Can You Join Us?

//Can You Join Us?

Can You Join Us?

by Mike Schrage, Executive Director

Can you join usI really like what Greg Pruett shared with his Board of Directors as he became president of Pioneer Bible Translators a few years ago. Greg said, “Friends, prayer is not part of our strategy – prayer IS our strategy!”

This Wednesday, the staff in Joplin will gather around a speaker and television screen in our little conference room and use the Internet to move around the world, praying with our nine regional directors and their staff. We’ll pray for their goals, challenges they are facing, and their countries. Prayer aligns our hearts with the heart of God. Prayer sustains, trains, and maintains our relationship with our Father.

As we pray on Wednesday, at 8:00 am (CST) could you stop, and from wherever you are, pray with us?

Would you thank God for his 38 years of faithfully leading and supplying the ministry of GNPI? Would you beseech the Lord to anoint every GNPI project so that more people with broken relationships with their Creator God will be restored? Would you beg God not only for protection for our colleagues, but also for the financial sustenance to enable them to move boldly forward with new programming and new technology to reach new audiences of people for his honor and glory?

We will also be posting live on Facebook during that time. That is another way you could join your hearts with ours in Joplin, and others around the world, as we approach the throne with our praises and requests.

One of our core values is: Integrity – honoring God in all our relationships. We want to honor him by making prayer our strategy for reaching the nations one disciple at a time.

I have copied a link to another blog that contains a video. It will give you just a taste of what happened last year during our GNPI – IHOP event:

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