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Effective Evangelism

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

Have you experienced the delight of watching others enjoy beloved people and places for the first time? This is one of the reasons I welcome others to accompany me when I travel internationally. It was a blessing to have Drs. Leif and Amy Ford, from High Lakes Christian Church in La Pine, Oregon, join me on a trip to Kenya and Uganda last summer! Leif is on staff at the church, and Amy is a university professor and a counselor.

The Fords taught a week-long course at Messiah Theological Institute to approximately 30 students in Mbale, Uganda. They also visited GNPI production teams in Uganda and Kenya.

Amy said, “A highlight of the trip was touring the GNPI regional centers in both Mbale, Uganda, and Nairobi, Kenya. The team of dedicated employees at both facilities have top-notch skills, have access to impressive levels of audiovisual and computer equipment, function with a clear vision within the local, national, and continental levels, and operate with a tremendous amount of influence and favor. After viewing how GNPI is using multimedia platforms to share Jesus with individuals and groups, plant community churches, and transform culture, I am led to believe that GNPI might be both the most effective and efficient means of evangelism to which I have ever been exposed.”

Thank you for your investment to make these teams in Africa what they are. Your partnership is making a difference for Christ!

Jesus: Our Shepherd

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

The birth of Christ is a wonderful Christmas message for those who love and follow him. It was His “good news for all men” message because it is a message of inclusion, invitation, and imagination. Jesus said: “I am the Good Shepherd. I know my own sheep and my own sheep know me … I put the sheep before myself, sacrificing myself if necessary. You need to know that I have other sheep in addition to those in this pen. I need to gather and bring them, too. They’ll also recognize my voice. Then it will be one flock, one Shepherd.”  ‭‭John‬ ‭10:14-16 ‭MSG‬‬

As we remember Jesus in a manger, with the flocks of sheep which were watched by their shepherds, let’s not forget that the message from God is clear and consistent. He desires all mankind to know, love, and follow Him, making one flock led by one Shepherd, our King Jesus!

Miracle of the Incarnation

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

Have you ever felt a disconnect with a peer, struggled to appreciate a new style of music, or disliked the latest hair style? All of these indicate a dissonance, a temporary shift in taste and culture. Now imagine being asked to use another language like Chinese to chat with your peer,  to appreciate Indian-style music for supper, or adapt to an Arabic hairstyle donned by your uncle!

AWKWARD, right?

Those are just three of the 73 ways human beings are different from one another. When the Bible says that Jesus became man, He (as God) became a Jewish man in all 73 ways as He walked among those people. He wasn’t a Roman, a Greek, or an Indian because the Father wanted Him to minister among His chosen people in Israel. This was the miracle of the incarnation.

The supporters of GNPI have believed strongly in this incarnation principle, or being culturally relevant, for more than 40 years. Without it, conversations about Jesus are, well, awkward.

Does it work? It certainly does; up to 43 people around the world are touched with every dollar you invest in GNPI.

This Christmas we will again remember the miracle of the incarnation. It reminds us how passionate God is in communicating heart to heart and soul to soul.

By the way, I’m still thinking about that new haircut too!


Cultural Relevancy among the Deaf

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

The team gathered for delicious pork sandwiches, jalapeños, pork rinds, and jowls. The conversation was lively and spirited with the history, outcomes, and dreams of our team at GNPI-Piedras Negras, Mexico.

You have built this team over the last 40 years when a Bible college student who was born in Mexico became intrigued with the vision of cultural relevancy in media to make an impact in Latin America. This was the beginning of the friendship of Robert Gurwell and GNPI Founder Ziden Nutt. They had no idea how the Lord would build on the foundation of their relationship for years to come.

Of all the projects the team discussed, the one that stood out was recording The Global Gospel (TGG) with deaf people. The biggest challenge was in coaching a deaf person to actually sign the 107 TGG stories. Yet the ministry partners insisted on doing so because a hearing person signing was not the same as one of their own. The decision included many more hours of preparation, work, and expense to make the production. However, the impact has already been felt as people who viewed themselves as rejected and unimportant realized they were valued and esteemed.

Tom Nutt, director of operations, complimented these coworkers on their ingenuity and relayed how he’d recently met another deaf person visiting Joplin from Ghana. The visitor discovered the same truth when stories about Jesus were recorded and shown to deaf people in Ghana. With tears streaming down his cheeks the visitor said, “Now our people can really understand the Good News.”

Media processes were shared, and a common theme emerged in Mexico. Cultural relevance is not just about the food, culture, or speech of any country. It is all of this and more residing deeply in the soul. The results are best revealed when a person is able to internalize the powerful words of Jesus.

Satan Failed

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

One truth in Kingdom work is that the more effort and vision are extended to reach people, the more the evil one strives to discourage and destroy.

As our Piedras Negras team gathered to discuss their future productions and people they hoped to reach, they were not ignorant of Satan’s schemes. They dreamed about reaching cities such as Pachuca and Querétaro, as well as the countries of Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, and Chile.

As some of these exciting plans began to take shape over the last year, a key staff person made the difficult decision to move his family to Querétaro for the benefit of his special needs son.

The news of Pablo’s leaving devastated the team in Piedras Negras, yet a part-time staff member Ali stepped up to help fill the gap.

Pablo is still working with the Piedras Negras team part of the time, and his son is steadily improving with the special training and attention available in Querétaro. In addition, God is using Pablo as the web designer, videographer, graphics designer, and trainer to help launch an exciting new church planting effort called Impacto Network.

Gustavo Velázquez, regional director of GNPI-Piedras Negras said, “Satan had plans to reduce and discourage us. After seeing Pablo, his family, and his work, I know that they are well, and so are we. What Satan tried to do has failed.”

Amen! What Satan tried to do at Calvary failed too, and that is Good News!


Money Well Spent

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

Each year after Thanksgiving we encourage our friends to devote a special gift to GNPI on Giving Tuesday. Giving Tuesday is a national giving day which prompted people around the world to give $168 million to charity last year. Pretty impressive, don’t you think?

It seems like a big number until you see the next statistic. Giving Tuesday follows Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These two retail “holidays” generate about $7 billion.

Seven billion. That’s approximately the number of people in our world. Half of them are unreached. Imagine if we put a little of our shopping money into reaching the lost. What would the impact be?

We need $5,200 every day to operate the global network of GNPI. I’d love to ask our friends to fund one of those days through Giving Tuesday. Will you consider making a Giving Tuesday contribution right now to reach people with the Gospel? Our research shows that every dollar you give provides 43 people with a chance to hear about Jesus.

That’s money well spent!


Propelling Church Planting

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

Like many dreams, this one started small with a casual conversation. I met Sergio Alvarado while speaking at a missionary retreat. This young man from Pachuca, Mexico, has a passion for church planting and saw media as a means to that end.

We talked, planned, and prayed. Over time, GNPI invested training and tools to help Sergio create the Project Nomad-Pachuca, Mexico, team. Six churches were started as the team grew in size and skill level.

Sergio and some of his team felt the call to move to a new city and repeat the effort. This time the team is using media not only to propel their church plants but also to produce and prepare future Spanish-speaking church planters! Lord willing, May 20, 2018, will mark the launch of their newest church in Querétaro, Mexico.

From a short conversation over breakfast at a retreat center outside Pachuca, to a robust set of churches planted in that city and a vision to do even more from Querétaro, God is using Sergio and the Impacto Latino Network to bless many people. With your help, GNPI is honored to play a small part in these evangelistic efforts.


Mission Motives

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

GNPI was founded by a missionary, Ziden Nutt. I had the privilege to serve as a missionary in Kenya for nearly 20 years. GNPI has been serving missionaries for over 40 years!

The following article discusses missionary call and cultural adaptation. It is longer than most blogs, but it’s a worthy read to learn more about some of the people God uses in unique and special ways and how GNPI is considered a digital missionary to many around the world.

Reaching the World

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

I appreciate resources that help me focus my prayers for unreached people groups around the globe, such as Abide, Joshua Project, and Caleb Project. I also praise God for what He is doing to provide biblical resources in the most widely spoken languages.















Through your support, GNPI is helping reach the world with
The Global Gospel. The impact is immeasurable. Thank you!

Answer to Prayer

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

Timothy P. of GNPI-SE Asia is a man with a vision to reach his entire country. He is an inspiring person. When he first started sharing the Gospel, he traveled on foot or by bicycle to talk with the individuals in his country about the Good News of Jesus. Then he asked God to show him a faster way to reach the nation. Timothy found media to be one of the answers to his prayer and now uses it as a tool to boldly share Christ with Buddhist leaders.