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Exciting Events Beyond Ourselves

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

During our 40th anniversary year, we’ve been sharing some favorite photos and video clips from our archives. In this video our founder, Ziden Nutt, describes some of the early events where we could see God working in the ministry beyond what we could plan or visualize.

After 30 years, Ziden stepped down as executive director on December 31, 2005. Ziden said,

“We did our best to put in place a viable ministry that is true to God’s Word and known for integrity. It is dedicated to ‘making the most of the time’ in ‘filling the earth with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord.’ ”

What’s your favorite memory of GNPI or one of our staff members? Write your thoughts in the comments section below.

A Relevant Visit

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

I recently visited Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas, where I reconnected with two missionary colleagues from my days in Kenya. I also met a student, the child of a third missionary colleague, and a father whose son was part of the original Nomad team in Rwanda. It was a blessing to see these friends.

The best part of the university visit came after making a class presentation about the ministry of GNPI and the need to be culturally relevant and sensitive. I had just met the lecturer hours before. He stopped me after class and said, “You know, Mike, I use a GNPI production every semester in this very class to illustrate the need to be culturally relevant. I sure appreciate hearing more about GNPI because as a former missionary to China, cultural relevancy is so important!”

Praise the Lord for the ways He encourages and affirms us as we seek to do His will!

An Honor

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

As the president of this year’s International Conference On Missions (ICOM), I’ve had the privilege of visiting many Bible colleges during the past two months. It is encouraging to meet so many students who are preparing to serve Christ on the mission field.

It has also been a blessing, everywhere I go, to hear faculty members express their appreciation for GNPI. They share memories of Founder Ziden Nutt coming to speak in classes and chapel services. They talk about internships that shaped the ministries of their students. They pull DVDs from their library shelves which have been used in classes. They talk about the vision and usefulness of many GNPI projects over the past 40 years, including the Distance Learning Consortium, which GNPI helped initiate several years ago.

It’s been an honor to represent GNPI and ICOM, to hear the stories of the past, and to meet the people who will take us into the future.

“The 3D Gospel”

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

I highly recommend The 3D Gospel by Jason Georges. It features the three key mindsets of guilt, shame, and fear that tend to drive the thinking of global cultures. Georges reminds us the Gospel is 3D as well; it addresses the needs of each culture.

Consider the guilt-innocence worldview (mostly Western; individualistic societies), the shame-honor worldview (mostly in the East; collectivistic mindset), and the fear-power worldview (typically tribal or African; referring to animistic cultures).

Citizens in the U.S. are often motivated by guilt. We have a strong sense of right and wrong. We use metaphors like “guilty as sin” or “missing the mark.” Our understanding of the weight of sin relates to the Gospel’s idea of grace that frees us from it.

However, Georges challenges us to see how “the Gospel is a many-sided diamond, and God wants people in all cultures to experience His complete salvation.”

At GNPI, we see the ways media can communicate the Gospel in living color to people from these three worldviews.

I appreciate this helpful graphic from Global Mapping International about the three primary cultures of the world as we try to share the love of Christ in every tribe, tongue, and nation.


Regional Centers Increase Opportunity

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

During our 40th anniversary year, we’ve been sharing some favorite photos and video clips from our archives. In this video our founder Ziden Nutt describes how the regional centers have provided opportunities to redeem the time in sharing the Gospel around the world. Ziden realized after moving the ministry operations to Joplin that the same networking and growth could not have been done from Zimbabwe because the borders were closed at the time. Ziden explains how the right people rose to the challenge to establish the various centers around the world.

Next month we’ll see some of the most exciting events where we could see God working to take the ministry beyond ourselves.


A Wonderful Partnership

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

I met Dr. Micheal Curtice recently when I was speaking at Central Christian College of the Bible (CCCB) in Moberly, Missouri.

There I learned that Dr. Curtice has been to Chennai, India, at least ten times! It was surprising to discover that our GNPI Nomad team leader, Timothy Jai Kumar, was a student of Dr. Curtice in several classes when he taught as a visiting professor.

I was excited to show the updated Nomad Production Kit to Dr. Curtice and his class. What a wonderful partnership God has once again put together by sending a faculty member from a regional Bible College multiple times to provide biblical training for a person of Timothy’s caliber.

Timothy was later trained by Project Nomad Coordinator Mark Allen and others from GNPI on how to use media as a specific method of outreach. The outcome is a strong Christian man who is mentoring others in India to accelerate global evangelism through media and technology with biblically based and culturally relevant media.

We believe nationals know best, and Timothy is another great example of someone who embodies that truth. Yet, it would not have happened without the partnership of men like Dr.  Curtice from CCCB, Mark Allen from GNPI, or without you!

Thanks for your partnership as a means to enable GNPI in sharing the Gospel with people throughout the world.


God Will Make a Way

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

I am encouraged to see what the Lord is doing in Ghana.

TEAM Expansion reports,

“The Lord has begun a Church Planting Movement in Ghana! They have baptized 203 people so far in 2016. Here’s the breakdown by tribe: Gonja 106, Dagomba 51, Chokossi 2, Mamprusi 2, Vagla 1, Fulani 5, Bawule 3, Jula 5, Deg 3, Birifor 2, Hausa 2, Dagaati 5, Talinsi 4, and 12 baptisms in tribes unknown at the time of this report. There have also been 13 new groups/simple churches formed.”

This is nearly a person per day, and more than one tribe per month! These impressive results have come in spite of trials the Church planters, Terry and Amy Ruff, faced including robbery and emergency trips home for health concerns.

Project Nomad Coordinator Mark Allen recently went to Ghana to work with these Christian workers. Mark says,

The Ruffs created a media studio to reach the people of Ghana and asked GNPI to help train nine prospective media missionaries.

The group has incredible potential. One team will create biblical resources to reach Ghana’s deaf population, which includes an estimated 250,000 unreached people. Another attendee, Pastor Moses S., the oldest son of a prominent Muslim teacher, was converted and now plants churches.

Some of my equipment was stolen while I was in Ghana, and the training conditions were less than ideal. Yet, things turned out great. It reminded me that God will make a way even when it’s difficult.


Let’s keep praying and keep working together to accelerate global evangelism!

Five Reasons

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

We will officially launch The GNPI App at ICOM. I’d like to give our ministry partners a chance to see it first. Here are five reasons it brings value to your GNPI experience:

#5 You can almost effortlessly pass on what God is doing through GNPI with your friends through convenient “share” buttons.

#4 You can donate to specific projects instantly as we communicate about them.

#3 You can keep a pulse on news affecting Christian workers throughout the world.

#2 You can access culturally and biblically accurate materials to offer to a missionary or use on your next mission trip.

#1 You can receive timely notifications of specific prayer requests for GNPI.

Download it today on your preferred mobile platform.

Apple iOS


Please conect The GNPI App with a friend, relative, church missions leader, and others in your congregation.


Harnessing Tools of Technology

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

During our 40th anniversary year, we’ve been sharing some favorite photos and video clips from our archives. On this video our founder Ziden Nutt recalls how GNPI recognized and applied various techniques that not only attracted attention to the Gospel but also caused effective learning. GNPI started with filmstrips and has used many different tools through the years, including Internet technology.

Next month we will talk about how the regional centers increased our opportunity to redeem the time.


40 Days of Prayer

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

Max Lucado said, “When we work, we work, but when we pray, God works.”  Would you join us in asking God to work in mighty ways over the next 40 days? 

To guide with this request, I invite you to download our “40 Days of Prayer” calendar.

We start today (September 20th) and finish on October 29th, the day our facility in Joplin was officially dedicated in 1976, but you can use the guide anytime! Our founder, Ziden Nutt, has always prioritized prayer as the center of this ministry. We want to see that legacy continue.

Thank you for your partnership in ministry, and thank you for praying.