaching.

Media in a New Era of Global Missions

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

Last month I sat around a table at the Endiro Coffee Shop in Mbale, Uganda with three other men. Danny Hughes is the global outreach minister from Chandler Christian Church in Phoenix, Arizona. Dennis Okoth leads Messiah Theological Institute in Mbale. Kennedy Obura is a Kenyan missionary to South Sudan. Danny and I were listening intently to what Kennedy and Dennis had to say.

Our brothers described some of the challenges they’ve faced over the past 10 years, as they live and work in the war-torn country of South Sudan. As waves of thousands of refugees come and in the middle of great poverty, God is working mightily through men like Kennedy and Dennis in the multi-ethnic area of South Sudan.

Together they shared how more than 50 Sudanese have sacrificed greatly in order to learn more about Christ by attending their small extension training school. The Lord is transforming these men and women. They are sharing new life with their communities through simple, but effective, training in disciple-making.

Kennedy also mentioned his excitement about the ability to teach via video. Once his lesson is recorded, it’s copied onto mini-SD cards and shared from phone to phone. In addition, Kennedy uses Solar Kits to deliver training and teaching to suffering mothers, itinerant farmers, and poorly educated Sudanese children.

These technologies aren’t new. In many ways we’ve been slow in using them to teach, equip, share, and transform. However, our ability to use media effectively is growing, and we believe it will produce a great harvest of beautiful fruit in the days to come in Africa and beyond.

Danny and I left the meeting with Dennis and Kennedy with joy in our hearts. When we wait patiently on God, He reveals the future using committed men and women who follow His leading to make disciples who, in turn, make disciples.

Christmas Celebrations Continue

Manee Massey, Regional Director of GNPI-Damoh, India


We are working on follow-up for our nationally televised Christmas program. We are trying to connect with each person who sent us their contact information, so we can provide relevant videos and feedback for them.

This year we prepared two music videos.


The videos feature 27 college students either singing or playing various instruments.





Our staff was very busy managing this large group, but it went well.


We also recorded a message by Dr. Ajai Lall.


In addition, we gave 500 DVDs to cable TV stations and to pastors who have used our last five Christmas programs among house churches, Sunday schools, family gatherings, Christmas programs, and cable stations all over India.



On the back of the DVD covers, we placed a QR code to make it as easy as possible for any person to download videos to their phones or laptops. We also expect to gather statistics on those who use our resources in this way.

DVD Back

Please keep the program in your prayers, as we network with new, interested people.

These time lapse videos will give you a glimpse into the production process.

Transformation Agents

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

This year we celebrate 40 years of ministry at GNPI. The methods have changed from filmstrips, various video formats, and satellite uplink to digital media and Internet delivery systems. Ziden Nutt said many times, “The methods change, but the Message remains the same.”

The goal has always been to accelerate global evangelism through media and technology.

Effective evangelism creates disciples who help others transform into the likeness of Christ. One of God’s transforming agents is Wilson Kandie, a member of our very first Nomad team in Eldoret, Kenya. He and Protus Sibukhule worked with American missionaries and GNPI to create indigenous media productions which have been shown on Solar Kits in remote areas of Kenya where electricity is scarce.

I recently listened to Wilson as she passionately shared the need for additional relevant media productions. The new area where he is working is full of bickering, and even killing, over land and cattle.

The Tugen, Marakwet, and Pokot people still need to be transformed. Their desperate need can only met by an understanding the love of God and the lordship of Jesus.

At GNPI we are proud to partner with people like Wilson Kandie as we all strive to grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ and to see others transformed by His love.

This Wonderful Gift

A message of joyful thanks we want to share with you, our ministry partners.

Joshua V, a Christian worker in India

I can’t tell you how useful our Solar Kit has been.


We used it in 27 different villages so far, with almost 2,000 people attending to see our Gospel film programs. We had 138 people who gave their lives to Jesus, and in one village the whole tribe converted.


We face a lot of persecution, but God is opening doors. While we were in one village, extremists came and threw the projector on the ground. We were afraid the projector had been damaged, but it is working perfectly.


We have many pastors here who are praying and eagerly waiting to have more Solar Kits to use in their areas. Please continue to pray for the ministry here. We love you, and we thank God for GNPI. Thank you so much for giving us this wonderful gift to reach out to the lost in India.


The Good News Farming Project

Debbie Cramer shares her appreciation for GNPI and why she chose to name a project in honor of the ministry.

Debbie explains how the Lord provided for her both as a student at Ozark Christian College and also when she and her husband began their ministry, Gifts for the Nations.