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The Best Strategy

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

Dr. Sergei Golovin of GNPI-Eurasia is a remarkable person. He has developed special approaches to minister in restricted areas for the last 20 years. He uses media to overcome limitations in these areas. Despite the challenges of being displaced from his own region, Sergei conducts apologetic training online and impacts people across 10 time zones of Europe.

A Living Testimony

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

I’d like to encourage you with the powerful example of a man who never gives up. Dennis Okoth is a dear friend and ministry partner. Recently Dennis has stepped in as the interim regional director at GNPI-Mbale, Uganda.

His own parents tried to poison him when he gave his life to Christ and became vocal about his faith. Dennis continues to serve the people of Uganda despite multiple home invasions and threats to his life.


Soul Food

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

“I am against suffering; especially eternal suffering.” – John Piper

We remind ourselves of this quote often. It is so important to the work we do at GNPI, and it was the reason Jesus came to earth. He knew what people really needed, so He chose His priorities carefully and carried out His ministry with His desired end result in mind. He said in Mark 8:36, “What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?

Peter said something similar in 1 Peter 1:9, “for you are receiving the end result of your faith, the salvation of your souls.” In other words, Peter encouraged believers that no matter what they experienced this life, they had a guaranteed future for the next.

Back to Jesus. The miraculous resuscitation of Lazarus is an extreme example of meeting someone’s physical needs. We’d likely all agree that bringing someone back to life is a greater accomplishment than giving money to the poor. It’s more impressive than feeding the hungry, which Jesus did by the thousands. Yet even though this remarkable feat of raising someone from the dead is recorded for all time in Scripture, as far as we know Lazarus died again.

Even in meeting the most extreme physical needs, we have to keep as paramount the goal to understand, relate to people, and meet spiritual needs. This privilege has to be in our mind as the ultimate outcome when we minister to others.

C.S. Lewis said we are not bodies with souls, but rather souls with bodies. Bodies need to be watered, fed, loved, and cherished equally. At the end of the day, like the outer kernel of a seed that will open and die, new life follows. It is that new life Jesus died for, and it’s what will last forever.

At GNPI we strive to help our neighbors across the street and around the world. No matter their religion, status as a citizen or refugee, or color of their skin, we want to help in meeting the practical needs of those around us. What really stirs the passion of our hearts more than the water, food, clothing, or justice we can offer, is the best, lasting help mankind has ever known. It’s the truth of the Gospel in John 3:5, “No one can enter the Kingdom of God unless they are born of the water and the Spirit.

Most of all, let’s give people Jesus.


Cultural Connections

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

When we are able to access information in our heart language (the one that we grew up speaking), the ideas, concepts, and principles have greater impact. Yet it’s not just language. For example, sociologists tell us there are at least 73 specific ways Americans are socially different from Africans. Humor, naming children, in-law etiquette, and more. Click on the graphic to see the full list!

When Jesus became “God with us,” God connected in the best way possible by becoming a Jewish man to walk among the Israelites. At GNPI, we believe that all people have the right to learn the Good News in a language and style they recognize as their own culture. That’s why we work side by side with local people all over the world to use their language and customs in producing media. This allows a white American speaking English or a black African speaking Swahili to discuss a biblical view on abortion or polygamy in the most effective way.

What difference does it make? The data collected from our global network last year shows:

  • Our centers partnered with local evangelists to start 47 churches.
  • Our staff and associates rejoice in more than 336 decisions for Christ in which they were directly involved.      
  • We continued to broaden the scope of our ministry and have now accelerated global evangelism in 160 nations.
  • We released 364 media productions.
  • Our network partners distributed 218,073 Gospel presentations globally in multiple languages.  
  • Our Christ-centered media reached audiences of 101,940,896 people worldwide.
  • We impacted 43 people with each dollar you invested.

This is why we work to stay culturally relevant!

Opportunities Are Calling

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

I was asked the other day by a supporter of GNPI, “Mike, where do you see GNPI going in the future?” I reached in my pocket and pulled out my iPhone 6 and replied, “Right here!” To prove my point, here are a few statistics from a recent video talk by author and consultant Tomi Ahonen on some important global trends and impact from mobile phone use:

  1. Mobile is bigger (in dollars) than the radio, Internet, television, personal computer, and landline markets combined.
  2. Advertisers to youth markets are ending TV advertising.
  3. A $10 equivalent to the iPhone is projected by 2019.
  4. Text messaging is used by 73% of the planet.

GNPI continues to move toward relevance by preparing content customized for mobile phone use and developing various ministry phone apps. Take out your phone, download  The GNPI App, and learn more! A world of new opportunities is calling you!


Interact with Us

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

I would like to introduce a fun new way to interact with our ministry. The following page shows some of the technology Christian workers have used through the years in sharing the Gospel. It combines new media tools with older ones to create an augmented reality.

Interactive Content



A Brief Summary of GNPI Impact

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

I’d like to offer an overview of our ministry. After observing the massive global need and the world of difference within cultures, GNPI tries to meet these needs through teams, training, and tools. Thank you for your partnership and prayers. The following video shows some of the work God has accomplished over the last year.

You are welcome to share this 10 minute presentation as an update for your congregation or missions committee.

Desert Storm

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

I recently visited Cairo, Egypt. It’s a city of 18 million people situated in a desert. The bombing of a school bus killed more than a 100 innocent children a few weeks before our arrival. This tragedy caused an international uproar and local security nightmare. The chaos adversely affected the social media advertising of our ministry partners as they launched their event in this city. As a result, news and invitations could only be shared by word-of-mouth. The result was only a 25 percent attendance of their goal. All the international guests arrived safely, and we were ushered to a highly secure and secluded location. Only trusted drivers were used, and I enjoyed getting to know one of them pretty well.

As we were leaving Cairo, we saw a dozen camouflaged vehicles with gunners ready at the top of each of their turrets and speeding down the highway. We learned later in the day about an attack by an internal fundamental Muslim group who tried to destabilize the government. In Egypt every man is required to serve in the military, the tenth largest military in the world.

When our young Christian driver heard of the incident and the casualties, he prayed, “Lord Jesus, open their eyes.” It was a powerful prayer statement from this strapping young follower of Jesus. He later asked me why Christians do not have more unity to combat the troubles in his part of the world? I knew some of the answers were pride, independence, and Satan, but those all seemed inadequate in light of these events.

As we neared the end of our trip, he asked, “Mike, pray for me that I will die to my will so that God can do His will through me.”  Wow, what a second godly request by a young man with a meager salary. His only significant possession is a 20-year-old beat-up car, a tool he’s using effectively to allow God’s Spirit to work through him.

He also has a passion for video editing. He says media is “the language of the Middle East.” He would love to have a wife and family, but times are too hard. He was volunteering after his work hours to help launch this event. I was honored to meet him and to pray for him.

I was humbled by his seasoned faith and his Christ-like prayer. It reminded me of the request by Solomon early in his kingly reign for God to help him have wisdom to lead God’s people in this very part of the world.

Would you join me in praying for this young man and his country? God, “Would you use this spiritual warrior in mighty ways and raise up more servants like him?”

In the middle of a stormy time in the desert, I had the privilege to appreciate and continue to pray for this man as he served us and his King.


Inspiring Faith

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

I am excited to announce the Venture in Faith podcast is now available.

The series features inspiring testimonies from Christians of all ages. The interviews were originally filmed in the GNPI studios in Joplin, Missouri, from the 1980s through the 2000s. The stories of the ways God worked in these individuals continue to show God’s power and relevance today.

We hope these stories of faith in action will encourage a new generation. Besides the GNPI website, you can also listen to the podcast on iTunes and Stitcher radio.


Media: The Language of My People

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

Cairo is a mega city on the northern tip of Africa. Her people are a unique mixture of both Middle Eastern and African cultures. In the land of pyramids and pharaohs, situated in the middle of a desert, rises a bustling and dynamic city, rich in heritage and new in context. Everyone has a smartphone, and with Google Maps available, businesses like Uber allow thousands to move about without a car or mass transit system.

Media has also become sophisticated there, as it is around the world. As one new GNPI partner explained, “Mike, I am asking the Lord to help me understand media, because it is the language of my people.”

A conference has launched a complex media and discipleship-making effort (and ultimately successful church planting) in this region of the world. Another group meets regarding the follow-up print and social media strategies for the serialization of The Global Gospel for the five to eight million children in the region.

Finally, networking takes place in another North African country where workers have developed an effective online prayer movement which has been powering a media strategy over the last few years. Second and third-generation church plants comprise the beginning of a movement.

As birds sing in the calmness of the cool morning to begin what will be another hot, busy summer day in Cairo, may we too sing praises to God. He is doing marvelous things here and all around the world.